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The Toxic Truth About GMOs with Cynthia Thurlow - Episode 120

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In this week's episode...

In this week's episode Jeffrey joins Cynthia Thurlow on her podcast, Everyday Wellness.

Hardly any regulations exist anywhere in the world today to stop anyone from creating and introducing a GMO microbe with inexpensive and easily-available gene editing. Yet the microbiome is critical and central to life. That motivated Jeffrey to start the Protect Nature Now campaign to protect the microbiome.

The process of genetic engineering creates collateral damage to the DNA. That could lead to allergins, toxins, carcinogens, and nutritional problems. In this episode, Jeffrey shares some vital information about GMOs that everyone needs to know. He dives into problems that could result from eating GMO crops, the consumer protection failure of the FDA, and how Monsanto rigged its research. He talks about why no GMO in the world has ever been tested properly and the time-bombs that exist in our food supply. He also discusses how glyphosate impacts our bodies, the impact glyphosate will have on future generations, and how to support healthy life with organic food alternatives.

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