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A few months ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, Jeffrey had an inspiration that this was a time of transformation.  People were talking about how they could redefine themselves and prioritize what their life would be like when they emerge from the pandemic; sheltering in place, which Jeffrey calls blossoming in place.

Jeffrey has gathered 40 thought leaders and world changers and interviewed them for a series called, A Magnificent New Normal. It's a completely free 40 day and 40 night event and it's underway right now. Today's podcast is a series of excerpts from this event.

What Jeffrey has learned during these interviews is that this time of transformation is the subject of prophecies from indigenous peoples and an awakening from those involved in the new science of consciousness.  It is something that over and over again, each one of these brilliant thought leaders and world changers described as an opportunity for us to lead forward - meeting and expanding our own intuition and sense of what this time can be for us, individually and collectively.


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Speaker 2: (00:06)
Hi everyone. This is Jeffrey Smith and welcome to live healthy. Be well podcast. A few months ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, I had an inspiration that this was a time of transformation. People were talking about how they can redefine themselves and we prioritize what their life would be like when they leave. When they emerge from the pandemic sheltering in place, which I call blossoming in place. So I gathered 40 thought leaders in world changers and interviewed them for a series called a magnificent new normal. You can go to a magnificent new, normal.com to participate in this free 40 day and 40 night event. It's underway right now. And what I learned is that this time of transformation is the subject of prophecies from indigenous peoples. It is the subject of an awakening from those involved in the new science of consciousness. It is something that over and over again, each one of these brilliant thought leaders and world changers described as an opportunity for us to lead forward meeting and expanding my own intuition and sense of what this time can be for us individually and collectively.

Speaker 2: (01:21)
Please listen to this short excerpt series of excerpts of interviews from a magnificent new normal, and some live Facebooks that I did about it with Bruce Lipton, Lynn twist, Zach Bush, Claire and Mark Dubois, Tom O'Bryan. And please join us@amagnificentnewnormal.com. For what I know is a transforming experience because I did the interviews already, and I am transformed. I can tell you the wisdom of these speakers is profound. It resonates, it has an effect. Please join us a magnificent new normal.com. Here are a few excerpts. We are in a Caterpillar phase of human civilization. We're we're we're destruction, destructing everything around us. You know, our, our appetite is so big. Uh, we're eating up everything on a planet, including the resources, all of us, because of our voracious appetite. Well, we've hit a wall and that's where we are right now. And so civilization is now in the process of going into a cocoon and that's where we are.

Speaker 2: (02:32)
And that's where if you understand where we are now, it makes sense. Now I said, what's happening in that cocoon? And I go two important things. One, the Caterpillar, which is comprised of millions of cells and cells are like little people. If you were selling a Caterpillar during the voracious period, you were moving around, you were eating, you were digesting, were building, you are working, working, and then you go into the cocoon, guess what? No work, no movement, no eating. And I go, if you were and out civilization a bit, just like where we are right now, looking around, going, what the heck? The whole thing falling apart right here I go. Yeah, it's falling apart. And then I said, and while it's falling apart, a new civilization or a new organism of civilization is a rising going from the destructive Caterpillar phase. Human civilization is embarking on a new path equivalent to the butterfly where we can live here with a very small footprint and enjoy our life on this planet.

Speaker 3: (03:29)
What everybody's doing, who's listening to this. I hope it's a million people in some fashion are drawn to this because it's yours to do. I want to say directly, if you're drawn to this kind of a, of a webinar, this kind of a speaker series is this kind of, and if you're listening and you're actually hearing this, not just me, but Bruce Lipton and all the amazing people that you've talked about Juul, and, um, you are an imaginal cell and you are, you have a job to do. And your job is to generate possibility. Your job is to stay the course. Your job is to transform. Metamorphosize the collapsing of everything into the birth of everything. Your job is to turn this breakdown, the breakdown in every sector of society, into a breakthrough and find your role. Isn't not a small role or a big role.

Speaker 3: (04:22)
It's just your role. It's your Dharma. Like why bother listening to the summit? Well, first of all, you're going to listen to some interviews, given who he's got. These are going to be really, really good. Everybody that he's got, speaking of people that you want to be in a deeper relationship with. Why? Because the tuning fork of what they are, what they've lived, what their brilliance is, who they are, that tuning fork. If you give it your full presence and listen to them, it's going to start ringing something in you. It's going to start eliciting something in you. So in terms of catalyzing your own deepening and your own emergence, this is going to be a one of those series where it actually, you know, that titration process that 40 days and 40 nights, if you did listen to the majority of these, you're not going to be the same at the end. As you were at the beginning, you're going to find yourself coming out in a completely different shape. This is marvelous opportunity to sit and allow other people's resonances to start ringing the parts of you that are waiting to come top side.

Speaker 2: (05:23)
That's extraordinary. What a vision. I love this. I think it's exactly what's needed for the world right now is bite sized hope. Really? We need a daily infusion and I would include myself in that. I need a daily infusion of hope that says there are people aligned with a new normal, there's a people that are envisioning what that new normal will look like. And there's a concerted and intentional purpose behind seven and a half billion souls showing up right now to do their best work, to create this new world that we can live within. So soon as the solutions are at hand, the reality is at hand. And it's just a matter of decision as a matter of change of the mindset. And so what you're describing is this daily infusion of the next step or the next infusion of energy to bring you up to that next vibration of hope and expectation for that, a new reality to emerge.

Speaker 2: (06:19)
And so I think your timing is perfect. Having the instinct and the courage, the knowing, and the manifesting, pulling together an invitation to take humanity's greatest pause and let us all think about what does a flourishing world look like and how do we unfold our wings to cocreate it and make that be a part of the conversation. Not more of the old normal we get, we get to, co-create such a Virgin flourishing new, uh, reconnecting to this sacred. This goes beyond hope for me, Jeffrey. This, this is the magnificent new normal is actually a path, a path to a magnificent new normal. And we want that. We want the norm to be, and that I love your rap. I love that analogy, that the more we put in a little bit of time, every day to be a bent when it begins, the more catalyst it is to bring that new norm up a little higher, a little richer, a little more full of life and bath vitality.

Speaker 2: (07:31)
I think this is just a fabulous, fabulous paradigm that you're setting, and it's not been done before. No one's done this. This is something that Jeffrey came up with and it wouldn't happen. It wouldn't have happened. If you hadn't done everything that you've done up until this point on a situation where you're offering the world, what is needed now at this very important time of transition, you've been a wonderful voice of reason in a world. That's been kind of crazy. And I am here because I want to be with you as we move from this thing into, into the future that we can thrive into. That's what I'm looking for.

Speaker 3: (08:10)
Reams in you that need to be burst. There are, there's a version of you that is the magnificent new normal. The one that actually is committed to living the most meaningful life that there's ever been. So I would just say, give yourself to this, give yourself to this series. I think this is going to be outstanding. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (08:35)
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Speaker 4: (08:56)
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