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In this episode Jeffrey joins Jeanne Schumacher and Dr. Debra Shapiro, MD  on their podcast Pregnancy Advantage.  Jeffrey talks about the tremendously good news about what people can do and what they can avoid in order to get pregnant and have a healthy child.  He also talks about direct examples of people who have done and avoided these things and now have amazingly healthy children.  For more info on Pregnancy Advantage visit or follow them on their Facebook page:

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Speaker 2: (00:08)
On our show. We're going to be discussing something that is really near and dear to my heart is toxins in our environment. And today we have an incredibly special guests to talk about these toxins and the impact that they have on us. We've Jeffrey Smith, who is the filmmaker and executive producer of the movie secret ingredients, which you can find at secret ingredients, So thank you so much Jeffrey for coming back. And if you've not seen, I did an interview with you. Oh my gosh. That's powerful. Really. So thank you so much for taking the time to be with us here today.

Speaker 3: (00:44)
My pleasure. And it's such an important subject. I got to tell you that we have tremendously good news about what people can do to get pregnant and have a healthy, healthy child. And I'm also going to talk about some of the heavy duty news of what the chain of what we need to avoid. So it gets really heavy about what we're going to need to avoid, but the good news is we have examples of people who have avoided it with amazing results. So, so I want to make sure that people understand what's coming

Speaker 4: (01:19)
Fantastic. I am so honored. I love secret ingredients. And I also love the interview that you did with gene Schumacher, which you can find on her YouTube channel simply plant-based, there's so much information there and it's really, it's, it's shocking and stunning and a little depressing, but also full of hope, right? Full of code because your stories are really wonderful. And we're going to be talking about some of those today, just because some people may not have heard of this before this whole issue before about, I mean, I don't think they could have avoided hearing about GMOs, but maybe they give us, I know, I know we don't have a lot of time today, but just the cliff notes version of what a GMO we should be thinking.

Speaker 3: (02:04)
Sure. And what we'll be talking about actually are genetically modified organisms and also, um, the Roundup herbicide, which is sprayed on most GMOs, but the Roundup is also sprayed on many non GMO products. And so we'll be talking about why eating organic or products that are clearly not sprayed and not GMO are the way to go starting before conception through pregnancy and lactation, uh, and also raising your children that way. It's absolutely essential. So a GMO, genetically modified organism is you alter the DNA and you can do it by putting in genes from other species going in with gene editing, rearranging, turning things off, cutting them out. And this creates side effects. It creates side effects because we don't fully understand the impact of changing the genetic code. And also it creates very physical side effects of mutations, hundreds or thousands up and down the DNA and it's unavoidable and it creates additional side effects.

Speaker 3: (03:19)
That's the genetic modification process. It should never have been put into the food supply. And the FDA scientists were very concerned and raised the alarm, but it was a political move. The white house had instructed the FDA to promote GMOs. So they brought in Michael Taylor, Monsanto's former attorney to allow Monsanto's GMOs on the market without any testing. He then became a Monsanto vice president. So we understand that it was a corrupted and captured regulatory agency. And now we have validated the concerns by the FDA scientists 20 years later, that in fact, these things are dangerous. Now, in addition, most GMOs are created by Monsanto purchased by bear the aspirin maker to withstand sprays of roundups. You have Roundup ready, soy corn, cotton, canola, sugar, beets, and alfalfa. And now you have the Roundup sprayed on the crops. It gets absorbed into crops. It gets absorbed into the food and we eat it.

Speaker 3: (04:21)
And it is a devastating toxin that you should never allow near you or in you. And we can talk about that as well. And finally, Roundup is also sprayed on wheat and oats and the grains and the beans as a desiccant before harvest. It certainly kills the crops, but it dries them down before harvest. And now you end up with huge amounts of this toxin in your oatmeal, in your bread, in your lentils, in your mung beans and whatever, and your hummus. And you want to eat organic, especially in the areas where there, you know, there's high levels of spraying of Roundup and other GLA base, other herbicides based on the chief poison glyphosate, which is linked to all sorts of dangerous, including cancer

Speaker 4: (05:07)
That's all right. And then the BT, the BT toxin, which is a pesticide is sliced into the corn. Can you explain that too?

