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GMOs, Glyphosate, and The Brink Of Global Disaster - Episode 118

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In this week's episode...

Are you eating organic? After this podcast, you will be.

Please tune into this episode if you don’t understand GMOs (genetically modified organisms.) Your long-term health is being jeopardized by these GMO lab experiments in the food supply, along with a chemical called glyphosate that Big Agro uses in a high percentage of our staple foods. Some foods include corn, wheat, oats, beans, fruits, veggies, meat, fish, and poultry.

If you already know a bit of what GMOs are and why you should avoid them – that’s fantastic. However, behind the scenes in laboratories across the U.S., what’s taking place is downright scary. Gene modifications in agriculture are serious business for Big Agro and the consumers who eat these Frankenstein creations.

For those who eat the wrong foods, GMOs and the glyphosate herbicide are wreaking havoc on the microbiome, opening doors to various diseases.

This interview is a wake-up call to the seriousness of the situation and how close humanity is to become a distant memory from a cataclysmic GMO nightmare.

No – this is not hyperbole. But take heart – in this interview with leading GMO spokesperson Jeffrey Smith, you will walk away empowered with knowledge that equips you to make positive changes for your health while also opening your eyes to the battle at hand between Big Agro and consumers. Jeffrey Smith keeps issuing his clarion call to consumers to take action -for the sake of humanity – by avoiding GMOs and glyphosate in their food. It’s time to take your passion for organic food to a higher level.

You will discover what to do with this thorough information.

Not one to sit on knowledge and keep it under wraps – Jeffrey is the author of 2 global bestsellers, director of five films, done 1000 interviews and 1000 lectures in 45 countries, trained 1500 speakers, and organized over 10,000 grassroots advocates for organic, non-GMO foods.

Jeffrey leads the global Protect Nature Now coalition, urging governments to stop releasing genetically engineered microbes into our environment.

Because it only takes one irreversible gene-editing experiment to create global health or environmental catastrophe.

In This Podcast, We Cover:

  • The threat of genetically engineered microbes (GEMs)
  • What glyphosate is and how it ends up in your body
  • Why food production and distribution is critical to your health
  • How the world came within two weeks of a GMO catastrophe
  • How Jeffrey became a leading voice in consumer activism
  • The role a corporation called Monsanto plays in all this
  • What GMOs and glyphosate do to your microbiome
  • How your food can affect your DNA expression
  • What whistleblowers in Big Agro are revealing
  • Much more!

Humanity Came within Two Weeks of a Global Cataclysmic Nightmare

Deep into the interview, Wade asks Jeffrey to explain why his message is urgently needed, not just for their health, but to get more people willing to embrace some advocacy to stop the insanity before it’s too late.

Because there is also an existential threat to the entire planet.

For example, a GMO experiment back in 1991 came within two weeks of being unleashed into nature.

The results could have been beyond devastating – all life on earth came close to perishing.

Tune in and listen to Jeffrey tell the whole story behind this frightening tale of humanity’s flirtation with the apocalypse.

Here’s one insidious thing glyphosate or “Roundup” does to the body:

Wade asks Jeffrey to explain why glyphosate wrecks havoc on the microbiome? Few people know the devastating results caused by Roundup on our gut health.

Here is an excerpt from Jeffrey’s response: “Unlike normal antibiotics which kind of carpet bombs indiscriminately both the good and bad bacteria in our microbiome – glyphosate (the chief poison in Roundup) is known to cause death among the beneficial bacteria, but not among the pathogenic (bad) bacteria.”

“Lactobacillus Bifida bacteria, and other microbes we want in our gut because they lower inflammation – they get wiped out by glyphosate. Meanwhile, negative microbes like Salmonella, e-coli, and others, these bad bacteria can resist death from Roundup.”

“A friend of mine took a model of the human gut to fit it with a microbiome from a three-year-old in Sweden, who has never been vaccinated, never received any antibiotics. He lived in a rural area, so his microbiome was pretty pristine.”

“This microbiome model was then fed food, followed by Roundup. Then he watched what happened.”

“He saw the short-chain fatty acids go down, and he saw the population of beneficial bacteria go down. He saw the diversity go down.”

“I then went through the 28 different conditions that people reported getting better from when they switched to a non-GMO diet, and I asked if there is any justification from the microbiome alone that can lead to these outcomes?”

“Every single one of these outcomes could be explained from a scientific standpoint. My friend explained that about 80% of all chronic diseases can be traced back to a disruption of the microbiome.”

“When we damage that microbiome (with GMO foods and glyphosate), we set the stage for disease. In some cases long term disease.”

Jeffrey Smith will not stop spreading the word on the dangers of GMOs and glyphosate. The more people he educates, the sooner humanity can bring some sanity back to modern food production.

All you need to do is tune into what Jeffrey has to say and make your own decisions. Jeffrey’s tireless efforts over the decades lay the foundation for positive change. By downloading this knowledge, listeners become food advocates and wise consumers who feel better physically while helping the environment.

Together, we can fix our unhealthy food system and save the planet from GMO catastrophe. 

Won’t you join Wade and Jeffrey in this noble cause? 

Check out this episode – your tummy and mother Gaia will thank you. 

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Notes for this week's Podcast
This week's Transcript

Rough Transcript:

