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Biotech companies like Monsanto/Bayer are mobilizing on every continent in a new offensive that can impact life on earth for all time.

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Hi everyone. This is Jeffrey Smith of the Institute, responsible technology and protect nature. Now I'm going to describe an eye war that's

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Taking place around around the world.

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That is so critical. The future of life on earth is it in

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The balance and this is not, I'm not overstating. It it's really true. And I'll explain why, but first I'm going to give you a suggestion as to what you can do in the description. There's a link and it goes to an advocacy platform. And for those in the U S you've put in your zip code and all of your elected officials are there and you can in a single click, send them an email, a zoo, or a tweet, a Facebook post. You can send a message out to media, to your social media. And in today's campaign, it sends the elected officials, a legislative report that shows how the current regulations in the United States fail to protect human health and the environment from genetically engineered organisms in particular GMO microbes. And you can get all of these, get a hundred different things sent out in three minutes, five minutes.

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And then in two or three weeks, we're going to send something else to you where you can send another white paper reports, scientific stuff to your elected officials. And then in a month after that, we'll send something else. And this is the antidote that we're working with in the United States for what is happening around the world. Now, let me explain this global battle about tech industry was keenly aware of how successful we have been. We, the, the movement, our organization, others in pose are extremely dangerous. Unpredictable, unsafe should not have been eaten, should not have been approved. And yet they were approved because they biotech industry captured regulatory agencies and academic organizations. And it happened again. And you'll see. So they got together and said, okay, their number one priority is to introduce new types of GMOs, which they're calling gene editing. And we shouldn't even call them GMOs.

Speaker 2: (02:37)
We should pretend that they're not genetically modified organisms and convince governments around the world to simply look the other way, claiming that it was safe, predictable, even natural. Now this battle is going on right now in real time in Canada for the health Canada drafted a report in 2020, that looked like it was going to treat the new gene editing technology just like GMOs. And now after meeting with industry, they said, Nope, we're proposing that. There's no oversight, no regulation, no labeling companies can put gene edited products on the market without any government oversight whatsoever. That same proposal is on the table. Well, in the United Kingdom, that same proposal was already passed in Japan. And now there's a tremendous pressure on the European union and in the United States, it's kind of like a defacto legislative, uh, situation where they're simply looking the other way.

Speaker 2: (03:51)
So let me give you an example of what's happening in this month. So typically when they're going to be going after a particular government, they start with their friends in high places with scientific credentials. And so in the European union, they started with the German academy of science. Let me see where the German academy of sciences and the European academies science advisory council. So those groups out a report calling on the European commission to ignore gene editing. Now, the, uh, an independent and truly scientific group called the European network of scientists for social environmental responsibility. Plus the critical scientists, Switzerland, look at the report from the German academy of sciences and the European academy science advisory council and destroyed it basically said it is not some scientifically objective. It is not balanced. In fact, they ignored over 200 relevant studies in order to come to their false conclusions that only helped the industry.

Speaker 2: (05:04)
So this was basically a captured report and then that was made public. And then the European in commission comes back and comes out with their report, which is again, total junk and our friends over at test biotech and tech, a German organization went through that and showed, yes, it has no consideration for the unintended effects. There's no scientific justification for accepting a complete whole group of genetically engineered plants has safe. It is entirely on site and both reports that show the truth said that gene editing does not have a good track record. You can look at the data at the documents to show that gene editing can cause unpredicted side effects. Now, what this means is if the European union allows coast forward with this and the UK at all, that it means that we can be flooded with gene edited GMOs that could create allergens and toxins and new diseases and cancer and whatnot, and never even know we're eating it because the government doesn't is not requiring it to even be informed.

Speaker 2: (06:17)
So the companies don't have to inform the government. They don't have to form con conform informed tumors, and it could contaminate organic nature and it could cause damage. It was stating consequences for helping the environment, which will not even be traced. What's worse. We're going to get to that in a minute, how it can get even worse. Now in the European union, slow food came out against it. The organic food and farmer movement, the European coordination via Capossela came out against it. Greenpeace organized a day of action in 25 cities and supermarkets across France, demanding regulation of these new GMOs trade union came out against it. And it's, it's actually a mobilized battle all over the world that you're not hearing about in the United.

Speaker 2: (07:10)
There was at the same time coordinated. The European union has been the first application for a gene edited crop has been in, it happens to be resistant to a deadly herbicide, which is very dangerous for human health called glucose glufosinate. And it creates a new toxin produced, um, specific ferns growing on trees. So it's a toxin producer and it's a toxin receiver. Cause it's it's, it can be sprayed and not die. So it's more of the same junk at the biotech industry is putting out. And so this is going on around the world and Japan, they just came out with their first gene edited product, a tomato that produces Gabba, which is like a sedative. So this, this tomato produces a sedative and it's being offered for free to growers around the country and even in other countries. And imagine that can contaminate, it'd be unlabeled.

