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The Most Massive Scientific Fraud Ever Committed In The US - Episode 130

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In this episode, Jeffrey discusses the case of a Russian scientist, Dr. Irina Ermakova, who was fired from her position at the Russian Academy of Sciences for publishing scientific evidence showing fatty liver disease and other maladies in rats after consuming GM Soy and feed tainted with glyphosate, the primary chemical in Roundup.  Additionally, Jeffrey discusses some of the court cases where plaintiffs sued Bayer/Monsanto and won large settlements.

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Notes for this week's Podcast
This week's Transcript


So there's a scientist named, uh, arena Irma Cova. She gave me the following few slides when we were speaking together at the European parliament. And these are rat livers on the right, that were fed GM soy. And the rats on the left were fed non GM soy. And you could see the changes in them. We now know that tiny levels of glyphosate cause fatty liver non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is now, uh, an epidemic with 30% of hu of Americans experiencing it. It's a, it can lead to more serious issues like liver cancer. She also did a study, um, where she found that the testicles of rats changed from pink to blue when they were fed genetically engineered soy.

Speaker 1: (00:53)
And she also, uh, fed these rats. Genetically modified soy there's are female rats. They're Russian speaking rats, uh, fed them GM soy starting two weeks before they got pregnant and continued through pregnancy and lactation. And more than half of their babies died within three weeks, compared to 10%, when the mother rats ate non GM soy. Well, as you could imagine, and also by the way, they were smaller and could not reproduce. She was attacked viciously. She was a member of the Russian academy of sciences. She lost her job and was unable to find similar work after that. This is the kind of impact that Monsanto has around the world. I'm giving you a small percentage of the, um, stories that I know about and have collected. And some of them more recently come from the Monsanto trials. I wanna say I am so pleased that the results of the first three Roundup trials were plaintiffs who were accusing Monsanto of causing their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that Monsanto lost. And the juries awarded them 2.3 billion.

Speaker 1: (02:17)
Now the judges reduced it to 190 million from 2.3 billion, but that's still a heavy chunk of change. And the last official count for the number of plaintiffs waiting for their day in court was 42,700, but unofficial estimates put it at about a hundred thousand. So the, the recent evidence, the recent report now is that the lawyers are talking to bear, which owns Monsanto and to do have settlement. And there's one lawyer who I know who's holding out because he thinks that he should get more for his clients, but it can go either way. In the next few days, there is a, uh, uh, trial going on now in St. Louis that will be televised. So you can go online and, and Google it and find out how to get to the Monsanto St. Louis Roundup trial, and have incredible entertainment. Um, and I'm gonna share some of the, and I, we have even more entertainment.

Speaker 1: (03:17)
I mean, real entertainment of stories from the lead attorney who won two of the three cases. His name is Brent whiner. So if you want to get some really amazing stories dramatic better than watching those courtroom docu courtroom, uh, uh, movies, watch my interview with Brent And that's where you can also make a donation as, as was recommended by. So, one thing we know is that the discredit bur bureau that I have been fighting and reporting on really exists. It's a budget item and it calls it's called let nothing go. That's their program, not a single tweet, not a single post, certainly not a scientist discovering problems, certainly not Jeffrey Smith writing an article, let nothing go was their policy. It's like scorched earth policy. And they had front groups and fake scientists and, and trolls all going after anyone that came out with a statement against GMOs or Roundup or Monsanto.

Speaker 1: (04:27)
So if you look at how they got Roundup with its active ingredient, glyphosate on the market, and there's a lot of details here, you don't have to read it. I'll just tell you the story. There's a company called industrial bio test laboratories. That was, they actually were doing 35 to 40% of all toxicological tests in the country. And the justice department who investigated said, one person said it was the place to go because everyone knew they'd get their products passed. How'd they get their products passed because it was fraudulent. They did 22,000 toxicological studies, including 10,000 that were used for agricultural chemicals. 2000 of which were considered the primary studies that resulted in allowing 325 insecticides and herbicides to move forward. And when they actually looked at the research over years and years, they found that maybe 10% were valid and the rest were fraud.

Speaker 1: (05:26)
And that most of those same pesticides continue to be sprayed on the fields. So what kind of fraud in some store in some studies, 80% of the rats died and were replaced the rat evaluations of those that died didn't exist. They would sometimes cut and paste information from one study and put it into another. They do two year studies in eight months. They talked about doing evaluations of the uterine of mail rats, you know, it's, they were completely completely incompetent. I read 20 pages of it yesterday, preparation for this talk. It was like, yeah, it was absolutely disgusting. What was going on in this laboratory. And it turns out that three people went to jail, including Dr. Paul Wright, who had worked for Monsanto was a toxicologist, and then went to I B T to oversee some of the studies for Monsanto then went back to Monsanto. And while he was back in Monsanto, he was being indicted and went to jail. And 11 of the 19 chronic toxicological studies of glyphosate were performed by I P T fraudulently. And, uh, even after that, when it was considered invalidated more recently, a report by the EPA cited the I B T studies as reasons why it approved Roundup, not mentioning that it had been invalidated.

Speaker 2: (07:08)
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