00:00:29.730 --> 00:00:41.910
Wade Lightheart: Good morning, good afternoon and good evening its way
to light heart with another edition of the awesome health podcast from
by optimizer and today we're going to talk about a topic that's very
near and dear to my heart.
00:00:42.390 --> 00:00:55.170
Wade Lightheart: it's the importance of eating organic plus we're
going to talk specifically about some chemical agents like Roundup and
genetically modified organism GMOs oftentimes.
00:00:56.100 --> 00:01:04.020
Wade Lightheart: we're going to talk about what's the problem with
those what the damage their own particular to our digestive system, as
well as a variety of other systems in the body.
00:01:04.590 --> 00:01:12.870
Wade Lightheart: And we're going to talk about the threat of
genetically engineered microbes and their relationship.
00:01:13.560 --> 00:01:24.870
Wade Lightheart: to humanity to what potentially could be something
related to the pandemic, as well as some other issues that are coming
up, I don't know if you know it's a big topic out there, there are
genetically modified organisms and chemical agents.
00:01:25.230 --> 00:01:31.740
Wade Lightheart: And if anyone's heard my rants on food production and
distribution you'll know this is something that's very important.
00:01:32.190 --> 00:01:42.300
Wade Lightheart: And today's guest is Jeffrey Smith and he is been a
leading spokesperson spokesperson on the GMO health dangerous for a
long time, both 25 years.
00:01:42.720 --> 00:01:53.700
Wade Lightheart: And he's authored two global bestsellers directed
five films delivered 1000 lectures and 1000 interviews in 45 countries
train 1500 speakers speakers and organized 10,000.
00:01:54.180 --> 00:02:10.050
Wade Lightheart: Grassroots advocates, he is now sounding the alarm
about the serious even irreversible hazards from new genetic
engineering techniques which can lead to health and environmental
catastrophes Jeffrey leads the global project nature now.
00:02:10.080 --> 00:02:15.090
Wade Lightheart: petition urging governance to stop the release of all
genetically engineered microbes.
00:02:15.720 --> 00:02:19.740
Jeffrey Smith: How we protect nature now someone motor someone sent
you a typo sorry about that.
00:02:19.770 --> 00:02:25.890
Wade Lightheart: Okay sorry about that it's protecting agent out
there, it is here so Jeffrey welcome to the show.
00:02:25.980 --> 00:02:27.480
Jeffrey Smith: Thank you so much, great to be here man.
00:02:28.320 --> 00:02:39.600
Wade Lightheart: Well let's kind of get I want to go back a little bit
organic like organically, if you will, starting your careers, which
is, which is long and storied in this advocacy.
00:02:40.380 --> 00:03:00.060
Wade Lightheart: Which you're putting forward, how did that originate
what where was the background story that got you turned on to the
dangers of genetic foods genetic modification and the potential
dangers and what seems to be the implicit dangers that are around
these products.
00:03:00.450 --> 00:03:10.770
Jeffrey Smith: Well, in 1996 I went to a lecture by a genetic engineer
whistleblower he was an expert at the process of genetic engineering,
he was doing cancer research.
00:03:11.160 --> 00:03:21.570
Jeffrey Smith: And was aware that Monsanto was about to plant
commercialized genetically engineered soy beans and corn and canola in
the United States that will get into our food supply.
00:03:22.260 --> 00:03:32.670
Jeffrey Smith: And he said, knowing what he knew about genetic
engineering, there is no way that they can do it in a predictable and
safe manner, they were most definitely.
00:03:33.300 --> 00:03:39.870
Jeffrey Smith: risking the health of the human population and,
moreover, because once you put these in the ground, they can cross
00:03:40.230 --> 00:03:51.570
Jeffrey Smith: And contaminate the gene pool for as long as that
species exists essentially irreversibly So when I heard about this, I
was a chronic do gooder I was into marketing and education and.
00:03:52.260 --> 00:03:59.340
Jeffrey Smith: strategy and I figured I would just chip in with a
little bit of help to try and get the information.
00:04:00.090 --> 00:04:10.260
Jeffrey Smith: You know messaged in the right way delivered to the
right person, and I have started watching the news feeds around the
world about GMOs.
00:04:11.010 --> 00:04:23.790
Jeffrey Smith: and very few people are focusing on the health dangers,
most of the nonprofit's we're focused on the environmental dangers or
the prop problems with farmers not able to save seeds or patenting
00:04:24.360 --> 00:04:29.520
Jeffrey Smith: But I saw that there were substantial potential
problems with health.
00:04:30.090 --> 00:04:45.240
Jeffrey Smith: And that no one was focusing on it beyond three or four
sentences, so I started interviewing scientists and doctors wrote
seeds of deception, it became the world's best selling book on GMOs
and before I knew it, I was traveling six to nine months a year for 13
years straight.
00:04:46.890 --> 00:04:58.860
Wade Lightheart: So what are some of the dangers from these
genetically altered foods, and you know i'm from Canada and there was
a landmark case up there, where.
00:04:59.610 --> 00:05:18.750
Wade Lightheart: Monsanto was suing farmers multi generational farmers
for having their genetic seeds in their crop which had been blown over
from the farmer's fields that they were producing genetically modified
foods and and it was, it would seem so.
00:05:20.220 --> 00:05:39.030
Wade Lightheart: crazy that these farmers can be penalized for
carrying these are charged in a in a court case for carrying seeds
that they didn't have any indirect connection to and bear the
consequence of that what's the dangers Why is this so important in Why
are people, avoiding.
00:05:39.390 --> 00:05:44.250
Jeffrey Smith: The converse most GMOs are designed to be sprayed with
Roundup monsanto's.
00:05:44.640 --> 00:05:52.800
Jeffrey Smith: Roundup herbicide is driven by the chief poisoned
glyphosate it was going off patent in year 2000 so they created
Roundup ready crops.
00:05:53.160 --> 00:06:03.810
Jeffrey Smith: So that farmers would buy the Roundup ready seeds and
sign a contract that they would only buy monsanto's version of Roundup
or glyphosate based herbicides.
00:06:04.380 --> 00:06:11.130
Jeffrey Smith: And the when the farmers did plant, the Roundup ready
seeds, you could spray Roundup right over the top of the crops.
00:06:11.670 --> 00:06:18.060
Jeffrey Smith: And it would get absorbed in the crops and it would
kill all the other weeds and it was it made weeding very easy but it
00:06:18.570 --> 00:06:31.470
Jeffrey Smith: took a new toxin and Edit it to genetic engineering, so
you have genetic engineering, which is inherently unsafe creates
massive collateral damage to the DNA to create Allergens are toxins
are anti nutrients are carcinogens.
00:06:32.400 --> 00:06:35.880
Jeffrey Smith: And then you have the Roundup, which is absorbed into
the crop.
00:06:36.480 --> 00:06:56.160
Jeffrey Smith: And then you have whatever new protein is engineered to
be created so there's corn and cotton and soybeans that are engineered
to produce an insecticide to kill insects, so you have a number of
toxins and potential toxins in the mix when you look at.
00:06:57.480 --> 00:07:12.240
Jeffrey Smith: People who switch to non GMO foods and we have i've
asked at 150 lectures, what if people notice, including more than 2000
medical conferences, what did your patients notice, and it was an
00:07:12.870 --> 00:07:19.110
Jeffrey Smith: response so many people got better from chronic issues
and we decided to survey.
00:07:19.680 --> 00:07:35.730
Jeffrey Smith: And we surveyed 3256 people they got better from the
same 28 different conditions, starting with the number one most
popular always digestive disorders and energy and weight problems and
brain fog anxiety and depression.
00:07:36.960 --> 00:07:44.430
Jeffrey Smith: Food sensitivities and allergies and we're still above
50% of the people, responding saying that they showed improvements but
00:07:44.730 --> 00:07:53.520
Jeffrey Smith: Most of the chronic illnesses from diabetes numerous
cancers and fertility alzheimer's high blood pressure, skin
00:07:54.150 --> 00:08:06.900
Jeffrey Smith: And the average American eats their weight more than
they're waiting GMOs, each year, so if it's a problem you would
probably see it in national statistics and if you track about 30 or 35
different diseases or conditions.
00:08:07.560 --> 00:08:19.650
Jeffrey Smith: The rise in those conditions is followed parallel
parallel fashion by the percentage of GMO soy and corn planted in the
US or the amount of Roundup sprayed on soy and corn.
00:08:20.130 --> 00:08:35.160
Jeffrey Smith: Now we also see that when dogs and cats and livestock
switched from GMO food to non GMO food they get better from those
different diseases or their precursors when animal feeding studies.
00:08:35.400 --> 00:08:53.280
Jeffrey Smith: force feed GMOs or round to the lab animals, they
suffer from similar diseases or their precursors and now that we
understand more of the modes of action we can link why for example
Roundup may lead to ADHD or insomnia.
00:08:54.150 --> 00:08:59.730
Jeffrey Smith: or high blood pressure or autism or diabetes, we can
understand the modes of action.
00:09:00.510 --> 00:09:08.520
Jeffrey Smith: It turns out that Roundup, and when we have this stew
of toxins the GMOs, the Roundup, and we know they both contribute to
serious problems.
00:09:09.030 --> 00:09:19.080
Jeffrey Smith: But the Roundup alone has been better characterized in
terms of its modes of action and it damages the fundamentals of our
health, our ability to absorb minerals.
00:09:19.350 --> 00:09:32.460
Jeffrey Smith: The leak creates leaky gut damages the micro BIOME
damages the mitochondria can prevent the production of serotonin
melatonin and dopa mean can mess up chemicals can cause intracellular
lack of communication.
00:09:32.700 --> 00:09:42.900
Jeffrey Smith: All sorts of things we now understand just from the
Roundup, let alone, adding to that the GMOs, and in some cases, the
built in insecticide.
00:09:43.800 --> 00:09:47.730
Wade Lightheart: The father of modern medicine Hippocrates once.
00:09:48.810 --> 00:10:09.780
Wade Lightheart: reported to say let food be your medicine and
medicine be your food, and it seems like we're living in this kind of
strange world where poisons have become our medicines and poisons have
become our food, therefore, resulting in an advancement of what I
would say.
00:10:11.040 --> 00:10:24.660
Wade Lightheart: compromised health, so if we look at what the New
England Journal of medicine issued I think in was during the Bush
administration and Professor olshansky that the life expectancy of are
the children.
00:10:25.230 --> 00:10:31.740
Wade Lightheart: Whereas going downwards, and that was edited by the
White House edited what his dire predictions were but.
00:10:32.610 --> 00:10:39.180
Wade Lightheart: Take that aside, that the disability adjusted life
expectancy was 60 years old in that book and I think.
00:10:39.780 --> 00:10:49.380
Wade Lightheart: Even though you know people will say well life
expectancies eight years, which is now on the decline from the last
year do defend know us particularly which is wreaking havoc in the
00:10:52.890 --> 00:10:54.960
Wade Lightheart: The question louise's like okay.
00:10:56.370 --> 00:11:05.340
Wade Lightheart: What are the what's causing the problems, how long
does it take to reverse the problems and I think a lot of people don't
understand that Roundup, is actually.
00:11:06.090 --> 00:11:14.130
Wade Lightheart: it's an it's essentially it's a takeout microbes and
we're essentially responsible, we need a good, healthy relationship
with our BIOME.
00:11:14.850 --> 00:11:22.200
Wade Lightheart: inside our digestive system in order to function
properly, so if there's no distinction is that right between what
microbes it kills.
00:11:22.410 --> 00:11:32.070
Wade Lightheart: And then, then I want to get to that I want to get to
the toxin part of that part and then I want to get to the genetic part
Next, I want to see the Inter relation between the two, as you see it.
00:11:32.310 --> 00:11:35.010
Jeffrey Smith: Beautiful so let's go with the microbiome impacts.
00:11:36.060 --> 00:11:50.490
Jeffrey Smith: Unlike normal antibiotics which kind of carpet bomb
indiscriminately glyphosate the chief poison in Roundup is known to
cause death among the beneficial bacteria, but not among the
00:11:51.060 --> 00:11:51.660
Wade Lightheart: So how.
00:11:51.720 --> 00:12:02.550
Jeffrey Smith: Lactobacillus bifida bacteria things that we want
certificate of bacteria can lower inflammation that gets wiped out the
salmonella the cooker stadium botulinum the the.
00:12:03.660 --> 00:12:18.870
Jeffrey Smith: Negative ECO lie these things, the cluster dmz can
these can resist death, now the friend of mine kieran krishnan took a