Speaker 3: (05:15)
So you can gather certain types of soil bacteria called bacillus thuringiensis, which is BT for short, and you can spray it on your crops and it'll kill certain caterpillars, it'll break holes in their guts to kill them. And then it washes off the BT toxin. It it's degraded in the, um, so it doesn't end up on the food that you eat, but the biotechnologists have decided let's put it in the food supply. So they put genes from the bacteria into corn and cotton and in South America soybeans, and it produces a toxin that in laboratory conditions can also poke holes in our guts and has been known to cause immune system and allergic reactions in humans and animals and damage the walls of the intestines. So the BT toxin is a serious issue, and it's also found in 93% of the blood of pregnant women tested and an 80% of their unborn fetuses.

Speaker 3: (06:19)
So you have a hole poking toxin in the offspring, in the fetuses of the offspring of this generation. And if it's circulating in their blood, it might get into the brain. And so now you have a whole protein toxin in the brains of the offspring of this generation plus and the blood of the pregnant women and in the cord blood is the glyphosate, the toxin and Roundup. So if you eat the GMOs, if you eat the food, that's not organic, you may end up marinating the fetuses in these toxins, which are linked to birth defects, uh, shorter pregnancy times, miscarriages, autism, and a whole other set or add, et cetera. So, and we understand the modes of action more and more. So the correlation is backed up by causation from what we now understand,

Speaker 4: (07:15)
Right. I had heard. And I wonder if you could confirm this and I've never gotten to ask somebody this, but it has to do with, uh, some of the processes, uh, that these, that these chemicals are in the, in the, um, in the insects, uh, they, they said, well, humans don't have these same, uh, the same chemical processes, but actually we're mostly bacteria ourselves, right? Most of our cells are bacterial cells. Um, and in our gut, it's incredibly important in terms of disease prevention is our gut bacteria, our microbiome. And I think the same processes that insects use are the same processes our gut bacteria uses. Right. Is that, is that true? Is that one of the ways that these GMO can be harmful to humans?

Speaker 3: (07:55)
There's two things that have been combining what you say. And so it's almost perfectly right.

Speaker 4: (08:01)
I wasn't sure that's why you're here. Thanks.

Speaker 3: (08:05)
So there's two things. One is what we call the shikimate pathway and the [inaudible] pathway is found in plants and Roundup blocks it and kills the plants. And so Monsanto said, Oh, humans don't have the shikimate pathway. So it's safe. And, but when we take the Roundup in our bodies, it blocks the shikimate pathway in the gut bacteria. Now the gut bacteria use the shikimate pathway to produce the precursors, to our happy chemicals, serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine. And so if we are blocking the precursors like trip defendant tyrasine, then we may end up with depression or sleeplessness or Parkinson's or anxiety, um, all sorts of issues when you don't have these neuro-transmitters. And then, um, the other piece is the BT toxin. The scientists say, well, that only will affect insects because the insects have an alkaline gut. So if we have the BT toxin, which pokes holes in the guts of the insects, it shouldn't be a problem because we're not insects.

Speaker 3: (09:14)
Well, they are being generous with the, or being the wrong. It turns out that when they genetically engineer the genes to put into the GMOs, they change it molecularly so that it actually affects mice and rats and humans. And they also got it wrong. I mean, the science is pretty detailed, but their excuse that it only works in insects is wrong. And now that it's been published in peer reviewed, if they continue to say that it is a lie, or they're just simply not aware of the truth that this BT toxin in its natural state does influence mice and humans. And when it's genetically engineered into the crops, it's thousands of times more toxic than the spray form. It doesn't get washed away in the rain or biodegrade in the sunlight because it's in every cell. And it has been shown to have fairly negative effects in the lab animals that are forced fed these toxins. And so we don't want to get, we don't want to eat the corn. That's genetically engineered. So corn chips, uh, sweet corn, all of that is out unless it's, you know, that it is non-GMO. And one way to know that is if it's organic

Speaker 4: (10:31)
Certified organic, right? So something can be non-GMO, but also not organic, right? The people need to know that, but if it says non-GMO, it cannot, it says certified organic. It cannot be, or it can not be GMO, right?

Speaker 3: (10:50)
So if we're trying to avoid the two toxins, the GMO and the Roundup, you can do non-GMO, but the oatmeal or the loaf of bread that is verified as non-GMO might still be sprayed with Roundup, or it might have atrazine, or it might have glufosinate or no different toxins. So if you can't get organic, at least get non-GMO. And the better choice is to get organic because that doesn't allow GMOs or these synthetic poisons. Now, in reality, if you buy organic, sometimes there is contamination. It happens from the spray or the GMOs. If you see the, the organic certification and non GMO project verified that butterfly that's actually even better because the non GMO project does require testing to see if contamination from GMOs is happening in the system and organic doesn't require the testing. So if you get the two together, it's better than organic alone.

