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GMO'S & Glyphosate Destroy Your Health & The Environment - Episode 119

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In this episode we feature the The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi. Jeffrey explains why GMOs are not the way to solve a world hunger crisis. Tune in as we dive deep into what glyphosate and GMOs are doing to animals, humans, and the general environment.

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Notes for this week's Podcast
This week's Transcript

Rough Transcript:

[00:35] Why Jeffrey Smith Got Involved In The Study of Chemicals and Glyphosate

  • 25 years ago, Jeffrey attended a lecture by a genetic engineer whistleblower.
  • Monsanto was about to genetically engineer the food supply of soy and corn grown in Iowa. However, hardly anyone knew about it.
  • The scientist knew that the technology was dangerous and could have a dramatic effect on human health.
  • Jeffrey realized the fraud that allowed it to be approved by the corrupt regulatory agencies captured based on the mythological lies by the biotech industry claiming safety.
  • So, Jeffrey started writing books and making movies about the controversy.
  • Based on the evidence he collected, Jeffrey was convinced that eating these foods was causing tremendous harm to the US population and around the world.
  • Get Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods:
  • Read Seeds of Deception: 

[10:00] Can We Solve A World Hunger Crisis By Developing GMOs?

  • Did you know that GMOs have nothing to offer when it comes to feeding the hungry world?
  • GMOs do not increase average yields, and increasing yields is not necessarily the way to handle hunger. Currently, there's more food per person than at any time in human history.
  • GMOs work against developing countries, destroys biodiversity and concentrates the power into the hands of corporations.
  • Sadly, GMOs can devastate both the health of humans and animals.

[19:50] What Is Happening To Humans When Pesticides Are Going Into Our Water Supply?

  • One of the highest levels of Roundup is in the animal feeds.
  • In addition to being patented as an herbicide, glyphosate was patented as an antibiotic.
  • Glyphosate is a special type of antibiotic because it kills the beneficial bacteria in our gut, not the pathogens. So, it creates dangerous changes in our bodies.
  • Roundup can be a cause of leaky gut, and all diseases come from a leaky gut.
  • Glyphosate damages the sequence of the DNA and creates oxidative stress, linking it to cancer.
  • There are also birth defects associated with it and changes in epigenetics.

[37:55] How Do You Go About Finding Wine That Is Not Contaminated?

  • Finding a wine that is not contaminated will be a heavy burden.
  • Someone did a study on organic wines in California. All except one had traces of glyphosate.
  • Why are there traces of glyphosate in most wines? Well, it’s because the water supply is contaminated and because the air is contaminated.
  • Most of the time, ‘organic’ isn’t good enough. Instead, you need to know that it is non-GMO verified.

[43:00] The Terms We Want To Look For When We're Shopping For Products

  • Even if the beef says ‘grass-fed,’ it could be grain-finished.
  • If they grain finish, it is probably corn, and that would contain GMOs.
  • You want 100% grass-fed beef.
  • Ideally, you want to call them and ask if the pastures contain any genetically engineered alfalfa.
  • Remember, consumer demand drives the companies.
  • We really want the 100% grass-fed people to say no genetically engineered alfalfa.

[46:50] Jeffrey Gives His Thoughts On The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen

  • For a long time, the clean fifteen included papaya and corn. However, those are two of the most genetically engineered crops.
  • There was something they weren’t telling people.
  • Glyphosate is not tested as a residue by the US government. The US government doesn't test for glyphosate because they have been bought off.
  • The government believed that glyphosate was so safe, it didn't need to be tested. They haven't been able to change their minds because of the corporate capture.
  • Jeffrey recommends checking out Moms Across America:
  • Also, he says to check out Responsible Technology:

[50:55] The Environmental Impact Glyphosate Is Having On Our World

  • Learn more at Protect Nature Now:
  • On Protect Nature Now, there’s a sixteen-minute video that you must check out.
  • Jeffrey is exposing the shocking and potentially world-altering effects of genetic engineering microbes.
  • A graduate student wanted to research a genetically engineered organism to get his Ph.D. So, he got permission to test this GMO microbe.
  • He went into the lab one Saturday morning and was shocked to find that all of the wheat plants on his experimental batch had turned to slime. The sludge contained still active bacteria. The student discovered this two weeks before the people with the bacteria would release it outdoors to see how far it could spread.
  • The microbiome, however, is far more complicated and essential than anyone ever thought. We didn't need a pandemic to know that they could travel around the world and mutate.



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