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An Existential Threat Like No Other - Episode 135

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In this episode Jeffrey continues his appearance on the Real Truth About Health conference and discusses RNA interference which allows the reprogramming of gene expression.  RNA Interference is already being used in the production of the Arctic Apple which will not turn brown if you slice it.  The genetic engineers add a piece of RNA to the apple that finds its DNA counterpart and silences that DNA expression.

We know from research on mammals, insects, others that that double stranded RNA that silences that stretch of DNA can also theoretically, silence ours. So if you bite that apple and that double stranded RNA starts circulating in our system, it might find a match.

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Notes for this week's Podcast
This week's Transcript


Here's another GMO 2.0, um, RNA interference. I remember speaking to my friend, Dr. Don Huber, who was a professor at emeritus of Purdue university years ago, we were sitting in a car and he said, you know, Jeffrey, the future GMOs are gonna be even worse. Now he knew a lot about the GMOs. He had worked as a consultant for Monsanto on Roundup, blew the whistle on it. And he was talking about RNA interference. And that's where you can reprogram gene expression. So the Arctic apple, we call it the botax apple because it lies about its age. You can slice the apple. It won't turn brown. It'll just shrink over time because they put in RNA little piece of double stranded RNA that finds its DNA, counterpart and silences its expression. So it doesn't create a protein. So the protein that turns the apple brown is shut off.

But we know from research on mammals, insects, others that that double stranded RNA that silences that stretch of DNA can also theoretically, silence ours. So if you bite that apple and that double stranded RNA starts circulating in our system, it might find a match. Now the size of that double stranded RNA is 22 nucleotides. We have 2 billion base pairs. We have four codes. It's not hard to do the math. What are the chances that there's a lineup, a hundred percent, many, many, cuz it not only lines up with exact, but also similar. So if it's circulating in our DNA and it's still functioning, it may find a match. And if it does, it might silence our genes. This was a grave concern to scientists who are aware of this capacity. There was a study done on honeybees. They fed them some double stranded RNA in one meal and they fed them. Um, this, the RNA was from a protein that causes glowing in the dark and it had no relationship whatsoever with honeybee. So they figured great. This will be one of the controls.

Let's just verify what we already know that it'll have no influence on the HoneyBee's genetic expression. It'll just pass. It'll have no in. So then that will be our, our negative control and future studies cuz it'll have no impact. They fit it to the larva stage. And then they tested the gene expression of the honeybees twice over time, 10% of the genes of the honeybee over 1400 changed their levels of expression. When they ate a single meal of double standard RNA, we're eating these pre sliced apples available on Amazon. Are they changing our gene expression? Now for those technically minded, it wasn't hooking up with 1400 genes. It was hooking up with a smaller number. We'll call that primary change. Those changes then created additional changes in the DNA. We'll call those secondary changes. They didn't sort out which were primary, which were secondary. They were just blown away because this double stranded RNA, which was not supposed to have any impact had such massive change.

The EPA is approving sprays, pesticide sprays, you spray on the crops. It gets on the insects and it stops vital genes from expressing and kills the crops. Everyone knows that if you get spray on your skin, it can be absorbed. There's what I consider to be a fun yet. Horrific example of how Monsanto tried to hide the absorbability of Roundup. It came out in the recent, the recent trial. I'd like to share that just cuz I have so much delight explaining what Monsanto science looks like. They're required to test the absorbability and we'll get back to the RNA sprays in a minute, they put Roundup on human cadaver skin and 10% absorb, which is over three times the amount of legal limit. So they never told the EPA, which they were required to do. They violated that law and instead they took some human skin from a cadaver and they baked it in an oven. Then they froze. It took that leather like human skin and put Roundup on it and little or no Roundup was absorbed. And that was what they reported to the EPA entirely rigged research that had nothing to do. Reality that came out at the Roundup trials where people had non-Hodgkin lymphoma after using Roundup and Lee Johnson, who I've interviewed, who was, who won the first case.

He was drenched with Roundup. When a problem happened with the hose and he was spraying in a, in a school district, got drenched with Roundup and ended up with welt and rashes and not Hodgkin lymphoma. So now we have an RNA I spray that could theoretically get into plants, insects, birds, mice, and people who are spraying and might change their DNA expression. I remember interviewing a former U S D a scientist who actually basically got pushed out of the U S D a cuz he published a paper saying we don't have the ability to properly assess the safety of RNA interference because it could influence all these different non-target species. He was talking about the non-target species of insects or animals. And I said, but aren't we in our target species? He said, oh yeah. So that's another GMO 2.0 that we need to address. The department of defenses has another one called hagas and that's creating, um, bees that deposit genetically engineered viruses into crops so that the genetic engineering is in the field.

