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Laws That Prevent The Release Of All Genetically Engineered Microbes - Episode 134

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On today's episode Jeffrey appears on a Real Truth about Health conference call and fields questions from listeners.  The first question is about Covid-19 and Jeffrey's take on how Covid-19 can actually prepare us and help us to understand the power of microbes.  The second question is about how we can create laws to prevent the distribution (sometimes accidental) of Genetically Modified Organisms.

The Republic of Moldova has recently passed a law to restrict or prohibit the cultivation of genetically modified organisms. The new law will provide transparency, as well as educate about the effects of GMO food.

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Notes for this week's Podcast
This week's Transcript


Uh, the first person I see in our list here is Bev, uh, Bev D. And so Bev, go ahead and unmute yourself if you're not ready. And, and please go ahead, keep it brief and direct for Jeffrey. Thank you,

Jeffrey. I just wanted your, uh, opinion on this whole COVID 19 and, and how this is gonna affect the future generations.

You know, I get a lot of questions as you probably imagine on COVID 19 virus on the vaccines, and it's certainly a hornet's nest and it's certainly a politicized thing. And there's certainly, um, forces, uh, lining up on both sides. Um, what I speak about is very specialized and I have tremendous confidence in my knowledge, because I ask lots of scientists and double check with what I say. And so I tend to shy away from comments on things outside of my area. And in this case, that actually works way in our favor. I was talking to someone who was lobbying in DC, trying to get the, uh, Congress to investigate the origins of the COVID 19 virus. And it was a Republican yes. And a Democrat. No. So it became a political issue, not a scientific issue. And so what did we do? We skirted around it in the movie.

Don't let the gene outta the bottle. We say the lessons of the pandemic, forget about its origin. Look at H five N one. It's like, squirrel, look over here. We don't need, we don't need to worry about the controversy of COVID 19. It is prepped humanity with the awareness of microbes, traveling the awareness of microbes, wreaking havoc. So we don't have to alienate people by weighing into that controversial area about the vaccines, about the origin of the virus. And also, frankly, I'm not an expert, so I'm not gonna go there because my habit over 25 years was if I don't know about something, I shut up and it helps me because we've had, I remember being on a panel, um, the George Norie panel at the, uh, health freedom expo, it was tremendous controversy going back between about 10 different doctors and they were arguing and all that. And they, and George said, okay, close up with a, with a one minute summary. And I said, there's obviously a lot of controversy up here about health, but everyone agrees with me. Don't eat GMOs, the place erupted. And it was true. No one had an argument because I wasn't hanging my hat. It's a strategic position. And it's also a, a wise for us to not to simply not comment. So thank you for your question. And I'm gonna frustrate you by saying squirrel. look over here.

Thank you, Jeffrey. Uh, up next, we have John, uh, John L is up next, John, if you would go ahead and unmute yourself. Thank you.

Um, hi. I was wondering how do you stop the release of the gene editing? Are you talking about making the cheap gene editing equipment illegal and preventing their sale? And also if someone is doing this homegrown editing, how does it get out in the world?

Great question. So our goal for the legislation is to have laws that prevent the release of all genetically engineered microbes. So if that's true, then the stock price for those companies that are selling the editing kits will probably go down. I admit there will be some collateral damage among the industry that's involved with releasing genetically engineered microbes, but at the same time, we're protecting all living beings and all future generations. So we think that trade off is worth it. So, yes, it's not about specifically John, just those kits. It's more the concept of anyone creating microbes. Now imagine the impossible burger, by the way, friends don't let friends eat the impossible burger it's has genetically engineered soybeans, it's soaked and Roundup, and they take genetically engineered yeast to produce the blood red. He, which has never been part of the human food supply. That same fermentation vet also ends up.

Let's call it dirty. And they just put all that with 46 additional uncharacterized proteins into the food that you eat. And now you're eating a product of genetic engineering with potential side, side effects. They are using the yeast genetically engineered to produce this. He, how do they dispose of the yeast? Do they dispose of it in such a way that it is guaranteed not to survive in the wild? We don't know. We understand that they're following the laws of disposal per county. Well, how many counties are paying attention to the fact that a live release of a microbe can cause imbalances and ecosystems around the world? So what, when we talk about preventing the outdoor release, our protect nature, now requirements would be okay if you want to use the microbes indoors in a secure environment, and they're not pandemic pathogens, you can, but you must build safeguards.

You must dispose properly. And here's the kicker. If it does get out, you pay. So you can't offload the cost of a release to taxpayers. You are fully responsible. That gives them the pause. Is it worth using genetically engineered yeast? If it may cost us in case we disrupt the ecosystem. So by virtue of banning the outdoor release and assigning liability, we think wisdom will prevail and we will protect that is our plan, but we have to do it around the world. John, we can't just do it in the United States because microbes will come in from anywhere.

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