a model of the human gut called the shine model and fit it.
00:12:19.920 --> 00:12:25.590
Jeffrey Smith: A microbiome from a three year olds in Sweden, who had
never been vaccinated never received.
00:12:26.280 --> 00:12:34.350
Jeffrey Smith: Any antibiotics was living in the rural area, so it was
pretty pristine and then fed food to this fake gut and then it had
00:12:35.070 --> 00:12:41.130
Jeffrey Smith: And then he watched what happened, and he saw the short
chain fatty acids go down, he saw the population.
00:12:41.880 --> 00:12:55.140
Jeffrey Smith: Of beneficial go down, he saw the diversity go down and
I then went through the 28 different conditions that people reported
getting better from when they switch to non GMO and largely organic
food and I said, is there any.
00:12:55.830 --> 00:13:06.210
Jeffrey Smith: Justification simply from the micro BIOME alone that
can lead to these outcomes and every single one of them.
00:13:06.900 --> 00:13:15.960
Jeffrey Smith: could be explained, from a scientific standpoint, he
explained that about 80% of all chronic diseases have their source in
disruption of the microbiome.
00:13:16.170 --> 00:13:23.850
Jeffrey Smith: there's a programming and there is, you know sequel
transplants, you can take the fecal matter of one animal or human put
it in another, and all of a sudden.
00:13:24.270 --> 00:13:30.390
Jeffrey Smith: What travels with it is it's diabetes or its tendency
to gain weight or to lose weight it's a programming.
00:13:31.200 --> 00:13:40.290
Jeffrey Smith: You see, we outsource over 90% or about 90% of our
daily metabolic functions to our microbiome we can get away with.
00:13:40.740 --> 00:13:58.080
Jeffrey Smith: Only a measly 22,000 genes less than earthworms because
we use the 3.5 million genes of the microbes living inside us and that
is co evolved with us and there's things that we can't do and we don't
need to do, because the microbiome does it for us.
00:13:59.130 --> 00:14:09.090
Jeffrey Smith: When we damage that micro BIOME we set the stage for
disease, and in some cases long term disease, so if it were just the
00:14:09.480 --> 00:14:16.080
Jeffrey Smith: And that was the only thing I mean it was glyphosate
was patented as an antibiotic it's known as an antibiotic.
00:14:16.920 --> 00:14:22.290
Jeffrey Smith: If that's, the only thing that it did, it would still
have a long list of diseases associated with it.
00:14:22.860 --> 00:14:38.460
Jeffrey Smith: But it also damages the mitochondria which has a long
list of diseases, it also can create leaky gut and a Harvard Professor
wrote an article saying all disease begins in the leaky gut so all
diseases can be related.
00:14:38.940 --> 00:14:46.680
Jeffrey Smith: And then it goes on, I mean so much depends on our
hormones so much depends on our neurotransmitters so much depends on
our ability to absorb minerals all of those.
00:14:47.010 --> 00:14:58.200
Jeffrey Smith: All of those are inhibited so from the microbiome
perspective to the ability to use zinc and kobo glyphosate is that was
originally patented as a key later.
00:14:58.590 --> 00:15:08.400
Jeffrey Smith: To D scale industrial boilers and pipes, in other words
as a key later it grabbed on to the minerals that were deposited along
the pipes to pull them out.
00:15:09.300 --> 00:15:22.440
Jeffrey Smith: It grabs on the minerals and makes them unusable, so
when we have glyphosate in our food supply and glyphosate is not just
in GMOs, but we'll talk about that how it's also in grains and beans
and and wine and beer, etc.
00:15:22.920 --> 00:15:35.700
Jeffrey Smith: It can render our internal minerals unavailable, in
which case the bio chemical pathways go on strike, they just simply do
nothing there sit there idle.
00:15:36.120 --> 00:15:46.350
Jeffrey Smith: Waiting for that key in the ignition, which is that
mineral needed to get that thing going, and that can be, this is why
even our detoxification pathways.
00:15:47.070 --> 00:16:00.690
Jeffrey Smith: You know there's other toxins in the environment but
Roundup tends to damage or inhibit our ability of the cells to detox
and rf to our ability of the liver to detox.
00:16:01.050 --> 00:16:14.130
Jeffrey Smith: The P for 50 South Korean pathways our ability to have
the kidneys to detox so it becomes the King of all of the toxins
because it allows all these other toxins to stick around in the body
and do damage.
00:16:15.210 --> 00:16:18.120
Wade Lightheart: that's maybe the most articulate.
00:16:19.650 --> 00:16:27.090
Wade Lightheart: Presentation of the impact of glyphosate From that
standpoint, and of course now today in the biohacking world.
00:16:28.860 --> 00:16:34.980
Wade Lightheart: What is the conversation well the conversation is
about your microbiome getting that in good shape.
00:16:36.300 --> 00:16:54.300
Wade Lightheart: it's about the mitochondrial function and how
disrupted mitochondrial function leads to a variety of metabolic base
diseases but there's a third component here that we need to unpack,
which is the genetic impact.
00:16:55.410 --> 00:17:04.050
Wade Lightheart: So, can you talk a little bit about the genetic
impact, maybe it's Roundup, and then maybe genetically modified foods
as well, so we can kind of go into that conversation.
00:17:04.440 --> 00:17:10.530
Jeffrey Smith: Absolutely, so when we eat food it affects our DNA
00:17:11.490 --> 00:17:21.900
Jeffrey Smith: Very often it's the RNA of the foods that we eat that
are like little programming things you can eat some RNA and all of a
sudden, a cell in your liver begins to express new protein.
00:17:22.470 --> 00:17:31.050
Jeffrey Smith: Well, when you eat GMOs or you happen to be a rat but
works with humans to there can be hundreds of genes that change their
00:17:31.650 --> 00:17:33.450
Wade Lightheart: Is the realm of epigenetics.
00:17:33.510 --> 00:17:37.860
Jeffrey Smith: For people actually yes exactly this is, this is the
genes don't change.
00:17:38.040 --> 00:17:41.460
Jeffrey Smith: Yes, that's but the gene expression changes.
00:17:41.490 --> 00:18:02.520
Wade Lightheart: Correct and so turning them on or turning them off is
something that food generally did in the past, but the introduction of
these elements are potentially accelerating genetic complications or
predispositions or even creating new ones would that be a fair
00:18:02.700 --> 00:18:09.330
Jeffrey Smith: Oh yeah I mean and the thing is about what's
interesting is epigenetics is inheritable so and the both the GMO
00:18:09.750 --> 00:18:17.700
Jeffrey Smith: crispr, for example, which is a gene editing form of
creating a GMO it inadvertently created a change in protein structure.
00:18:18.150 --> 00:18:37.770
Jeffrey Smith: that lasted for at least 10 generations in mice never
supposed to happen, but there you have it another guy interviewed for
my live healthy be wealthy podcast he he injected mice with Roundup,
and the MICE were okay was pregnant buys their offspring were okay.
00:18:39.120 --> 00:18:50.160
Jeffrey Smith: grandchildren were messed up the great grandchildren
were the most messed up 90% had serious problems he never went to the
great great grandchildren, but the great grandchildren were more
messed up.
00:18:50.760 --> 00:19:01.920
Jeffrey Smith: And said, you know mothers were dying the mother rats
were dying or rats or mice were dying during childbirth that some of
the pups were dying during childbirth prostate problems obesity kidney
00:19:02.220 --> 00:19:10.170
Jeffrey Smith: So was passed on to future generations, it didn't
change the genes and change the gene expression now what's interesting
00:19:10.830 --> 00:19:19.980
Jeffrey Smith: The only human feeding study ever conducted on a
currently commercialized GMO there's hardly any studies that are done,
I mean when you compare what should be done.
00:19:20.520 --> 00:19:37.050
Jeffrey Smith: They found that the Roundup ready gene that was
inserted into soybeans so allowing the soybean plant, not to die when
sprayed with Roundup, or that gene transferred into the DNA of
bacteria living inside our intestines.
00:19:38.130 --> 00:19:50.070
Jeffrey Smith: Now they didn't continue to see if it was functioning,
because if it function, this is a horrible concept, because imagine an
insecticide producing gene in corn.
00:19:50.820 --> 00:19:57.300
Jeffrey Smith: were to transfer to our gut bacteria, it might turn our
intestinal flora into living pesticide factories.
00:19:57.750 --> 00:20:09.270
Jeffrey Smith: which might explain why 93% of the pregnant women in
Canada tested had this toxin called BT toxin in their blood because
perhaps they were producing it inside their gut bacteria.
00:20:09.930 --> 00:20:29.880
Jeffrey Smith: So there is changes in the DNA in the gut bacteria and
we haven't been able to identify if there's genetic insertion from
GMOs into human or animal DNA, we do know the gene expression changes,
but we don't know if the gene sequence changes.
00:20:29.970 --> 00:20:40.680
Wade Lightheart: Right that's a very clear designation well I think
it's now here's another question i'm going to ask before we kind of
move into the GMO conversation.
00:20:41.760 --> 00:20:51.360
Wade Lightheart: Why do you think there has not been widespread
studies on to the complications or contract indications or.
00:20:53.340 --> 00:20:55.830
Wade Lightheart: Potential challenges.
00:20:56.970 --> 00:21:03.150
Wade Lightheart: Amongst the individuals who are consuming genetically
modified foods which in Canada, for example.
00:21:03.720 --> 00:21:10.830
Wade Lightheart: is a country that we don't even have the right to
know food has been genetically modified or that was passed by the.
00:21:11.820 --> 00:21:20.880
Wade Lightheart: Canadian Government not that long ago, which is a
pretty tyrannical methodology considering their regulation around
health food products and their lack of.
00:21:21.420 --> 00:21:34.560
Wade Lightheart: Their have around quote unquote commercially grown
food products is this a case of big industry influencing research
dollars and government lobbyists groups.
00:21:35.250 --> 00:21:47.310
Jeffrey Smith: I happen to know the answer this and this because in
the 25 years that i've been doing this, I have talked to
whistleblowers and scientist and whatnot and it's a combination of
things and it's diabolical.
00:21:47.880 --> 00:21:58.140
Jeffrey Smith: So i'll use us as an example, I could go to health,
Canada and talk about it's the chief chopper incident and all of that
too, but I think we'll stick with us where it's pretty clear.
00:21:58.770 --> 00:22:15.300
Jeffrey Smith: The White House had instructed the FDA to promote GMOs
before GMOs were introduced, and so the FDA created a new position,
specifically for monsanto's former attorney Michael Taylor to be in
charge of policy for the agency.
00:22:16.230 --> 00:22:21.420
Wade Lightheart: And without during the Obama Administration when he
know he actually What happened was this was during the first Bush
00:22:21.480 --> 00:22:32.400
Jeffrey Smith: Right, he he then said no GMOs, no difference, no
testing necessary no labeling necessary any became monsanto's Vice
President at became the US foods are under the Obama Administration
00:22:32.460 --> 00:22:33.870
Wade Lightheart: Okay, yes, I can touch I knew there.
00:22:33.870 --> 00:22:35.430
Wade Lightheart: was a bunch of monsanto's that key.
00:22:36.480 --> 00:22:38.190
Wade Lightheart: executives that got in on during the.
00:22:39.510 --> 00:22:46.020
Jeffrey Smith: During the Bush administration, I mean they must have
created bovine growth hormone that was injected into cows, to increase
milk supply.
00:22:46.620 --> 00:22:56.310
Jeffrey Smith: I talked to a former Monsanto scientist, he said three
of his colleagues were testing the milk from treated cows, they
stopped drinking milk after less was organic they found such a high
amount of.
00:22:56.310 --> 00:23:12.480
Jeffrey Smith: Our answer promoting hormone in the milk and they said,
unless it was organic the three Monsanto scientist when drink it one
bought his own cow so in order to approve that they had Michael Taylor
monsanto's former attorney on the top, then we had Margaret Mitchell,
who was.
00:23:13.890 --> 00:23:28.800
Jeffrey Smith: Formerly, a researcher and Monsanto did research on
bovine growth hormone then took charge of a division of the FDA that
evaluator her research then Susan section that had been hired by
Monsanto to do the review of our big ah, she became the chief reviewer
at the FDA.
00:23:29.970 --> 00:23:38.010
Wade Lightheart: Dr Richard Burton, so this is this is very similar to
Collins reviewing the impact of the NIH and outsourcing its funding
00:23:38.130 --> 00:23:49.800
Wade Lightheart: The to the whoo one lab in China, which is the
oversight for themselves on on where will did they did they actually
put you know.
00:23:50.640 --> 00:23:52.020
Wade Lightheart: Did they create the problem so.
00:23:52.260 --> 00:24:06.450
Wade Lightheart: What we have here is over, basically, is, if I
