The Truth About Genetically Modified Foods - Patrick Timpone interviews Jeffrey Smith - Episode 96

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Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network interviews Jeffrey Smith on the truth about genetically modified foods.  Some of the highlights from the interview include:

  • Jeffrey gives the background of the first big introduction of GMOs in soy beans and explains in gritty detail how it works and how and why it is detrimental to eat GMO foods.
  • There are two issues with eating non organic GMO foods: The poison glyphosate and the GMOs that are in the food can disrupt the entire human system, starting in the gut microbiome.
  • The other big GMO crops in the U.S:  Soy, Wheat, Cotton and Canola.
  • Jeffrey tells the fascinating story of how Canola Oil came into being.
  • We talk about what other countries are doing regarding GMOs. Currently, Mexico is banning importing and exporting GMO corn.
  • We talk about the plan in 2018 whereby Whole Foods was going to have all GMO foods labeled and it never happened because the CEO, John Mackey doesn’t believe they are dangerous.
  • Jeffrey talks about the various lawsuits Monsanto is dealing with and how regretful Bayer is for paying 65 billion in cash for Monsanto
  • The GMO Salmon is being put to market soon and it will not be known by restaurant customers if the salmon is GMO or not.
  • Jeffrey is concerned about the GMO salmon or eggs being released into the oceans.
  • And now mosquitoes are are being genetically engineered with millions already released. What could possibly go wrong?

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