Speaker 3: (12:01)
But if you had to choose between organic alone and non GMO, organic is the better choice. Now, if you can't get organic and you want to avoid the products that may be sprayed with Roundup, then you can go to responsible for a report, any group that does any testing on Roundup residues, we gather it and add it to our database. So you have all sorts of fruits and vegetables, all sorts of grains and finished products by brand breakfast, cereals, hummus, things like that. And you can see what the level of glyphosate contamination is so that if you can't get organic, you can at least vote no to avoid the oats and the wheat and the, the hummus and things like that. Because those have high levels of Roundup. Now, these are all instructions that if you didn't know how bad this stuff was, it would seem like a lot of bother.

Speaker 3: (13:12)
But let me just give one scenario from the movie secret ingredients, because, and then we can go, we can go into all the details into the horror stories of these animal feeding studies and the multi-generational effects of Roundup, how it affects the great grandchildren of mice, and it's simply stunning. But the visual, remember I mentioned the beginning, there was good news. If you watch the movie secret ingredients, you'll see it in living color. There's a, there's a chiropractor in, uh, Wisconsin, Dr. Marshall Schaffer, who is a, who sees a lot of infertile couples. Cause they've heard from their friends who used to be infertile, but are no longer. And she not only for the require practic, but puts everyone on an organic diet. And when I first met her, it was at a chiropractic conference where I was speaking and saying, if anyone has any, uh, results of putting people on a non GMO, organic diet, please come and we'll videotape you.

Speaker 3: (14:14)
And she said, at the time there was 53 couples or 52 couples that she had seen that have been in fertile. And she put them on the organic diet. And they all either had kids who were pregnant. Then we went to her place and interviewed her for secret ingredients. And it was up to 70 something. Then after post-production, before we went live with the movie, we call her and said, what's the number now? And it was 92. And then more recently I called her and it was one 23. And in every case I said, okay, how many couples followed your protocol, but could not get pregnant and have children. And it was zero. She has a 100% success rate. As of the last time I spoke with her, which was maybe a year ago, a hundred percent success rate. And some of these people have been through fertility clinics.

Speaker 3: (15:10)
Some had tried for years, the main thing of her three pillar protocol, which was chiropractic mindset and organic food. She said the organic food obviously has the biggest impact on this outcome. So, and we know that if you go organic, then you clean out your bloodstream from many of these toxic chemicals within two weeks. So when I speak to pediatrician, Dr. Michelle para who's also in the film, she says that she strongly recommends that if parents want to conceive that they go on an all organic diet, at least two weeks, ideally way before. And that's, there's many reasons why doing it before is better, but at least two weeks, and then stay organic through pregnancy and breastfeeding. And that, that will help clean up these chemicals. Now, if you've been taking non-organic food, your gut bacteria is going to be effected because glyphosate is a patented antibiotic.

Speaker 3: (16:21)
It kills the beneficial bacteria, but not the pathogens. And you should know that in a woman's body, when, when she's pregnant, there's a migration of the microbiome of the bacteria into the birth canal. So that during a pregnancy, during a, a delivery that inoculates the newborn with the microbiome of the mother, which sets up for good health. So if there's a C-section, you don't get that. There's ways you can, you can swab it, all that, but the microbiome can be damaged when you're taking non-organic food, especially the Roundup sprayed food, because it kills the beneficial bacteria and causes an imbalance. Also, there are times during pregnancy windows where certain, certain parts of the fetus are developed and are sensitive to toxins. And we know that Roundup glyphosate is linked to certain types of birth defects. And when it was sprayed over fields, vast fields in Argentina, the peasant farmers and farm workers were living in the near these fields who were sprayed, had a huge increase in these horrible birth defects in one location, 70 times, that of normal and the bigger region, 400%.

Speaker 3: (17:49)
And then Dr. Carrasco decided to test on chicken embryos and frog embryos, injecting glyphosate, and found the exact same types of birth defects. And even the metabolic pathway to explain how glyphosate influences the retinol or pathway, whatever it is into the birth defects that he was seeing. Now there's also Liberty link crops that are also genetically engineered sprayed by Liberty, which is glufosinate, and that's linked to brain deformities. So there's so many reasons why you want a clean environment and clean food during your pregnancy. And then afterwards, then breastfeeding, the milk can contain glyphosate and other toxins. And that doesn't mean you shouldn't breastfeed. Of course, all the pediatricians that I talked to said, even if they contain toxins, it is so important to breastfeed. And it's interesting that part of the breast milk is designed. It's not assimilable by the baby. It does not feed the baby part of it.

