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In this episode, as part of the Real Truth About Health Summit, Jeffrey is interviewed about the potential for pesticides to be correlated with Autism in children.

The interviewer asks: "Stephanie Seneff, from MIT, says that one out of two children would have autism by the year 2032. Did she think that GMOs were a factor in that prediction?"

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Speaker 2: (00:09)
Sent off from MIT, says that one out of two children would have autism by the year 2032. Did she think that GMOs were a factor in that prediction? Stephanie Seneff who's a friend of mine

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Is a senior researcher

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At MIT in the artificial intelligence labs. She has another degree in biology and she's an expert at manipulating large data to see patterns to come up with causal pathways. So she decided to take on autism. She knew something was new in the environment because it was a fairly new explosion of an epidemic. And it was increasing year after year. And it wasn't just better detection methods. It was clearly new on the horizon. So she took all the data from all the published studies on autism and characterize what was happening, biochemically, what was happening in the system. And she said, I could tell you why an autistic child would have the particular symptoms that they have based on the, on the deficiencies and the other things that were occurring in the body. But I couldn't figure out what was causing those deficiencies and changes. So she took every single chemical that she knew, agricultural chemical, things like that that was popular.

Speaker 4: (01:33)
And she pulled all the big data on those and nothing fit, nothing seemed to cause those particular problems that the autistic community was, was what had. And then she went to a lecture by another friend of mine, Dr. Uh, Don Huber, professor emeritus, Purdue university. And he's an expert at Roundup and glyphosate even did consulting for Monsanto. And he started talking about the nature of glyphosate, how it correlates minerals, how it creates, how it's an antibiotic and kills beneficial bacteria and all of these different things. When two hours and Stephanie said she was on the edge of her seat, she left that lecture, convinced that she had found the chemical that she never even heard of before the lecture. So she pulled all the data on glyphosate and sure enough, it fit hand in glove with the changes that you saw in autistic children. And so then she and Nancy Swanson did epidemiological evaluations and they pulled all these different ways to calculate the prevalence of autistic children in the United States, autism six-year-olds and or total prevalence, et cetera.

Speaker 4: (02:48)
And she ran it against the amount of Roundup that was being sprayed on GMO, soy and corn. And in the most recent version, she did six year olds with autism, but it wasn't just that years Roundup because if they were six years old, they were being exposed to Roundup for many years. So for mathematical reasons, she chose four years of exposure that year or the previous three years, which gives a better idea of the exposure to the children. She ran the graph and the correlation was nearly perfect. If it was perfect, it would be a one, it was 0.9, 9, 7 3. So she said that correlation correlation doesn't prove causation. But given that we understand the causal pathways, and we also know that. So oftentimes kids with autism, when they switch to organic food, get better. In fact, in the film secret ingredients that I did with Amy Hart, there are two autistic boys in the film that are no longer on the spectrum.

Speaker 4: (03:46)
There are no longer diagnosed in the spectrum. What are their family? Do they switch to organic? And this is not the only two that I've heard about. I've heard about it over and over and over again, some get better. Some actually are off the spectrum altogether. It doesn't work that way like magic with everyone, but it's so often happens. I say, if you have a kid with any problem, including autism switch to organic and see, see what happens, Dr. Michelle pero in our film, pediatrician says autism is curable. Meaning it can, depending on where they are in the spectrum, it can be cured, can be overcome and sometimes dramatic changes with food alone. And she'll, she'll say to a family switched to organic for the sake of your autistic child. And all of a sudden the father's kidney problems are better. The daughters ATD is better.

Speaker 4: (04:38)
The mothers lost weight and she wasn't even treating them. They were just switching to organic in order to accommodate the autistic son. And that has that's happened before. So we know that glyphosate is also found in vaccines. So there's an exposure to glyphosate in young children through vaccines. And we also know that when parents are exposed to glyphosate, it damages their gut bacteria and their whole microbiome can be off. And it's the parent, the mother, her microbiome that inoculates the child during the birth process. And so if her, if her bacteria is off, then it could also create bacterial problems for the child. And we also know that gut bacteria dysbiosis is one of the problems. One of the aspects that we see a lot with autistic kids, we also know that digestive problems are, are often, uh, associated and that we found a lot of information that GMOs and Roundup damaged the digestive track and damage the ability to digest food. And that's just a couple of the things that we can

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