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Jeffrey speaks to you from the "Real Truth about Health" conference recorded in the early part of 2020.  In this brief but important presentation Jeffrey discusses why it's absolutely imperative that we eat organic if we are serious about our health.

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Speaker 1: (00:08)
In fact, if you're serious about your health, then you need to eat organic. It's not an option

Speaker 2: (00:17)
If you're serious about your health. And it's not just the research that your blood will be cleaner. We surveyed 3000, 256 people who switched to non-GMO and largely organic diets. And they got better from 28 different conditions, 85% improve their digestion, then fatigue, then obesity and brain fog, anxiety, depression, chemical, or food sensitivities, memory concentration. And that was all 50% or higher. This is something that the doctors who are now prescribing or den organic diets are predicting because it is so consistent within days, they see a revolution in the person's health. So this is not an abstract thing. Oh yeah. These things are dangerous. All there's a lot of things that are dangerous. This is the main point that if you're serious about your health, you're have to be serious about eating food without poison. And if you feel that you can't afford it, I'd like to recommend adding your medical budget, your health budget, and your philanthropy budget so that you're contributing to a healthier world at the same time.

Speaker 2: (01:40)
So if you're serious about personal health, to me, it's eating organic. If you're serious about global health, then it's keeping the GMO's in the laboratory. Now we can talk about pesticides as well. But my focus here is the fact that GMOs with gene editing is so cheap and easy, and that everything with DNA is being targeted right now. If we don't stop it, future generations will not inherit the products of the billions of years of evolution, but instead, products of laboratory creations whose number one, most common outcome is surprised. Side-effects that is an existential threat to our future that we cannot allow to let happen. A Hawaiian prophecy was gave him by a person who told my friend at directly that around now is the time to catch the world and stand it up, right? Otherwise it'll be the end of biological evolution as we know it. So that is absolutely essential. If we're serious about the survival and

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Of our planet.

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