Speaker 3: (18:57)
It feeds the bacteria, the gut bacteria to establish the microbiome. So building up the microbiome that has been inoculated by the, by the birth canal is being fed by the breast milk to create a healthy microbiome, which then is found to prevent disease for years. And we now know from correlational evidence that if you're exposed to many of these pesticides and herbicides, but where, you know, in farms, et cetera, it is associated with shorter birth, shorter pregnancies, which can increase complications and two miscarriages and two autism and other developmental disorders. So you can see we're getting into the weeds here and that animals that have been exposed to Roundup, for example, or glyphosate or Roundup ready soybeans, which are been sprayed with Roundup. So you don't know whether it's this, the soybeans that have been genetically engineered or the Roundup sprayed on them have had damage to their testicles tablets, to the young sperm cells, altered structure of the uterus and ovaries changed hormonal structure, uh, in terms of the female hormones, um, when the mice fragrant mice were injected with Roundup, the grandchildren of those pregnant mice were seriously affected the great care of children, even more because of the epigenetic inherited thing.

Speaker 3: (20:26)
So 90% of the great grandchildren had these serious problems. And many of the births were associated with deaths of the mother or the children, very complicated, um, births during the, in the, and the great grandchildren of the mice that were injected. Um, a senior researcher at the Russian Academy of sciences, um, gave a female rats, genetically modified Roundup, ready, soy starting, um, two weeks before they got pregnant and continued feeding them through pregnancy and lactation more than half of the offspring died within three weeks and many could not reproduce hamsters that were fed Roundup ready, soy over three generations. Also most were sterile and could not reproduce. There was also birth defects in both groups and smaller, um, smaller bodies. So there's all sorts of evidence. And I mean, I'm just touching the surface, but it gives you an idea that we understand the modes of action.

Speaker 3: (21:26)
We know that Roundup effects aromatase, which creates the balance between testosterone and estrogen. So we know that we know that it can affect the neuro-transmitters. We know that it can change the structure, the DNA, which can lead to cancer. That's called, it's been determined by the world health organization's, um, chief committee on cancer. We understand that it can damage mitochondria. It can create leaky gut. We can understand that it can create fatigue and brain fog because of the mitochondria. So there's so many reasons why we understand the mechanisms. We see it in the animal feeding studies. We see it in the human correlational studies. It's Joe Roundup is linked to more than 30 diseases that are rising in parallel with the increased use of GMOs and Roundup in the United States. And we see when you put a pet or a livestock on an organic diet, they get better.

Speaker 3: (22:21)
Their outcomes are better. The veterans, the veterinarians, and the animal owners talk about better pregnancies and better offspring and better health. But the most important thing is we see it in humans. When they, when we switch to an organic diet, people get better. I surveyed 3000, 256 people who switched to non GMO and largely organic food. And they reported getting better from 28 different conditions. Why did I choose those 28 to two to review? Because I asked people at 150 lectures, what did you notice when you switched to non GMO and organic? And they raised their hand and they told me and I, it was consistent in these hundred and 50 lectures and consistent in the survey of 3000, 256 people. We have an overwhelming amount of evidence. So this is why it's important. If you want to get pregnant, if you are pregnant, if you're breastfeeding or if you're a human being, had you wanted to stay healthy, eating organic is necessary.

Speaker 4: (23:27)
Absolutely. And the good news that I heard you say was that unlike some chemicals that bioaccumulate in their fats liable, and they're going to be in, or, you know, they're still DVT in our breast milk, right? So for many, many years ago, it's been bad for tens of years, but, uh, but this, this, these chemicals can actually out in two weeks. Yeah. That's, that's amazing that you can really reduce your pesticide load in your body quickly. Um, and of course we would take, we would recommend that people take a lot more time to detox from other chemicals as well. But, um, no, we absolutely agree with you a hundred percent. And this is all very important information for people to hear gene, do you have, do you have some questions also if you'd like to ask

Speaker 2: (24:09)
Do as a matter of fact, because for me, one of my biggest things is, you know, a former chemistry teacher retired after 35 years of teaching, you know, personal and, you know, cleaning products. They're another huge source of toxins. I mean, without questions. So, you know, talk to talk to us about your experiences with these toxins and the impact on humans.

