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In this episode Jeffrey shares with you excerpts from his interview with author/humanitarian, Lynne Twist. Lynne is the author of the book, The Soul of Money, is co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance and is a prominent leader for compassion and understanding in our world.

In this interview she reframes the understanding of this time of the pandemic in terms of ancient prophecy as well as a time for finding your role in generating possibility and living out your Dharma.

This interview is part of our larger series, A Magnificent New Normal - This is THE PERFECT MOMENT to redefine yourself. Forced out of the familiar patterns of your life, it’s time to make new choices and step into full power to propel yourself (and humanity!) forward.  JOIN US!

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Speaker 2: (00:06)
Hi everyone. This is Jeffrey Smith and welcome to live healthy. Be well podcast. I wanted to share with you excerpts from my interview with Lynn twist. Lynn is an amazing leader in this world, connecting to indigenous wisdom. She wrote the book, the soul of money. She's the co founder of the Pachamama Alliance, and she's an amazing person. And she reframes the understanding of this time of the pandemic in terms of ancient prophecy. And also as you'll see in terms of a birthing, the entire interview is amazing. I recommend for everyone to go and listen to the whole thing as part of a set of 40 released one per day for 40 days and 40 nights go to a magnificent new normal.com. But right now, please enjoy a brief excerpt from Lynne twist.

Speaker 1: (01:00)
I want to say that the shamans and elders that we have the great privilege of working with in the, in the rainforest and in particular, one from Peru, who's a ceremonial healer has said very clearly that humanity has been waiting and yearning for something sacred enough and powerful enough to stop us, to disrupt us, to do what we couldn't do on our own in, uh, um, stopping the madness, the franticness, the destruction, the consumerism, the over-consumption, the over accumulation, the kind of runaway culture and society that we become in the 21st century. And that we'd been in some ways sort of praying for this, even though it's this scary, uh, you know, so many people would call it unprecedented and unpredictable time yet we, we wanted it. Um, and I can say kind of in our souls, we didn't know how to stop. And so the, uh, the way that, um, this wonderful healer talks about it, he says, it's not a punishment.

Speaker 1: (02:13)
It's an ally. It comes from the mother that everything comes from the mother. Everything comes from the earth, including the viruses that take us down that, uh, make us pause that, that wreck havoc on our normal way of life, because normal way of life is no longer appropriate. We've known it for a long time. And so this, you know, frightening, confusing, upsetting, difficult, uh, tragic time is also, uh, a kind of pregnancy. Um, I, I kind of liken it to, for those. Who've had a baby or know someone who's had a baby morning sickness, which lets you know, you're pregnant. Uh, and it's unpleasant, uh, morning sickness. You're you're nauseous all the time makes sense. You're confused, you're tired, you're exhausted. And then when you find out that you're pregnant, everything changes because you have context for the discomfort, you have a context for the nausea.

Speaker 1: (03:12)
You have a context for the destabilization of your routine, your biology, your pattern. When a Caterpillar reaches a certain point in its evolution, it becomes a over consumptive little monster. It eats hundreds of times its own weight, literally hundreds of times its own weight. Uh, and in that moment when the Caterpillar is so over-consumption that they kind of can't eat anymore. Uh, something happens inside the Caterpillar that's happening with this summit. This is what the summit is in my view. So I think this would, this is what's happening right now in this speaker series in summit is the inside the Caterpillar's body. The imaginal cells wake up, imaginal spelled like, imagine imaginal with a L at the end imaginal cells wake up. They become very, very conscious and they, their assignment is to find each other. If enough of the imaginal cells find each other and gather, then something happens and the other cells become the nutrient soup out of which the imaginal cells create the unpredictable miracle of a butterfly.

Speaker 1: (04:33)
Um, and I I'm always so moved when I share that. Um, because I know a lot of people know that metaphor, but the actual biology is so such a teaching. So our job is to find each other, those of us who want to play this role, who want to be imaginal cells out of which we will create the absolute miracle, an unpredictable miracle, how butterfly, you look at a Caterpillar, you cannot believe that's going to turn into a butterfly. It's just like impossible. So what you're doing, what everybody's doing, who's listening to this. I hope it's a million people in some fashion, uh, are drawn to this because it's yours to do. I want to say directly, if you're drawn to this kind of a, of a webinar, this kind of a speaker series is this kind of, and if you're listening and you're actually hearing this, not just me, but Bruce Lipton and all the amazing people that you've talked about Juul, and, um, you are an imaginal cell and you are, you have a job to do.

Speaker 1: (05:32)
And your job is to generate possibility. Your job is to stay the course. Your job is to transform. Metamorphosize the collapsing of everything into the birth of everything. Your job is to turn this breakdown, the breakdown in every sector of society, into a breakthrough and find your role. Isn't not a small role or a big role. It's just your role. It's Dharma. There's a real poem that I won't get, right? But he says something like, again, in again, in history, some special people wake up. They have no ground in the crowd. They move to broader and deeper laws. Um, they take bold actions. They create strange conversations. However, the future speaks ruthlessly through them. They transform the world. You're an initiator,

Speaker 2: (06:34)
You're initiating thousands and, and inviting them to step into that beautiful role, finding their mission in this transformation.

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Speaker 2: (06:57)
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