understand this correctly for our listener, because people, because a
lot of people are ignorant they operate from kind of this naive sense
of do gooder ISM and that hey.
00:24:07.170 --> 00:24:15.630
Wade Lightheart: I wouldn't do xyz therefore other people wouldn't do
xyz and the people on the other side of that equation.
00:24:16.650 --> 00:24:23.790
Wade Lightheart: will do xyz and they will hide xyz from the general
public and and and leverage their.
00:24:25.110 --> 00:24:45.390
Wade Lightheart: or their goodness as a camouflage through plausible
deniability and cherry picked oversight committees and being able to
kind of navigate through the change of administrations that happened
in democracies is would that be an accurate.
00:24:45.900 --> 00:24:48.540
Jeffrey Smith: perception of hell, but there's even more way because.
00:24:49.260 --> 00:24:54.300
Jeffrey Smith: Because I mean when you look at the recent Roundup
trial, where a Monsanto was.
00:24:55.320 --> 00:25:02.670
Jeffrey Smith: convicted of having their round up as a contributor to
the four plaintiffs that had non hodgkins lymphoma.
00:25:03.420 --> 00:25:12.030
Jeffrey Smith: They had to turn over millions of documents and it
revealed a level of fraud that was so sensational and so rich, I mean
it's something I have been studying.
00:25:12.300 --> 00:25:17.430
Jeffrey Smith: But it was there in black and white, I mean my name was
in their head they went after me and they called it whack a mole.
00:25:17.970 --> 00:25:26.670
Jeffrey Smith: And that was used as an exhibit and mentioned in the
closing arguments, so, in addition to an end, like they had their
laptops at the EPA.
00:25:27.090 --> 00:25:42.450
Jeffrey Smith: And we're working on their behalf, to get month to get
their life was safe declared non carcinogenic to stop other government
research being done on that etc they had front groups I paid scientist
secretly they hired.
00:25:44.580 --> 00:25:59.160
Jeffrey Smith: editors of journals who later than retracted other
things that were against Monsanto on their monsanto's behalf I mean it
was absolutely fraught with a whole a whole mechanism, they had all
these front groups attacking.
00:25:59.970 --> 00:26:05.850
Jeffrey Smith: When the International Agency for Research on Cancer
determine glyphosate was a probable human carcinogen.
00:26:06.120 --> 00:26:14.760
Jeffrey Smith: And they also showed how for decades their research was
rigged to avoid finding problems fraudulently done and one of the.
00:26:15.150 --> 00:26:26.460
Jeffrey Smith: One of the wonderful examples that I like to quote from
the trial, which is so typical I mean, I have a whole section in my
second book on how they rigged the research, but this was just
00:26:27.180 --> 00:26:43.740
Jeffrey Smith: When Monsanto had to see how much Roundup got absorbed
into the skin that took human cadaver skin applied the Roundup, and
more than three times the allowable level was absorbed it so what they
did is they took new human cadaver skin and they baked it in an oven.
00:26:45.060 --> 00:26:46.290
Jeffrey Smith: Then they froze it.
00:26:47.340 --> 00:27:03.180
Jeffrey Smith: Then they applied the Roundup, hardly any was absorbed
they reported that result without explaining to the EPA that they had
baked and frozen the human skin before applying around, so this is
monsanto's science.
00:27:05.610 --> 00:27:09.660
Wade Lightheart: So what you're saying is that.
00:27:10.920 --> 00:27:19.740
Wade Lightheart: And this is something that I think makes a lot of
people like the dot the bite the but diabolical nature of this is so,
00:27:21.000 --> 00:27:29.820
Wade Lightheart: Because the tenant the primary tenant of scientists
to maintain and and a perception of skepticism.
00:27:31.110 --> 00:27:39.690
Wade Lightheart: In any theory and you test the theory and you are
able to recreate and read demonstrate that theory over and over and
over again.
00:27:40.200 --> 00:27:45.930
Wade Lightheart: And you continually retest that as new information
comes to light or new testing equipment, because you.
00:27:46.350 --> 00:28:03.600
Wade Lightheart: are controlled by number one, the overall intention
number two the general amount of knowledge that may be available at a
given time and number three the testing equipment in order to measure
that and anytime there's a change, at least in the second two of those
00:28:04.620 --> 00:28:13.500
Wade Lightheart: Then new information might be revealed science
science, as we know it on the newtonian paradigm side is is certainly
about causality.
00:28:13.890 --> 00:28:22.170
Wade Lightheart: And you can't measure all of the causal agents that
might be involved, but you can do so to range of predictability that
give us the modern world.
00:28:22.680 --> 00:28:41.190
Wade Lightheart: But what we're talking about here is a change in the
intent and what is called science and really what you're saying is
they're leveraging individuals with scientific credibility, but
through some form of.
00:28:42.630 --> 00:28:43.500
Wade Lightheart: leverage.
00:28:45.420 --> 00:28:55.800
Wade Lightheart: Whether it's incentivizing or it's you know public
threat, both of which have been reported when dealing with some of
these institutions some sort of threat.
00:28:56.160 --> 00:29:05.100
Wade Lightheart: Whether that's a social threat or physical threat or
a financial threat, I mean getting into a legal fight with a large
corporation or or government agency.
00:29:05.970 --> 00:29:13.920
Wade Lightheart: right or wrong, usually bankruptcy and destroys the
lives of those who engage in that just the economics of maintaining
such a fight.
00:29:14.580 --> 00:29:19.620
Wade Lightheart: But what you're suggesting here is actually a
movement away.
00:29:20.130 --> 00:29:28.350
Wade Lightheart: From the scientific method with that which is we are
going to have hypotheses, we are going to test those with the best of
ability and we're going to report this and an unbiased nature.
00:29:28.740 --> 00:29:37.020
Wade Lightheart: So that we can make a determination of what the best
course of action is what you're really saying is we are using these
00:29:37.620 --> 00:29:50.730
Wade Lightheart: or individuals, maybe with great credibility but
taking that data and turning it into a marketing point to move for
their bottom line or whatever other agenda, they might have would that
be accurate.
00:29:50.880 --> 00:29:58.290
Jeffrey Smith: And it's not just taking data it's sometimes
manufacturing it and sometimes fraudulent coming up with it.
00:29:58.830 --> 00:30:05.430
Jeffrey Smith: Using entirely unscientific methods, and when I was
writing my first book seeds of deception.
00:30:05.970 --> 00:30:12.840
Jeffrey Smith: I what I wanted the first chapter to be about Dr are
papoose tie one of the world's great scientists in his field.
00:30:13.230 --> 00:30:20.370
Jeffrey Smith: And he had been he discovered the GMOs were dangerous
they caused massive damage to rats and just 10 days.
00:30:20.880 --> 00:30:28.680
Jeffrey Smith: Potentially pre cancer cell growth and their digestive
tract smaller brains livers and testicles partial atrophy the liver
damaged immune system.
00:30:29.100 --> 00:30:41.340
Jeffrey Smith: When he went public with his concerns he ended up being
fired from his job after 35 years silenced with threats of a lawsuit
and was just trashed in the public area by Monsanto and the biotech
00:30:41.940 --> 00:30:52.980
Jeffrey Smith: So I wanted to start my book with what he considered to
be his most shocking moment which is either finding the discovery of
how bad GMOs were.
00:30:53.400 --> 00:31:03.060
Jeffrey Smith: or being fired from his job, but he was a man of such
high scientific integrity his most shocking moment was actually before
all of that it happened.
00:31:03.480 --> 00:31:13.560
Jeffrey Smith: Just reading the studies that had gotten GMOs approved
in the UK, he said he was supposed to report to the Minister of
Agriculture, who was doing a a.
00:31:14.040 --> 00:31:23.520
Jeffrey Smith: vote in Brussels, so he was given all of the secret
documents that have been handed a year earlier to the UK Government,
and no one knew that all these GMOs were approved.
00:31:23.880 --> 00:31:33.630
Jeffrey Smith: So he was handed to him by his boss, he was on the
approval committee, because no one in read it from that committee,
they were all committeeman they weren't real scientist terms of
working scientist, so he read it.
00:31:34.080 --> 00:31:43.860
Jeffrey Smith: And he had been just working on a on a $3 million grant
from the UK Government to figure out how to test for the safety of
GMOs, he had 30 people working with him, so he was one of the most.
00:31:44.160 --> 00:31:52.530
Jeffrey Smith: Qualified humans on earth to evaluate the studies by
about tech industry, he said that was his most shocking moment in his
00:31:53.310 --> 00:32:01.680
Jeffrey Smith: He said, you know poor science and that was poor
science, it was bad they were doing as little as possible to get their
foods on the market as quickly as possible.
00:32:02.100 --> 00:32:07.260
Jeffrey Smith: and none of those things that happened to his rats in
just 10 days, whatever have been discovered.
00:32:07.650 --> 00:32:16.230
Jeffrey Smith: In the flimsy poor, these are his words studies that
these businesses did these companies did to get their soybeans on the
00:32:16.980 --> 00:32:20.400
Jeffrey Smith: In the UK and in the US, etc, so it wasn't.
00:32:20.940 --> 00:32:27.540
Jeffrey Smith: It wasn't the scientific method, it was corporate
science checkbook science and had nothing to do with real science.
00:32:27.750 --> 00:32:35.310
Jeffrey Smith: I remember talking to him about one study, where some
rats died after being fed genetically engineered tomatoes and they
just took them out and said.
00:32:35.490 --> 00:32:43.380
Jeffrey Smith: Oh, it wasn't treatment related in the middle of the
study and added new rats he said Jeffrey you can't do this, it was
like he was pulling his hair up so.
00:32:43.740 --> 00:32:52.080
Jeffrey Smith: That I mean it was rich ridiculous how bad their
sciences, and yet they get away with it, because they have tremendous
00:32:52.380 --> 00:33:02.310
Jeffrey Smith: In the academic community, they have a false front
situation of scientists in front groups and they go straight materials
that came out in the documents and even.
00:33:02.670 --> 00:33:06.420
Jeffrey Smith: bragged about ghost writing saying we write it and we
pay them to sign it.
00:33:06.900 --> 00:33:11.850
Jeffrey Smith: And it's what explains why Roundup is free from you
know doesn't cause cancer.
00:33:12.030 --> 00:33:26.640
Jeffrey Smith: Whereas the scientists that they had hired a year
earlier says it does he was one of the world's experts, so they buried
his report never turned it over to the EPA, which was illegal and then
coast wrote their own review paper with the opposite conclusions and
that other side.
00:33:28.260 --> 00:33:28.920
Wade Lightheart: So.
00:33:30.450 --> 00:33:50.880
Wade Lightheart: Which leads us to the next piece, which is the
genetic modification of food and the downstream implications because
we are seeing a widespread first we saw widespread distribution of
Roundup and Roundup friendly crops.
00:33:52.110 --> 00:34:02.310
Wade Lightheart: Through controlled seed exposure, so my mom i'll give
you a nice example my mom, who is a longtime organic gardener she
started organic gardening when we were a kid.
00:34:03.270 --> 00:34:09.570
Wade Lightheart: We didn't understand, we thought she was crazy and
she wouldn't use chemicals and which means us and then, of course, I
went to university, I discovered.
00:34:09.870 --> 00:34:16.890
Wade Lightheart: hey you know what I feel better on the food that I
have at my mom's House than I do at the university food That was my
first indication of the difference between.
00:34:17.490 --> 00:34:23.010
Wade Lightheart: hey I had a good sense of how I felt and I saw a
change, I saw wait, I saw energy gain i'd like.
00:34:23.490 --> 00:34:30.840
Wade Lightheart: So i'm in one of those rare cases which I had a
differentiation factor I grew up in a rural area we had organic food
at the House.
00:34:31.260 --> 00:34:43.320
Wade Lightheart: My mom was very selective about the food that guy did
a great job i'm very blessed that and I got to see physiologically the
difference will it come home from the summer I eat the food from my
mom's wasted my I felt better.
00:34:43.530 --> 00:34:44.580
Wade Lightheart: I know it's a difference.
00:34:46.020 --> 00:34:53.880
Wade Lightheart: And then you know, as I became more and more invested
in this topic of course it got into microbiome and these sort of
things and start in Vedic.
00:34:54.270 --> 00:35:09.960
Wade Lightheart: investigating the impact of genetic modification on
food and GMOs, and you know them inserting say genes from fishes and
tomatoes and fly genes into things like so they were not only just.
