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New Genetically Engineered Fish With Catastrophic Implications - Episode 127

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Did you know that Genetically Engineered Salmon are already being produced and sold in Canada?  That's not good news considering that GMO Salmon have been shown to cause a 20 - 50% increase in allergic reactions among people who consumed the fish.  They also found higher levels of IGF-1 which has been known to cause cancer.

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Notes for this week's Podcast
This week's Transcript


Speaker 1: (00:09)
Now, I'm not going to leave you with no hope and no plan. That's not my job for years. For a quarter of a century, I've been focusing on another aspect of GMA the health dangers and the strategy was to redirect people's purchasing power so that it would influence the food industry so that the food industry would kick GMOs out. Even if the long stream of presidents from Reagan on or pro GMO, and it's worked 46% of Americans are seeking non GMO food and food companies are kicking them out. But at this time, because of the inexpensive nature and still highly risky nature of gene editing, we're an entirely new world. You can go on Amazon and buy a do it yourself. Gene editing kit for $159 before Christmas, 161 after. So you missed out on saving $2 to create new organisms that have never been part of the history of evolution. And if you happen to flush them down the toilet, you've just done an environmental release. Now, when we show this three minute film, some people are wondering, well, how bad can it be? What could possibly go wrong? So a large portion of this lecture is that answering that question, and I'm gonna give you a, some good news and some inspiration at the end. So don't leave in the middle. You'll be very depressed.

Speaker 1: (01:49)
So I wanna start with fish. There are almost 40 fish in the pipeline, maybe many more by now and already there's genetically engineered salmon being sold and consumed in Canada, particularly in restaurants and by catering organizations. And when they did research on this fish, they found that the allergic responses, according to the reaction in the blood was 20 to 52% high, but they considered it not statistically significant cuz they only used six fish. In other words, they designed the study. So that even a huge increase in allergenicity could be avoided knowing that there were about to be feeding it to millions of people. This was in criminal. In my mind, they also found that there was higher levels of IGF. One in, in one case 40% higher, that is a cancer promoter. And they used a, a method of detecting growth hormones that was so bad.

Speaker 1: (02:58)
They couldn't detect the hormones and rather than improve their detection, they said, there's no problem. They didn't find a difference between the experiment and the control cause they didn't find it anywhere. This is not science. This is corporate science. This is tobacco science. Now what, what is the genetically engineered salmon? Well, it's designed to produce a growth hormone nonstop. And so it grows fast. A similar salmon was studied in Canada, by scientists and they put these genetically engineered fast growing salmon in tanks either just with the GMOs or with the non G oh seven. And when they fed them enough food, it was fine when they lowered the amount of food, the Franken fish freaked. Why? Because they're fast growing and they're voracious. They're always hungry. So they became cannibals and started killing and eating their competition. Whether they were genetically engineered or not. And it in each tank, there was either a population crash or a complete extinction.

Speaker 1: (04:11)
They also were traveled to different parts of this fake underground ecosystem, hunting out other fish. Whereas the natural set Amond wouldn't go there. So they became highly aggressive cannibalistic. And if you imagine what could happen, uh, in the oceans, it's tragic, but here's another scenario of a Japanese type fish called a mad DACA. They genetically engineered it and there's a mating because it's a little larger. The females go after the larger males and their offspring only have a 70% survival rate instead of a hundred percent. So in Purdue university, they put 60 fish in a computer model of a population of 60,000 program am the natural behaviors of the GMOs and found that in 40 generations, there were no more fish. These for whatever reason, these particular characteristics, higher mating advantage, lower survival resulted in extinction. Now these are the, we know that in north Atlanta alone, more than 2 million salmon escape, the fish farms now the genetically engineered salmon are not supposed to be grown in fish farms.

Speaker 1: (05:34)
They're supposed to be grown in inland tanks. However, there's now interest from all over the world. And we know that the monitor and guarding the movement of GMOs has been poorly, poorly supervised, and they've had things stolen out of, uh, test plots and things diverted and sold accidentally. So imagine what would happen in the world, in the oceans. If we have these genetically engineered salmon, either you have these adolescent gangs of ravenous fish attacking species or wiping out the salmon, uh, population, or we don't know. So this is an example of something that could be catastrophic to the ecosystem based on a single pair of fish released outdoors. If it comes to it, Thank you for listening to live healthy, be well, please subscribe to the podcast, using whatever app you're listening to podcasts with, or go to live healthy, be to subscribe. This podcast will inform you about health dangers, corporate and government corruption and ways we can protect ourselves, our families and our planet. I interview scientists, experts, authors, whistle blowers, and many people who have not shared their information with the world until now, please share the podcast with your friends. It will enlighten and may even save lives, safe, eating.


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