Speaker 3: (24:35)
There was just a study, looking at the microbiome of children and chemicals in their homes, and found that those with high chemicals in their homes, including fire retardants and things like that, had it all had reduced diversity of the microbiome. And they had, um, more pathogens. So the microbiome is so connected to our diseases. There's something called a fecal transplant where you take the stool from one person or let's say from a rat, but it's also done in humans and you implant it in another person. If the rat had a disease that was the donor, then the recipient can get the disease. But similarly, if the, the disease rat can get healed, if there's a healthy microbiome put in there, a fat rat can cause another rat to get fat, or you can unfollow a rat. So to speak, it's like, these are programmed. I was speaking, I speak all the time to experts in the microbiome.

Speaker 3: (25:42)
And they believe that about 80% of human diseases are linked to the dysbiosis or the imbalance of the gut bacteria. And I was talking to Chris Christian cure to cure and Kristen, and he took a human model and put in Roundup and found changes in the microbiome that could, could lead to these 28 different diseases and disorders that we talked about. People getting better from when they switched to non GMO and organic food. So we understand the importance of the microbiome, and they've just released this study where the chemicals in the home were in the blood and that influence. And when it was high levels, the diversity, which is key for the health of the microbiome was reduced. I also found an interesting thing that when there was fire retardants in the blood, there was bacteria. I think it was bacteria. Part of the microbiome in the gut that is usually associated with breaking down the fire retardants.

Speaker 3: (26:52)
It's not normally found in the gut bacteria, but it had come into the gut bacteria to help break down the fire retards. So it's very interesting that, you know, if you clean your bathtub or you clean your, your sink with something, or you, you have a spray that you're spraying, if it has a chemical in it, it can affect the population of the bacteria in the children, living in the house, which could then program them for susceptibility to particular diseases. So it's, you know, this is a new area, but it's very exciting for the scientists and the doctors to discover, but let's be clear. We don't really fully understand the role of these, of this micro Jedi army that works inside of us. You know, they, there's an amazing, uh, relationship when a woman has breast cancer, that a new microbiome goes into the breast that's designed to protect when they thought it was causing the tumor and they removed the bacteria, the tumors were spread. There's where there are certain bacteria or microbiome that goes into the brain. And it's like, it's it's dispatched. But if we come in with chemicals to destroy its ability to work with us, then we may be planting the seeds for disease.

Speaker 2: (28:20)
Oh my goodness. It just makes my head spin. You know, just listening to and hearing you because I mean, intrinsically, I know this, but just to hear like the studies and all the things that are happening, it's just it's mind blowing. And this is why we do this because we want people to be aware of it. I know Debra and I, you know, Debra saw the kids coming out of the shoot and, you know, and I saw them in the classroom and I saw the changes of our children. And as a matter of fact, that's what my Ted talk is on. You know, why are we seeing changes in behavioral and learning disabilities? In addition to health, on any given day, a third of my kids in each class, we're dealing with massive major health issues. And when you stop and look at what they're reading, you know, hello, and then the environmental toxins are being exposed to.

Speaker 2: (29:11)
It's no wonder. And, and I see such huge changes in our kids, especially the ability. And I think back when I was first starting to teach, you could see the students be able to internalize. And I think this is one of the things that set us apart from other countries, like, like for example, Asia or students just basically memorize. Like we've got kids that came to my previous school from China. They didn't memorize the periodic table, what a waste of time. Okay. So they're good at memorizing, but they can't apply. And I think that was one of the things that set the United States apart is because the students were able to take the information and apply it in lieu, in novel situations that I not seeing that anymore. And I'm not seeing that ability be able to apply different topics, you know, across the board so much for taking the time to be with us here today, because it's so important to hear this message without question about these toxins, because we have to work together because it's not coming from the top down without question.

Speaker 2: (30:16)
I mean, we have to do it from a grassroots level. We have to make people aware of this because they have to know what we're being exposed to. So thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today. Yes. Thank you so much. And there is the good news, right? The good news is that you can take responsibility for your own health and certainly way before you want to get pregnant. Try really clean up your, in your personal care products or environment and put into your mouth is it's so important. So eat organic non-GMO certified food. Thank you all safe eating.

Speaker 5: (30:58)
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