I hope I'm not disturbing so these are some examples of what we're faced with, but I actually feel like our way into this, through the pandemic lens, through the microbiome, we're gonna be educating the population and the lawmakers to actually take back control of the gene pool. It was fun. It's always fun to expose Monsanto because when people realize the blatant way that they manipulate science and lie to regulators, it does the heavy lifting for us because they're the ones trying to say, oh no, no, no, everything is safe and easy and protected gene. Editing's fine. Looked the other way squirrel. So they're doing that. And we're saying, you know, this is the same company that when they hired a consultant in Edison, Alabama, outside their PCB factory, the, the consultant put fish in the local Brook and within 10 seconds, they, they shed their skin floated to the top and spurted blood. And the response by Monsanto was nothing. In fact, they wrote in a memo, we can't afford to lose $1 of business, even though they were poisoning the people in the town. This is the same company that's in charge of the gene pool. If we allow their genetics to go forward, they were bought by bear.

So we are framing the truth in a way that people can understand to drive change. We have driven behavior change among consumers. Now we are also driving new laws. So let me, let me finish up by giving this understanding. I think as I've traveled around the world, I've seen an epidemic of passing on responsibility to others. I remember talking to a member of a government or a regulatory agency in a particular country. And he said, we don't have to test GMOs because the FDA does it. No. He said your FDA does it. And I pointed out that the FDA does not test GMOs. In fact, they don't require any testing whatsoever. They say that people like Monsanto go people, companies like Monsanto can determine on their own. If the GMOs are safe and here's how Monsanto tests. So the person was shocked. But this concept of othering giving others, the responsibility is built into our educational systems.

It's built into the way the media and the government have been operating this sense that it's not my responsibility. It creates a sense of personal depletion, lack of sovereignty, lack of responsibility. And that allows these things to unfold. So we are reversing that we have reversed it a lot in genetically engineered foods by making our own choice and say, I will consider and choose what I consider to be a food. And what I consider to be an FSO, a food shaped object, and I'm not gonna be listening to Monsanta or their enforcement wing in Washington. I will make the choice here. We're stepping up to say we humanity will protect all living beings in all future generations. You see, we can look at this as a burden. We can feel angry. We can feel sad. We can feel fear. Let's turn that food into sovereignty into, instead of being a victim, be a Victor and say, we are part of a humanity now that has the technology to do unprecedented harm.

So what we need to do is create an unprecedented new vision for humanity, that we are stewards of all living beings and all future generations. We need to safeguard biological evolution. As we know it, now that we have a technology to destroy it, we need to step up and give people that vision, that hope and that truth. And this then becomes an opportunity because when we step up and look beyond our narrow boundaries and step up to say, I will be responsible with humanity to take care of this. We are anti doting, that one epidemic of othering that can change everything. So this is an opportunity where we can take one issue, which is urgent and it is an existential threat, like no other. And we can use it to expand the role and vision of humanity. And we can all be leaders in that.

So I invite everyone to step up, to do something that none of our ancestors could do. They couldn't protect all living beings in all future generations. They didn't have technology that could harm all living beings and future generations. So now we have an opportunity to do more good than anyone in human history. So let's take that as an honor. Let's take that as an opportunity, please visit protect nature. Now please watch the film. Please share the film, share the trailer. The trailer has over 500,000 views. Make it another 150 or a thousand views through your social media. Go on to our activist platform, make a donation, step up. Even if you can afford $5 a month, be part of the team, don't say, oh, I don't have enough money. So I can't be responsible. I can't contribute. You notice what happens. Oh, I don't have enough change that thinking I have what I have.

I'm participating. I have this much time. I have this much friends. I have this position on Facebook. I have these kind of influence and I'm going to participate and help all living beings and all future generations because that's what I choose to do. So thank you all for sharing today with me. And thank you, Ben, for, uh, running this amazing conference. Thank you to Steven shore. And I really appreciate the questions that we've had. And I now see people hello from Greece, from Canada, from Germany, from all over the world. This is a global issue. Let's feel that connectivity of everyone on earth, stepping up and make it happen. Thank you for listening to live healthy. Be well. Please subscribe to the podcast. Using whatever app you're listened to podcasts with, or go to live healthy, be to subscribe. This podcast will inform you about health dangers, corporate and government corruption and ways we can protect ourselves, our families and our planet. I interview scientists, experts, authors, whistle blowers, and many people who have not shared their information with the world until now, please share the podcast with your friends. It will enlighten and may even save lives safe.


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