00:35:11.340 --> 00:35:20.310
Wade Lightheart: it's not like Luther burbank taking two different
types of tomato to make a better tomato or two different types of
potato to make a potato we're talking about taking.
00:35:21.690 --> 00:35:41.820
Wade Lightheart: components and making these kind merrick kind of
organisms that have never existed before because there's a an
evolutionary biology there's a whole starting point of the food chain
and an ending point of the food chain and it's all very much
00:35:43.080 --> 00:35:46.560
Wade Lightheart: So when you insert an elements.
00:35:48.090 --> 00:35:56.640
Wade Lightheart: Particularly in the bottom part of the food chain
which which were telling with microbes and then even one level below
that and we're dealing with genes.
00:35:57.420 --> 00:36:08.670
Wade Lightheart: We don't know what the cascading effect could
potentially be with is that fair to say and what evidence, do you have
that genetically modified foods are causing problems.
00:36:09.360 --> 00:36:17.580
Jeffrey Smith: You know it's an interesting question, if you have a
Roundup ready crop is it the Roundup, or is it the crop so Dr G lyrics
are lenient toxicologist.
00:36:17.940 --> 00:36:29.670
Jeffrey Smith: From friends decided to find out he had been on the
evaluation committee for France, and also for the EU and it looked at
monsanto's original studies and found that like in Roundup ready corn.
00:36:30.060 --> 00:36:41.040
Jeffrey Smith: There was over 50 irregularities between the
experimental group and the control group showing signs of toxicity in
the liver and kidneys in just 90 days, so we took the Roundup ready.
00:36:42.060 --> 00:36:52.740
Jeffrey Smith: Basic design that mark that Monsanto did with the rats
and just extended it for two years and then increased some of the
parameters to test.
00:36:53.130 --> 00:37:04.650
Jeffrey Smith: And found Sure enough, right after 90 days the rat
started getting cancer and by the time two years was over, and
multiple massive tumors early death in Oregon dead.
00:37:05.370 --> 00:37:14.490
Jeffrey Smith: But in another group he put round up at varying
concentrations different groups in their water supply and fed them
natural corn not Roundup ready corn.
00:37:14.970 --> 00:37:24.600
Jeffrey Smith: And they also had multiple massive tumors early death
in organ damage so uh huh it's the Roundup, but another group hate the
Roundup ready corn.
00:37:25.380 --> 00:37:35.700
Jeffrey Smith: and had no round upon it, and they had multiple massive
tumors early death and organ damage compared to the control group that
a normal corn that had a tiny percentage.
00:37:36.240 --> 00:37:49.290
Jeffrey Smith: Of the tumors and none of that other damage, so it was
both the Roundup, and the GMO individually and together that led to
the problems now.
00:37:49.980 --> 00:38:03.060
Jeffrey Smith: we've seen in some of the studies that the GMO itself
is causing the problems they don't do extensive testing, but what
we've seen for the testing it's pretty damning.
00:38:03.630 --> 00:38:14.550
Jeffrey Smith: there's plenty of problems in all of the bait and major
major organs and systems, the immune system, the reproductive system
etc just from the GMOs.
00:38:15.000 --> 00:38:25.050
Jeffrey Smith: And there's these potatoes and apples that are
engineered not to turn brown when sliced they use an RNA I technology
and interference.
00:38:25.560 --> 00:38:36.660
Jeffrey Smith: RNA double stranded RNA that could literally
theoretically if you bit the apple it could reprogram your gene
expression silencing genes in your own DNA.
00:38:37.290 --> 00:38:39.990
Jeffrey Smith: Similarly, with animals, and you know the animals out
00:38:40.170 --> 00:38:44.730
Jeffrey Smith: If they bite the apple or the potato, and now we have
gene editing.
00:38:45.420 --> 00:38:57.840
Jeffrey Smith: which also has all sorts of problems, some scientists
say it's even more dangerous than the old style of forcing genes using
a gene gun or infiltrating it with bacteria.
00:38:58.560 --> 00:39:06.810
Jeffrey Smith: Is gene editing you don't necessarily take foreign
genes in you do some cutting and rearranging within gene editing and
in the traditional gene.
00:39:07.320 --> 00:39:16.080
Jeffrey Smith: Genetic engineering you end up with massive collateral
damage hundreds or thousands of mutations up and down the DNA.
00:39:16.560 --> 00:39:26.730
Jeffrey Smith: With gene editing a journal nature described three gene
editing crisper gene editing experiments with human embryos, it called
it chromosome may have.
00:39:27.510 --> 00:39:40.170
Jeffrey Smith: Large sections of the DNA and the genome were lost,
including whole chromosomes thousands of base pairs gone
rearrangements massive mutations up and down.
00:39:40.710 --> 00:40:05.010
Jeffrey Smith: So it's not just a precision insertion of a gene that
produces a particular protein that you're looking for, as the biotech
industry portrays it, it is a way of causing unacceptably new types of
damage that we have no understanding what the full impact will be and
it's inheritable.
00:40:06.240 --> 00:40:14.460
Wade Lightheart: What is the trend that we're seeing because
genetically modified foods have been going along quite well I would
look back to a book.
00:40:14.970 --> 00:40:32.640
Wade Lightheart: called your your body healing is voltage by Dr tenant
and one of the things that he identified specifically was birth
defects birth rates and fertility levels in areas where.
00:40:33.780 --> 00:40:43.140
Wade Lightheart: Genetically modified canola oil was used used to be
called rapeseed at one time and, and it was it was so damaging to
people and he showed a correlation between that.
00:40:43.560 --> 00:40:57.000
Wade Lightheart: And it's in the states that used it in the states
that didn't and there was a correlation will affect to the data and
which made him believe from his clinical and medical research that
00:40:57.510 --> 00:41:09.300
Wade Lightheart: We need to start getting the canola oil out of
everything and, of course, that was a number of years ago there was a
big political push if people recall there was during.
00:41:11.280 --> 00:41:14.250
Wade Lightheart: Maybe, eight years ago was during one of the
elections and.
00:41:16.440 --> 00:41:31.560
Wade Lightheart: There was a viewpoint, the way the wording on the on
the ballot was was very strange in that it when you seem like you are
advocating for no GMOs you're actually voting for GMOs, and I remember
the day before the election.
00:41:32.100 --> 00:41:40.770
Wade Lightheart: The editorial piece of every major news outlet in the
world was in support of genetically modification essentially.
00:41:41.010 --> 00:41:49.710
Wade Lightheart: yeah so we're talking about massive influential
marketing power to get an externalize component now.
00:41:50.100 --> 00:41:51.210
Jeffrey Smith: me, let me just ask.
00:41:51.420 --> 00:41:52.140
Wade Lightheart: me please.
00:41:52.350 --> 00:41:55.770
Jeffrey Smith: about the infertility and the birth of there's plenty
of evidence.
00:41:56.130 --> 00:42:03.930
Jeffrey Smith: That in the in the vicinity of Roundup being sprayed
birth birth defects grew up in an area in Argentina was 70 fold.
00:42:04.170 --> 00:42:15.030
Jeffrey Smith: On they started planting Roundup ready soybeans and
spraying Roundup from the air, by planes I in my film secret
ingredients that I did with amy heart we visit a Wisconsin.
00:42:16.020 --> 00:42:28.470
Jeffrey Smith: chiropractor's office, and she treats a lot of
infertile couples and she puts the Molar and organic food and, at the
time of the of the film and since the last time I checked with her
100% of our infertile couples have children.
00:42:28.830 --> 00:42:42.330
Jeffrey Smith: wow over 100 over 100 couples, these have been people
that were unable to get kids for sometimes years had been to in
fertility clinics, you know and sometimes they had diagnose problems
sometimes never diagnosed but 100% of them.
00:42:43.080 --> 00:42:57.960
Jeffrey Smith: Had children after she put them on a organic diet,
along with the chiropractic and but she and I believe the organic side
is the primary driver and we can look at the specific details of what
Roundup and GMOs, due to the reproductive health.
00:42:58.680 --> 00:43:06.180
Jeffrey Smith: They pry provides plausible causative pathways to
explain it all it's in the film secret ingredients if people want to
look at it so back to you.
00:43:06.510 --> 00:43:08.670
Wade Lightheart: Where can where can people get that film, can you
just make.
00:43:08.700 --> 00:43:13.500
Jeffrey Smith: i'd say live healthy be, then you can check
out my podcast there's a.
00:43:13.920 --> 00:43:18.900
Jeffrey Smith: healing from GMOs and Roundup series there's a 90 day
lifestyle upgrade that you can do to help you.
00:43:19.230 --> 00:43:30.570
Jeffrey Smith: adopt an organic lifestyle, which you'll want to do
when you watch secret ingredients, because we track families that
switch to organic and kids on the spectrum, are no longer on the
spectrum people with.
00:43:31.200 --> 00:43:45.420
Jeffrey Smith: Obesity and brain fog and skin conditions and cancer,
we see a dramatic change, and then the doctor say, these are not one
offs, this is what happens in our practice, every day, and then the
scientists describe why, and we have Nice.
00:43:46.500 --> 00:43:59.430
Jeffrey Smith: animations showing the changes in the physiology So you
can see what happens with GMOs and Roundup, and you see it in the
people and you hear it by the doctors who see it every day, and then
you realize I need to make a change.
00:44:00.780 --> 00:44:17.400
Wade Lightheart: You know it's interesting one of the striking things
I noticed i'm here in Venice beach California and I have the good
fortune of being very close to a facility called air, one which is a
very high end organic grocery market.
00:44:18.810 --> 00:44:22.470
Wade Lightheart: Now this is not a scientific study this is.
00:44:22.740 --> 00:44:24.450
Jeffrey Smith: Just the people who walk in the door.
00:44:24.780 --> 00:44:26.130
Jeffrey Smith: Are not obese.
00:44:27.420 --> 00:44:32.940
Wade Lightheart: I would say that the distribution of obesity would
probably be.
00:44:33.030 --> 00:44:46.050
Wade Lightheart: Under 5% of the of the people entering into that
place now, I can go a few miles down the road to a generic I won't
name any grocery stores.
00:44:46.470 --> 00:44:51.630
Wade Lightheart: cause inflation, but you know your generic ones that
you see the big chain block wars and stand outside.
00:44:52.500 --> 00:45:06.180
Wade Lightheart: And I would say that it would be close to the
inversion of that we're 95% of the people are overweight and large
fraction of those I would classify as clinically obese or morbidly
00:45:08.220 --> 00:45:18.300
Wade Lightheart: So I mean there's a lot of factors there's economics
and stuff and economics is one of the big factors that are influencing
health and longevity studies so.
00:45:19.290 --> 00:45:32.100
Wade Lightheart: A few years ago it was always Japan was the
healthiest market in the world, even though they have the highest rate
of smoking and most of the regular countries but they had also the
highest take of organic food and natural supplementation, which is
very interesting.
00:45:33.300 --> 00:45:42.690
Wade Lightheart: But that was recently replaced by a small, a country
called Monte Carlo.
00:45:43.440 --> 00:45:53.700
Wade Lightheart: which the income ratio of is quite high and the
advantages that affords maybe better healthcare medical care organic
products, and when I go to high end.
00:45:54.210 --> 00:46:04.710
Wade Lightheart: hotels chains and so oftentimes they serve organics
where they don't have regular hotel chains, if you go to high end
resorts it's organic you go to high end stores you look at expensive.
00:46:05.040 --> 00:46:11.010
Wade Lightheart: jurisdictions, if you go to beverly hills there's
there's a readily availability of organic foods, but for the general
00:46:11.400 --> 00:46:25.680
Wade Lightheart: it's a lower quality or and and the proliferation of
subsidies and government funding and things like that that gets into
genetic modified food, the question is i'm let's say i'm listening to
this, I have a moderate to low income.
00:46:26.850 --> 00:46:38.610
Wade Lightheart: i'm bought into everything you said i've watched the
movies, I want to make the 90 day change and I encourage all of our,
by the way, just so everyone knows I am 100% on board with what
Jeffrey is saying here.
00:46:39.270 --> 00:46:45.480
Wade Lightheart: And so I think it's very clear and I think when you
go through your research it's very detailed it's very.
00:46:46.590 --> 00:47:02.160
Wade Lightheart: potent in its clarity its sheer volume and what the
dire consequences of not engaging in, say, a reversal of the trend of
eating genetically modified or chemically enhanced.
00:47:03.180 --> 00:47:11.460