Speaker 2: (08:16)
So people may eat it. They may have a reaction to it if they're supposed to have a reaction to it. And yet it's not labeled, there's no safety studies that have been done, nothing required. So this is an example of a country that's already down the road that says, okay, we have no, no government requirements. Let's introduce a drug producing tomato and allow it to be given away for free. Now this is not just per country. There's also a United nations effort pushed by bill gates and, and the agro industry. They have a big United nations food systems summit, where they disregarded for traditional input from civil society, non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, people's groups, and basically marched in the spokespeople for the biotech industry to be the conveners so that they could forward their biotech agenda on a United nations level. It's all happening this year.

Speaker 2: (09:22)
And last year at the same time, we're finding conventional breeding is producing tomatoes that are virus resistant better than the GMO, because the chemo's couldn't do that. We're finding that the gene edited calyxt soybean flopped in the U S because of low farmer uptake. So there is good news news, but it hasn't yet. And the truth has never stopped about tech industry from pushing their agenda. So now here's where the Institute for responsible technology is coming in of all the possible gene edited organisms that can be ignored by the new government proposed regulations, the microbiome, bacteria, algae archaea, fungus virus. They are by far the most stable. You introduce a new gene into a gene edited microbe, and they travel around the world. We didn't have to have a pandemic to figure that out, but what you may not know is that they ha they go into microbiome ecosystems all over the planet, inside our bodies, inside of their bodies and have swap meets.

Speaker 2: (10:40)
So they'll like their place cards. Let's say you were to try this one, try this one, I'll take this one. They exchanged genetic information. And so the gene that you put in for some trait that you want somewhere could interfere with digestion or some kind of metabolic function inside us could interfere with the creation of rain drops in the atmosphere because bio biology does that could interfere with it could cause ecosystem collapse. It is unreal. Callable can create permanent changes that are entirely unpredictable. And so what protect nature now is doing, and please go to the link on the side is we are informing regulators starting in the United States. We're going to expand around the informing regulators that the technology has outpaced the regulations and that we knew we need new regulations. We need new laws. We need to update the laws. Now we're talking about microbes as we're emerging from the pandemic.

Speaker 2: (11:50)
And we're asking to implement the lessons, the requirements, the urgencies of this pandemic. And so if you go there today to that link, you can send a report that we have authored and commissioned to these elected officials, which indicates how many latent, how blatant the regulation has been outstripped by the science. It is. So, yes, in fact, I'd like to recommend that when you go there and you send it to your elected officials, go to that same page and read the article that I wrote, the, the, the legislative report is long. It's detailed it's for regulators. It's not that interesting for the lay person, but just two and a half page article that I wrote makes it very good, clear that we have do a time where virtually anyone can do gene editing and genetically engineered microbes. Millions could be introduced in this generation permanently replacing nature and possibly causing existential threats to emerge ecosystem collapses.

Speaker 2: (13:00)
Long-term human health problems. It's very clear from that article. So I recommend that you read that and also send the link to your elected officials on Facebook, on your Twitter, on all of your social media. You'll have an opportunity to send the material to media as well, because media, when you enter your zip code media populates, and you can pick five and send it to them, please, because this is a, we need all hands on deck right now, all living beings and all future generations are depending on the decisions we make. Now, this is our best effort to guide the decision-making of elected officials. And we think we have the right angle. You have the right angle twenty-five years ago. When I started as an activist, focusing on the health dangers of GMOs that drove consumer purchasing dollars, that made a big difference. And that's why the biotech industry is trying to say, oh, gene editing is not a GMO because they saw what happened.

Speaker 2: (14:02)
When we informed consumers about the dangers. The gene editing is at least as dangerous as the old type of GMOs. There are ways that it might even be more dangerous. So please go to that page, take three to five minutes, go through the steps. And then in a couple of weeks, we're going to send out information to elected officials and invite you to come back to that page. And by that time, since you've done it once, and we're going to shorten the action steps, it'll take two minutes or a minute and a half, and then three weeks later, another minute. And if we can get more and more people to do this, we already have elected officials interested in helping us out. They need to see demonstrations of our support. And so we're asking you to demonstrate that support. So thank you so much for going to the protect nature now, campaign and signing on and participating. And we will be back with more options. But as you can see from the news, I just reported, this is something we saw coming four years. It's now here, the war, the battle is on to protect all living beings and all future generations, safe eating

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