Thank you for your interest in becoming a Secret Ingredients Ambassador. Here's how it works...

When people watch Secret Ingredients they are highly motivated to eat organic - even those already exploring organic products become more deeply committed.

The biggest question is: Do they have the knowledge, resources and ongoing inspiration to successfully complete the transformation to a fully organic lifestyle?

To meet this challenge, we designed the “90-Day Lifestyle Upgrade” program - a system that helps people “bake-in” an organic lifestyle. People who’ve taken it absolutely loved it - so we know it works.

Let's Create a World Where
Organic Eating is the New Normal.

After people watch the film we’re going to offer them the 90-Day Lifestyle Upgrade program at a very attractive discount and we’re bundling it with some incredible assets - so we think it will be very popular.  Firstly, we’re adding “Healing from GMOs & Roundup” - Jeffrey Smith’s interviews of 18 experts on how you can detox, repair and rebuild the body after exposure to GMOs & Roundup.  So that’s...

  • The 90-Day Lifestyle Upgrade program - normally $297
  • The Healing from GMOs & Roundup series - normally $197
  • Total value: $494

We plan to make this combined package available for just $147 - a saving of 70% !  And we’re also going to add:

  • The “2019 Food Revolution” by Ocean and John Robbins
  • The GMO Summit that Ocean and John held with Jeffrey
  • Plus lots more bonus material that Ocean & John collected for their 2019 Food Revolution program - valued at over $4000 in total

This immensely valuable health and healing library can benefit people immediately, when they’re sheltering in place, and for the rest of their lives. 

No selling required!

As an Ambassador, all you do is introduce people to the free screening of Secret Ingredients - and we will give you all the material you need to help you do that.  You do not have to follow-up with anyone after the screening, or sell them anything, or convince them of anything. We let the film do the talking.  Of course not everyone will be interested in the 90-day program and the health and healing library. That's fine. They’ll enjoy the movie, which is a life-changer.

Ambassadors receive 40%

Our Ambassadors receive 40% of the selling price on each package purchased by someone they introduced to the free screening (e.g. for a $147 selling price, $58.80 comes to you).

The Details

  1. You will need a PayPal account
  2. We will send you all the sample emails and social content you will need
  3. Purchasers can request a refund for 90 days so you will be paid once that period is over
  4. If you have a friend with their own email list, ask them to become an Ambassador to receive 10% commission on their sales too
  5. You will be able to check your account to monitor purchases and revenue due to you

And finally...

Most importantly, your introductions can change lives - even save lives.  After Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart initially released the film, they were besieged with comments from people who reported amazing, dramatic and rapid recoveries from long-standing health issues that they and their families were suffering from … all by switching to an organic lifestyle.

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