Wade Lightheart: So what does a person have moderate means do to move
into a more organic lifestyle to say you know what I got to get office
00:47:11.760 --> 00:47:20.640
Wade Lightheart: Number one, what do they eat, how do they live their
lifestyle and then what can they do from an advocacy standpoint,
because it's not enough because we're us.
00:47:21.330 --> 00:47:29.280
Wade Lightheart: People who are on the organic side of the equation,
and I made changes in my life early on, when I didn't have economic
points i'm talking to the audience here.
00:47:30.210 --> 00:47:38.880
Wade Lightheart: When I remember not having a car, I remember living
in a very moderate means and spending a disproportionate amount of my
money on my my food.
00:47:39.420 --> 00:47:54.030
Wade Lightheart: And people would make fun of me I would take
specialized nutritional supplements and do testing, it was obscure
according to my medical practitioners, who I eventually abandoned for
functional medicine practitioners.
00:47:55.710 --> 00:48:01.620
Wade Lightheart: How does a person have moderate or low means make
this journey and how would they go about that.
00:48:02.250 --> 00:48:07.650
Jeffrey Smith: it's a great question i'm going to give some tips and
tell you where you can get the tips.
00:48:09.180 --> 00:48:12.570
Jeffrey Smith: But I also want to give a psychological orientation to
00:48:13.680 --> 00:48:17.820
Jeffrey Smith: I would say combine your health budget with your food
00:48:18.840 --> 00:48:19.140
Wade Lightheart: Right.
00:48:19.200 --> 00:48:24.210
Jeffrey Smith: A lot of people that we interview after switching to
organic go to the doctor less.
00:48:24.630 --> 00:48:25.890
Jeffrey Smith: I interviewed a family, a.
00:48:25.920 --> 00:48:32.520
Jeffrey Smith: mother of a family of six she was spending about
$18,000 a year in her health costs per year.
00:48:33.060 --> 00:48:43.830
Jeffrey Smith: She switched to organic went to 9000 the first year and
below 3000 the second year, and she said to me and I wasn't spending
the difference on organic she was the return on investment was huge.
00:48:44.430 --> 00:48:54.960
Jeffrey Smith: In addition to your health budget added to your food
budget put your philanthropy budget there too, because you're also
making a contribution to a healthier world.
00:48:55.380 --> 00:49:10.530
Jeffrey Smith: healthier farmers healthier microbiome we'll get into
the microbes in a moment that's the psychological orientation, so that
you can feel good about the investment into your health into your
future and into the planet.
00:49:11.940 --> 00:49:16.470
Jeffrey Smith: I was also wondering about How can people afford.
00:49:17.760 --> 00:49:24.720
Jeffrey Smith: When they don't have a lot of money to eat organic
honey and or to eat of without GMOs and round up in their food.
00:49:25.230 --> 00:49:34.260
Jeffrey Smith: If you can't eat organic and a lot of times it's not
available in your area, you want to at least avoid the GMOs, and you
can go to responsible
00:49:34.560 --> 00:49:39.180
Jeffrey Smith: For our Institute for responsible technology website
and it tells you which of the GMOs.
00:49:39.660 --> 00:49:49.980
Jeffrey Smith: But in addition they spray Roundup now on outs, just
before harvest and we just have a harvest and the beans and the
lagoons, like lentils and chickpeas and stuff.
00:49:50.370 --> 00:49:58.410
Jeffrey Smith: So some of those have very high levels of Roundup if
it's not organic so if you're going out to eat and there's no organic
food and you want to eat there.
00:49:58.770 --> 00:50:09.210
Jeffrey Smith: You don't want to order oatmeal you'd want to try and
avoid the bread don't get the hummus or the lentils, or the mung beans
because they're going to have a lot of Roundup in it.
00:50:09.690 --> 00:50:14.850
Jeffrey Smith: So if you go to our website responsible technology that
are we also have report.
00:50:15.300 --> 00:50:24.120
Jeffrey Smith: Gathering all the data of all the residues of Roundup
that had been found by our organization and other organizations around
North America US and Canada.
00:50:24.540 --> 00:50:29.640
Jeffrey Smith: So you can figure out pretty quickly which foods you
don't want to eat unless it's organic.
00:50:30.390 --> 00:50:41.250
Jeffrey Smith: So you can avoid the GMOs, on the one side and those
that have been sprayed with Roundup, on the other, but then there are
tricks once you want to adopt an organic.
00:50:41.820 --> 00:50:54.900
Jeffrey Smith: lifestyle, so I interviewed a person who was an organic
farmer who runs a distribution company around the United States he's
got 2500 drop points for little group buying groups.
00:50:55.230 --> 00:51:06.810
Jeffrey Smith: And he said he figured out that when he feeds his
family of five or six a dinner or breakfast he figured out was like $1
37 per person for a completely organic meal.
00:51:07.410 --> 00:51:20.790
Jeffrey Smith: And he explains how to do it in the film Kathleen DDR
says, I can feed my family of five an all organic meal for 20 bucks or
for less than 20 bucks and she explains how so.
00:51:21.450 --> 00:51:27.210
Jeffrey Smith: First of all, and i'll give you a few of those points,
but we actually asked, most of the people in the film.
00:51:27.600 --> 00:51:35.040
Jeffrey Smith: Who are way up on the learning curve of how to live a
organic lifestyle, how to save time and how to save money and they're
brilliant ideas.
00:51:35.580 --> 00:51:42.660
Jeffrey Smith: But one is learning to cook So if you just take if
you're just eating processed foods that are not organic that's
00:51:43.110 --> 00:51:49.950
Jeffrey Smith: If you substitute processed organic for your process
not organic now you're going to pay probably more.
00:51:50.550 --> 00:51:57.810
Jeffrey Smith: And you're it's it's going to have some benefit, of
course, I can have the GMOs in the Roundup, but if you learn to cook.
00:51:58.440 --> 00:52:08.910
Jeffrey Smith: And you can buy things in bulk at Center and if you
learn to cook your price may actually go down from you from a
processed conventional or chemical food.
00:52:09.570 --> 00:52:19.290
Jeffrey Smith: To a cook from scratch organic now, how do you have
time for that that's a whole real we did a whole series of interviews
which we put together.
00:52:19.530 --> 00:52:26.670
Jeffrey Smith: You know, with a woman that runs that chiropractic
office that's very busy during the week she gets together with six
other moms.
00:52:26.910 --> 00:52:37.410
Jeffrey Smith: And they have a great party every Sunday and they cook
seven entrees and then they all freeze stuff for the week and then
they meet again for the next, the next time you know there's
00:52:37.740 --> 00:52:43.710
Jeffrey Smith: there's different tricks for different folks and a lot
of them are represented in that 90 day Program.
00:52:44.250 --> 00:52:51.630
Jeffrey Smith: But the key is, it has to be worth it for you to try
now in the film secret ingredients, we have a number of doctors
00:52:51.960 --> 00:52:58.500
Jeffrey Smith: That when their patients change their diet and their
autoimmune disease goes away or their pain of joint pain goes away or
other words.
00:52:59.220 --> 00:53:08.970
Jeffrey Smith: they'll they'll be on that diet for well and then
they'll cheat they'll go on vacation or they are some for some it's a
single meal for some it's like they just go to dietary fatigue.
00:53:09.780 --> 00:53:17.910
Jeffrey Smith: And they stop then their symptoms come back and the
doctors were so excited about that they were like beaming.
00:53:18.450 --> 00:53:25.440
Jeffrey Smith: Because that was more motivational to their patients,
because their patients saw.
00:53:26.280 --> 00:53:34.950
Jeffrey Smith: Without a doubt, it was the diet that was driving those
symptoms and because they didn't want that pain, because they didn't
want those had autoimmune disease or whatever.
00:53:35.460 --> 00:53:47.820
Jeffrey Smith: They became more steadfast in their diet, so the
motivation may drive someone who doesn't really want to cook to learn
how to cook and we have some tips, and we have a whole program for
getting comfortable with that.
00:53:49.050 --> 00:53:59.700
Jeffrey Smith: But yes there's a learning curve, but the first piece
is motivation, so I would say, the first thing to do is watch secret
00:54:00.240 --> 00:54:14.310
Jeffrey Smith: And I did with amy hard you can go to live healthy be
well calm and then make the decision what to do, because when you see
the changes in the people in it, you know there's one family that de
ke RS.
00:54:15.540 --> 00:54:24.300
Jeffrey Smith: 21 chronic conditions between the five of them, she
started studying nutrition she lost her job she was paralyzed etc so
she started studying nutrition.
00:54:24.780 --> 00:54:41.070
Jeffrey Smith: and start experimenting on the family and got rid of
gluten and soy and dies and commercial dairy and whatnot and they were
getting better from a bunch of things, but she was still managing
chronic conditions until they switch to organic and then in very
little time they all went away.
00:54:42.420 --> 00:54:44.850
Jeffrey Smith: And she was the inspiration for doing the film.
00:54:45.270 --> 00:54:56.040
Jeffrey Smith: And we interviewed her because I was at a I speak at
medical conferences, I was at a chiropractic Conference, and I said
from the ot from the podium if you have some good stories come so we
interviewed her it was all we got to go to her house and.
00:54:56.520 --> 00:55:05.760
Jeffrey Smith: Then the next person coming in with Dr marcia schaefer
who had at the time 53 infertile couples and ended up with kids last
time I spoke to her was 123.
00:55:06.240 --> 00:55:16.080
Jeffrey Smith: And it was like you know these are real life
situations, I remember the first time a doctor i've been speaking
about GMOs to medical conferences, since 2006.
00:55:16.530 --> 00:55:22.680
Jeffrey Smith: And I have to admit it's a little embarrassing that
people would come up to me and say, I can tell the difference and I
didn't believe him at the time.
00:55:22.950 --> 00:55:31.950
Jeffrey Smith: I was talking about rat changes and mice changes, but I
wasn't quite thinking it was going to be that overt so I started
telling the doctors about it, they started prescribing.
00:55:32.370 --> 00:55:43.740
Jeffrey Smith: Non GMO and organic diets when I went back to those
same conferences to speak those doctor said it's works thousands of
patients, I put on organic non GMO.
00:55:44.190 --> 00:55:50.610
Jeffrey Smith: And they all get better they all show a change and
things happen that are not happening to the population that's not
making the change.
00:55:51.480 --> 00:55:59.430
Wade Lightheart: it's a it's a powerful case and I love the fact that
you're providing the impetus of jeans and you know i'm a I have my.
00:56:00.780 --> 00:56:14.610
Wade Lightheart: didn't show, but I have my Jordan peterson shirt on
today and it says clean your room tell your truth order out of chaos
and one of the tenants that he's put forth is that.
00:56:15.930 --> 00:56:37.500
Wade Lightheart: clean up your own House before you go out and clean
up everyone else's and I think one of the things that i've noticed
with the best advocates within the industry for non GMO non chemical
organic food is the best ones are following those tenants themselves
and there's a level of.
00:56:39.480 --> 00:56:47.040
Wade Lightheart: Truth and expression of truth that resonates, in
other words, is a clarity of communication there's no.
00:56:47.550 --> 00:56:53.820
Wade Lightheart: distortion between what they're advocating what
they're saying and inside and I think for a lot of people they want in
today's world.
00:56:54.270 --> 00:57:06.480
Wade Lightheart: there's a lot of virtue signaling, in other words the
hey i'm going to put a post about this i'm going to put a post about
my political opinions.
00:57:07.080 --> 00:57:12.780
Wade Lightheart: Well wreck not recognizing where or the environment
let's say an environmental issue.
00:57:13.320 --> 00:57:26.520
Wade Lightheart: While i'm doing this on my petroleum based phone with
my lithium batteries, which are from the most environment in front of
the phone that's built by in an area where we're having major human
rights thing, but I can do my I can do my post have a.
00:57:27.900 --> 00:57:28.470
Wade Lightheart: Good so.
00:57:28.950 --> 00:57:30.900
Wade Lightheart: The question becomes I guess because.
00:57:32.730 --> 00:57:42.330
Wade Lightheart: What you're saying for many can be overwhelming So if
you could walk people through the steps that you feel is is.
00:57:43.440 --> 00:57:52.170
Wade Lightheart: for lack of a better word and a Gore or organic way
to take control of this method, because what you're suggesting is a
threat to all of humanity.
00:57:53.190 --> 00:57:53.760
Wade Lightheart: Essentially.
00:57:53.820 --> 00:57:57.810
Jeffrey Smith: Well, we haven't even talked about the existential
threat from GMO microbes.
00:57:57.960 --> 00:57:59.520
Jeffrey Smith: i'm waiting for i'm like.
00:57:59.610 --> 00:58:00.060
Wade Lightheart: Okay let's.
00:58:00.330 --> 00:58:06.210
Wade Lightheart: let's hit it let's get let's get right now we're
going to the existential threat, I know that Eric.
00:58:07.080 --> 00:58:17.550
Wade Lightheart: Excuse me Brett weinstein and his wife heather who
are evolutionary biologist they have a beautiful podcast called dark
horse podcast It is absolutely excellent they are.
00:58:18.030 --> 00:58:26.280
Wade Lightheart: What I would call definitive hardcore scientist that
look at data they have a level of skepticism they don't rush to
00:58:26.670 --> 00:58:44.520
Wade Lightheart: But as an evolutionary biologist and his brother is a
super genius and physics Eric weinstein he also has another podcast
he's come to the conclusion of bread has and his wife that it's about
a 5050 chance a coin flip whether humanity is going to erase itself
from the planet.
00:58:46.290 --> 00:59:01.710
Wade Lightheart: I mean that's an and he's not someone that is into
hyperbole Okay, so you hear hyperbole on the news the skys falling the
end of the world, all that sort of stuff but what you're talking about
here is an existential crisis can you explain why you feel that is the
00:59:01.830 --> 00:59:12.750
Wade Lightheart: Okay, and why your message is so urgent for people to
not only embrace in their own lives, but to embrace that advocacy to
stop the insanity before it's too late.
00:59:13.380 --> 00:59:23.130
Jeffrey Smith: So i'm going to give a website and I mentioned it again
at the end, so if your people are driving, or whatever you can get it
at the end, protect nature now calm.
00:59:24.060 --> 00:59:32.910
Jeffrey Smith: And if you go there there's three things i'm going to
suggest in terms of advocacy the first is watch the 16 minute film
don't let the genie out of the bottle.
00:59:33.960 --> 00:59:42.840
Jeffrey Smith: then go to the advocacy platform and then make some
sort of continuing monthly donation to allow us to work on your
behalf, to save.
00:59:43.260 --> 00:59:52.530
Jeffrey Smith: To tip that percentage, so that we have more than a 50%
chance because as you'll hear in a minute, this is one of the
existential threats that can take us out.
00:59:53.910 --> 01:00:01.950
Jeffrey Smith: In the film don't let the genie out of the bottle I
interview Dr elaine in him when she was at Oregon State University.
01:00:02.520 --> 01:00:13.410
Jeffrey Smith: One of her graduate students was getting his PhD and
wanted to do some research on GMOs and there was a group of people,
creating a GMO bacterium.
01:00:14.340 --> 01:00:27.060
Jeffrey Smith: Well, meaning people that was going to have a great
impact on farms you'll see this in the film where this is a bacterium
that normally exists on the root structures of every plant in the
01:00:27.870 --> 01:00:39.600
Jeffrey Smith: And they had genetically engineered it so that it would
create alcohol turning plant matter into alcohol, so they were going
to send it out to all these farmers.
01:00:40.170 --> 01:01:01.320
Jeffrey Smith: who normally burn their crop residues after harvest, so
no no mix it in a big barrel put the bacterium in and then two weeks
later, open the spigot at the bottom left 34 proof alcohol run your
tractors sell it on a farm and use that nutrient rich sludge at the
bottom as fertilizer.
01:01:02.730 --> 01:01:15.420
Jeffrey Smith: Well, it turns out this graduate student was invited by
these researchers Now you can use, you can look at our organisms and
he mixed it with soil and planted weed seeds compared to the the.
01:01:16.200 --> 01:01:32.640
Jeffrey Smith: club's compared to two different controls and on a
Saturday morning he came into the laboratory and was shocked, because
all of the plants that had the genetically engineered bacteria mixed
into their soil were dead it, it turned plants into SLIME.
01:01:34.080 --> 01:01:35.340
Jeffrey Smith: Now it turns out.
01:01:36.420 --> 01:01:39.390
Jeffrey Smith: That if they had released this genetically engineered
01:01:40.560 --> 01:01:50.610
Jeffrey Smith: into the environment, and it spread if it had taken
over the biological niche of its natural counterpart, it could
theoretically turn all the routes.
01:01:51.990 --> 01:02:01.860
Jeffrey Smith: In the world to slam I asked aligning them I said what
would be the consequence of releasing this outdoors he said.
01:02:03.150 --> 01:02:08.040
Jeffrey Smith: The end of biologically then at the end of terrestrial
plant life is possible.
01:02:09.180 --> 01:02:16.260
Jeffrey Smith: that's from one microbe doing what it was designed to
do, and it was supposed to be released two weeks later.
01:02:18.030 --> 01:02:24.480
Jeffrey Smith: And how far would it spread whistleblowers at the EPA
told doctoring him they had released a different genetically
engineered micro.
01:02:24.990 --> 01:02:36.210
Jeffrey Smith: Bacteria in Louisiana and found that within several
years in a traveled around the world, I found it everywhere, they look
so put the two together.
01:02:36.900 --> 01:02:43.020
Jeffrey Smith: You may have narrowly avoided a cataclysm genetically
engineered bacterium designed to turn a particular bacteria.
01:02:43.620 --> 01:03:03.300
Jeffrey Smith: That normally creates rain creates frost create snow
make an impotent if they had released that, as planned, it might have
changed weather patterns on the planet again a microbe doing what it
was intended to do, but maybe too well, but if we release genetically
engineered microbes.
01:03:04.560 --> 01:03:11.820
Jeffrey Smith: They can travel the planet we didn't need a pandemic,
to know that microbes can travel we didn't need a pandemic, to know
that they can mutate.
01:03:12.840 --> 01:03:31.830
Jeffrey Smith: So now, you have a genetic engineer micro that's
introducing a new trait into a micro BIOME balanced nature outside us
and inside us doing something that was never intended that did not
evolve with nature or our bodies, but it doesn't stop there.
01:03:33.090 --> 01:03:42.390
Jeffrey Smith: It also swaps jeans with other microbes maybe hundreds,
maybe thousands, so you introduce a genetically engineered microbe in
your laboratory.
01:03:42.900 --> 01:04:02.190
Jeffrey Smith: And you release it to a particular ecosystem to do a
particular job and it mutates and it swaps jeans and it ends up in
1000 different microbes in 10,000 ecosystems and inside the human body
doing things that you can never predict now, we take the importance of
the microbiome.
01:04:03.390 --> 01:04:09.810
Jeffrey Smith: You said this earlier 80% of the diseases chronic
diseases have their source and an imbalance in the microbiome.
01:04:10.860 --> 01:04:21.060
Jeffrey Smith: And you take a particular gene like just to give you
just how fine tune this system is, and the second trimester of human
01:04:21.870 --> 01:04:32.220
Jeffrey Smith: Milk digesting bacteria go into the birth canal to
inoculate the baby to digest the breast milk, the breast milk, also
01:04:32.700 --> 01:04:38.760
Jeffrey Smith: Micro BIOME inoculation the skin on the nipple has
micro BIOME inoculation.
01:04:39.600 --> 01:04:52.920
Jeffrey Smith: And there's part of the breast milk is not designed to
be digested by the baby indigestible by the baby because it's designed
to feed the microbiome because, when the microbiome is in good shape
01:04:53.370 --> 01:05:08.490
Jeffrey Smith: It sets that person up for health for the rest of their
life and then to the next generation, in fact, when there are problems
with the health of the baby it's affects the saliva microbiome which
then feeds back through the breast to the mother, which changes the
01:05:09.570 --> 01:05:12.000
Jeffrey Smith: Right now, you take something.
01:05:13.020 --> 01:05:25.350
Jeffrey Smith: along that line or the lines of the bacteria that help
prevent the spread of breast cancer or the bacteria that help give us
I accuse in the brain, you know there's these are very real
programming genetics.
01:05:26.040 --> 01:05:32.070
Jeffrey Smith: And you take something that's been there for thousands
of years, and you change it in some way accidentally.
01:05:33.330 --> 01:05:43.830
Jeffrey Smith: You may be creating destroying the nature of nature,
causing a damage or collapse of ecosystems inside us or outside of us
now there's two more pieces, you need to know.
01:05:44.940 --> 01:05:54.750
Jeffrey Smith: One gene editing is so cheap and easy, you can
genetically engineer microbes and a do it yourself kit on Amazon for
01:05:55.110 --> 01:05:55.590
Wade Lightheart: yeah.
01:05:55.650 --> 01:06:02.430
Jeffrey Smith: As a bio hacker you can build your own laboratory for
under $2,000 for the price of dinner each day.
01:06:02.880 --> 01:06:09.630
Jeffrey Smith: You can create a new genetically engineered microbiome
and take it for a walk and have an irreversible permanent
environmental release.
01:06:10.440 --> 01:06:20.790
Jeffrey Smith: multiply that by all of the garage labs high school
biology labs the College labs this school the corporations, academia.
01:06:21.360 --> 01:06:31.980
Jeffrey Smith: And within a next generation, you may have a million
different genetically engineered microbes introduced on this planet
and the regulation.
01:06:32.790 --> 01:06:44.820
Jeffrey Smith: Is look the other way that's the official regulation
it's as if there's no problem there's very, very few structures
available anywhere.
01:06:45.450 --> 01:06:59.430
Jeffrey Smith: and have any form of even evaluation and all of those
are too superficial to make a meaningful dent in this flood of what
could end up being the end of biological evolution, as we know it.
01:07:00.990 --> 01:07:06.480
Jeffrey Smith: Today we are reeling from the pandemic so everyone's
all about viruses.
01:07:06.840 --> 01:07:07.830
Jeffrey Smith: And right groups.
01:07:08.550 --> 01:07:16.350
Jeffrey Smith: There is a receptor cells, we said, there are receptor
cells that are open in the human consciousness right now about this
01:07:17.400 --> 01:07:29.820
Jeffrey Smith: So we are finding that people in Congress are
concerned, people around the world are concerned, it is when you watch
the 16 minute film don't let the genie out of the bottle you get it.
01:07:30.420 --> 01:07:34.650
Jeffrey Smith: it's not hard it's not difficult to understand the
01:07:35.580 --> 01:07:46.710
Jeffrey Smith: And so, now we every month we load a different campaign
into the advocacy platform, so you put your address, and whether you
live in the United States or Canada UK EU Australia your elected
official show up.
01:07:47.400 --> 01:07:59.670
Jeffrey Smith: You hit send and they get a film or a White Paper or an
article about some aspect of this each month takes you a couple of
minutes because you can also tweet them, you can also send.
01:08:00.120 --> 01:08:06.300
Jeffrey Smith: a press release to your local or regional papers press
of a button, or you can customize the message.
01:08:06.690 --> 01:08:17.550
Jeffrey Smith: And we've spent 10s of thousands of messages and it's
working I was just in DC last month and meeting at the offices of
members of Congress, they were all over this.
01:08:18.030 --> 01:08:27.030
Jeffrey Smith: And then, at the same time, when you go to protect
nature now calm and you watch the film and you go to the advocacy play
embassy play page please go to the donate page.
01:08:27.330 --> 01:08:35.640
Jeffrey Smith: and make a recurring monthly donation, even if it's $5
whatever it is, because it's monthly we know it's coming, and we can
01:08:36.150 --> 01:08:42.120
Jeffrey Smith: And we can create new educational assets we can open
new offices, because we know we can count on it.
01:08:42.570 --> 01:08:54.750
Jeffrey Smith: Because we need to, we need to be a micro whisperers
here they don't have their own voice, we need to feel into the fact
that they are the micro jet army working on our behalf 24 seven
everyone on the planet.
01:08:55.080 --> 01:09:09.060
Jeffrey Smith: And they are under attack, right now, from our folly
from our mistakes from are not appreciating the nature of nature, so
we need to protect nature now, and that is why, after 25 years of
talking about the health dangers of GMOs.
01:09:09.630 --> 01:09:23.730
Jeffrey Smith: i've taken our Institute for responsible technology and
we're pivoting now and putting our main attention passing laws to
prevent the outdoor release of any GMO micro and that's our focus
01:09:25.620 --> 01:09:30.000
Wade Lightheart: very strong words and very important ones, I might
01:09:31.260 --> 01:09:46.020
Wade Lightheart: Before we wrap up and we're going to put up by the
way for all our listeners definitely go through all the show links
we've got all the connections to the films, books and the advocacy
plans, where you can donate all those things is very, very important
that you take action, action, action.
01:09:47.370 --> 01:09:51.000
Wade Lightheart: it's great to get information but it's actionable.
01:09:52.620 --> 01:10:00.330
Wade Lightheart: As dark in challenging and almost hopelessly daunting
01:10:02.040 --> 01:10:08.820
Wade Lightheart: This situation presents to our listeners into
yourself as someone who's studied it and understood that.
01:10:10.290 --> 01:10:22.410
Wade Lightheart: what's the what's the positive side of the equation
what like what gets you up is is, is there a world that you see, on
the other side of this which.
01:10:24.210 --> 01:10:34.710
Wade Lightheart: Humanity moves past genetic modification moves past
overt chemical ization and this type of thing and what does that world
look like.
01:10:35.460 --> 01:10:43.530
Jeffrey Smith: I am way optimistic wait, first of all, focusing on the
GMO health dangers, I was pioneering the messaging and.
01:10:44.010 --> 01:10:50.910
Jeffrey Smith: trying to get at least 5% of the US population to avoid
eating GMOs, which would create economic.
01:10:51.300 --> 01:11:00.930
Jeffrey Smith: Pressure on those companies that have their products
sitting next to a non GMO labeled product product, so that they would
become non GMO simply for economic.
01:11:01.290 --> 01:11:15.360
Jeffrey Smith: Sustainability and protecting their their market share,
we now a 51% of the US population thing in the GMOs are unsafe more
than we need 48% around the world, so we are in the middle of the
tipping point we are.
01:11:15.990 --> 01:11:23.610
Jeffrey Smith: Exceeding tremendous success in 25 years tremendous and
when I look at this situation now with.
01:11:24.330 --> 01:11:33.150
Jeffrey Smith: The existential threat we have just at the time when
the technology is available, we have the pandemic which sensitize us
and we have.
01:11:33.660 --> 01:11:51.540
Jeffrey Smith: The awareness of the importance of the microbiome
inside of us, because the 50,000 studies that have been published in
the last five years, just on the human microbiome alone it's an
overwhelming flood of evidence showing that this is a essential part
of our health.
01:11:52.620 --> 01:12:05.370
Jeffrey Smith: But you know when that you've talked to people who were
facing a crisis situation and that caused them to make a change and
see life different and they look back at that crisis has a blessing.
01:12:06.150 --> 01:12:23.160
Jeffrey Smith: So we are now at a situation where the Earth is hitting
a wall or not, and we have to make change now that change turns out to
be a more fundamental shift.
01:12:23.880 --> 01:12:31.740
Jeffrey Smith: Where we get to think about nature differently, we get
to think about being stewards and protectors of nature.
01:12:32.340 --> 01:12:44.370
Jeffrey Smith: We realize that we now have arrived at the inevitable
time in human civilization, we can redirect the streams of evolution
instantly and for all time irreversibly.
01:12:45.240 --> 01:13:00.240
Jeffrey Smith: And that with that become comes a new responsibility
and then it's for our very existence, we have to redefine our role for
our very future and the future of humanity.
01:13:00.900 --> 01:13:10.800
Jeffrey Smith: We have to step up as protector, and as steward, which
is our appropriate role, especially now that we have this technology.
01:13:11.220 --> 01:13:17.160
Jeffrey Smith: That can affect all living beings, and all future
generations and from an individual standpoint, because we are now.
01:13:17.670 --> 01:13:27.510
Jeffrey Smith: Curbing and protecting all living beings, and all
future generations we're doing more good than any previous human could
01:13:28.110 --> 01:13:31.980
Jeffrey Smith: Because there was never a level of threat and had that
01:13:32.520 --> 01:13:46.170
Jeffrey Smith: So it becomes our honor not our burden, but our honor
to do this, our honor to use this time to help tweak and change and
deliver a new awareness, for humanity.
01:13:46.710 --> 01:13:57.420
Jeffrey Smith: which can give us a lot more return on our investment
than just protecting the microbiome because when we understand that
the nature of nature is precious.
01:13:58.140 --> 01:14:12.180
Jeffrey Smith: And is awesome and is part of our health, our future
and our legacy, then we can gain a lot more benefit from that new
relationship, and we will be the drivers.
01:14:13.170 --> 01:14:16.980
Wade Lightheart: beautifully said I had a during a recent meditation.
01:14:18.570 --> 01:14:32.610
Wade Lightheart: I saw my single life as a single cell in the human
body or the organism of humanity throughout all of time, in other
words 10s of thousands of generations before.
01:14:33.420 --> 01:14:44.160
Wade Lightheart: And 10s of thousands of generations to go beyond, and
from that perspective, one can make sense of what appears to be a
chaotic world.
01:14:46.770 --> 01:14:49.140
Wade Lightheart: I guess it comes down to intent.
01:14:50.520 --> 01:14:58.860
Wade Lightheart: What is the intent and how aligned, you can stay to
your intention, when you come face to face with.
01:15:00.030 --> 01:15:15.330
Wade Lightheart: A fallible mind are all our minds are fallible to a
certain extent we believe things that we think are true and are not
true, we are presented with situations where we are in alignment with
our values or we're not in alignment of your values and.
01:15:16.740 --> 01:15:19.230
Wade Lightheart: What are the incentives are.
01:15:21.180 --> 01:15:25.710
Wade Lightheart: to advance one's life or to preserve it as we're
01:15:27.870 --> 01:15:41.520
Wade Lightheart: It would seem that humanity right now is in an
existential crisis, and that is, with the injection of radical
technological innovation, which has happened in the last.
01:15:42.000 --> 01:15:53.910
Wade Lightheart: century essentially since the 1900s really was the
explosion with electricity and trans communication across great vast
distances in the in the interconnectivity of humans and the explosion.
01:15:54.390 --> 01:16:07.500
Wade Lightheart: Of the human population largely in part to medical
science that allowed this explosion to happen, and then the
complications from compromised medical science science moving away
from its original intentions to preserve and protect life.
01:16:09.720 --> 01:16:20.280
Wade Lightheart: Do you see that these existential drivers are
actually evolutionary pressures to a to a newer level of conscious and
new understanding this new world.
01:16:22.410 --> 01:16:25.770
Wade Lightheart: Or are they just catastrophic in nature and hopeless.
01:16:27.450 --> 01:16:37.590
Jeffrey Smith: You know the flexibility of human spirit is remarkable
as as the diversity of experience of humans on earth.
01:16:39.390 --> 01:16:53.490
Jeffrey Smith: I do see it as catalytic I do see even the the pandemic
shutdown as an interesting shift towards a phase transition, I
remember asking people.
01:16:54.030 --> 01:17:12.600
Jeffrey Smith: to three months into the shutdown even to even a month
into it what's, the best thing you've noticed about this, and they
say, well, I realized, based on my lifestyle, now that when I go back
out there, I need to make a change, I need to I need to up level and
in a chemical.
01:17:13.920 --> 01:17:23.700
Jeffrey Smith: tight ration curve you drop chemicals in nothing
happens nothing happens nothing happens, and then the phase transition
happens and then it levels out.
01:17:24.330 --> 01:17:38.400
Jeffrey Smith: The quality of the drops of the first flat stage make
no difference, the quality of the drops, the last stage make no
difference, the quality of the drops during the trait phase transition
to determine how much transformation occurs.
01:17:39.450 --> 01:17:50.250
Jeffrey Smith: that we see as a as an advocate and activist, you can
work real hard to get someone to want to make a change and they're
resistant resistant and finally say Okay, I want to make a change.
01:17:51.000 --> 01:17:55.650
Jeffrey Smith: The quality of the information there is all important
because that's going to determine.
01:17:56.130 --> 01:18:11.190
Jeffrey Smith: What they're going to do, are they just gonna avoid
GMOs, I can avoid Roundup, or they just kind of like you know, take a
vitamin and that becomes their new normal the information during the
phase transition when they're actually making the change is critical.
01:18:12.330 --> 01:18:25.830
Jeffrey Smith: So I created a program called a magnificent new normal
for that to help people get the right information during this time,
but what I see is that this time now.
01:18:27.000 --> 01:18:33.990
Jeffrey Smith: Has people are we need to make a change, we need to
make a change, it is absolutely critical, because the pandemic.
01:18:34.350 --> 01:18:40.380
Jeffrey Smith: And these existential threats have done the heavy
lifting to get us to the point where people are saying yes, I will
01:18:40.590 --> 01:18:51.330
Jeffrey Smith: that's the point we wait for as activists as global
educators that's the point where we get to celebrate with a new
relationship with the people we're talking to so that they establish.
01:18:51.810 --> 01:19:05.550
Jeffrey Smith: The highest level of transformation, so I see both the
pandemic and the existential crises that we're facing as shifting to
an openness and a readiness and a curiosity and a motivation.
01:19:06.540 --> 01:19:18.540
Jeffrey Smith: That it's now most of us that have information to give
with you, giving your information me giving my information, those of
us that have been studying and feel coveted that what we have is
important, it is a critical time.
01:19:19.230 --> 01:19:26.160
Jeffrey Smith: to insert that into humanity, I also feel like human
systems like natural systems all over.
01:19:26.610 --> 01:19:35.340
Jeffrey Smith: Are not linear and non local they operate as systems
phase transitions happen in metal turning them into magnets happening.
01:19:35.730 --> 01:19:41.190
Jeffrey Smith: The heart turning the pacemaker cells into a whole
beating heart, I think there's a leap.
01:19:41.610 --> 01:19:51.840
Jeffrey Smith: Possibility with human consciousness also and it
doesn't mean we need 51% of the population to line it because that's
not how phase transitions work in nature it's usually a lot less.
01:19:52.410 --> 01:20:03.390
Jeffrey Smith: So the capacity for a small number of people aligning
themselves with high quality information and a time when the whole
civilization is ready to make a change.
01:20:04.620 --> 01:20:06.660
Jeffrey Smith: Yes, I think this is an evolutionary time.
01:20:08.340 --> 01:20:14.250
Wade Lightheart: amazing where can people reach you connect with you
follow your information and, more importantly, take action in their
own life.
01:20:15.000 --> 01:20:23.010
Jeffrey Smith: We have two different lists, we have the protection we
have the protect nature now Institute for responsible technology.
01:20:23.610 --> 01:20:40.260
Jeffrey Smith: Those are responsible technology org protect nature now
calm and then we have the live healthy be well podcast and sacred
gradient movie and all that, so I would say, get both one is what the
live healthy be well as like what can you do to.
01:20:41.280 --> 01:20:58.920
Jeffrey Smith: heal from the impacts of GMOs and Roundup detox rebuild
repair the body, because that's what people want when they say yes to
the to life in a new way, and then the other one is more advocacy and
a lot of science, and you know contacting your your local or your
elected officials, etc.
01:21:00.210 --> 01:21:09.000
Wade Lightheart: There you have it folks Jeffrey Smith on the cutting
edge of the understanding of our role with genetically modified foods.
01:21:10.200 --> 01:21:19.950
Wade Lightheart: chemical agents with impact our microbiome and an
avenue to express yourself in a responsible way as we move through
this phase shift.
01:21:20.970 --> 01:21:29.850
Wade Lightheart: humanity is facing right now the challenges you face
today are oftentimes the invitations to find the greatness within
01:21:30.420 --> 01:21:41.460
Wade Lightheart: I want to thank you for joining us today I want to
thank all of our listeners, if you like, that smash it share it but,
more importantly, take action don't just listen to it go in there
donate to the cause.
01:21:41.970 --> 01:21:48.450
Wade Lightheart: start taking the 90 day program yourself implement
the changes, because once you've implemented change within yourself.
01:21:48.990 --> 01:21:58.140
Wade Lightheart: You become change in the world, and that is a little
bit of a paraphrase on one of my heroes Mahatma Gandhi who illustrated
a tremendous amount of change.
01:21:58.380 --> 01:22:09.960
Wade Lightheart: In his life thanks so much for joining us today Jeff
really appreciate it and best wishes for you in this mission it's a
great and noble cause and I really appreciate your commitment to it,
thank you for joining us today on the awesome health podcast.
01:22:09.960 --> 01:22:11.520
Jeffrey Smith: Thank you waiting safe eating everyone.


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