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Urgent Imperative- Prevent Release Of Genetically Engineered Microbes- Part 1- Episode 144

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In today's episode Jeffrey discusses the latest compelling evidence for switching to an organic diet.  The latest evidence shows a correlation between the increase of the use of Roundup and other pesticides and the increase of a whole host of health problems.  Problems like gut inflammation, fatigue, obesity, brain fog, anxiety, depression and many others.

Jeffrey also talks about his new film, Secret Ingredients which tracks a series of families who switch to organic diets and find their health problems like autism and infertility, among others, miraculously clearing up.

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Speaker 1 (00:08):

Um, I'm going to be sharing some new information for many of you. Uh, I think I'm gonna start sharing my screen. I think that, uh, many of you know, that I've been, um, with the Institute for responsible technology, uh, I R T and that we are, um, focused largely so far in the past. Um, I've been doing this for 25 years and I'm known mostly for bringing out the health dangers of GMOs and Roundup and promoting organic and non GMO products. Um, and we're going to be reviewing just a little bit because I feel kind of, uh, obligated in fact, to share with you some information that I been sharing for years, cuz it's so easy to change people's diet so that they start to eat more organic, uh, because the data is now so compelling. I would feel remiss if I just went to the new existential threat, which many considered to be one of the greatest in the, on the planet and our plans to help mitigate that threat.

But first I'm going to just briefly review some of the health dangers solely to motivate you, to increase your commitment, to eat organic. That's the goal of the next five minutes. Now I remember traveling around the world and I think at the time it was 25 countries, 2008, whatever. And people would come up to me and say, you know, I can tell when I eat GMOs or not. And I am embarrassed to say that I was, I was skeptical. I was expecting that GMOs would be causing a problem in health, but I thought it would just be showing up in some change in epidemiological, some minor change in epidemiological disease charts and that we would be able to then find the plausible causative pathway and identify it and verify it in the GMO, take the GMO out of the circulation and then help fix that particular disease.

Now I was thinking this, even though I was reporting on evidence showing that rats got damaged major damage throughout their bodies in just 10 days on GMOs. So what was I thinking when I went to an American academy of environmental medicine conference in 2009, I brought a video camera and started interviewing some of these doctors who had seen me speak there each year since 2006. And they told me that their patients get better from whatever they're experiencing more quickly and sometimes completely just by switching to a non GMO and often organic diet. Once one doctor said everyone gets better when she puts them on an organic diet and I went and visited her and interviewed her patients. And then, uh, wasn't sure, well, there's so many potential co confounding factors, but then I went to some farmers and interviewed them who had taken their pigs and cows off of GMO, soy and corn and put 'em on non GMO, soy and corn.

And they were getting better from the same things that the humans were. So I started in 2012 being bold enough in my lectures to ask people, what have you noticed when you switched to non GMO and organic diets? And it was overwhelming and 150 lectures, including medical doctor conferences, um, who were speaking on behalf of thousands of patients. Each, we saw a consistent pattern. And so we surveyed 3000, 256 people asking them, what did they notice? And the results are published. And peer reviewed in the international journal for human nutrition and functional medicine. So where is this? Oh, looks like that slide was disappear. Oh, here we are. So here are the 28 different conditions additions that people reported getting better from, and the lectures that I went to put them into the survey. And here's the percentage of people that reported getting better from those conditions by switching to non GMO.

And most of the people switched to organic or very high, high level of organic. So when we say non GMO, we could say non GMO and largely organic in every lecture that I gave the digestive disorder improvements was number one, followed by on a combined the question in the audience increased energy and reduced brain fog. So in the summary, 80 in the survey, 85.2% of the people we surveyed improved in their digestion, 60% over in fatigue and 52% for brain fog. Now these weren't just minor changes. In fact, if you look through this entire list, we've looked into the details of it, cuz they had a chance to say, you know, somewhat improved, et cetera. And for example, in the digestive problems, 80% of the people that reported getting better from digestive problems, it was either significant, nearly gone or completely resolved. Now most people in the United States eat their weight in GMOs.

And so you'd expect that some of these problems might be on the increase when you look at those epidemiological charts and sure enough, they are. Here's a example of glyphosate sprayed on wheat, corn, and soy. Now glyphosate is the chief poison in Roundup herbicide. When we look at the changes in these graphs, we sometimes see a plot against glyphosate cause Roundup is sprayed on Roundup, ready, soy and corn, but Roundup is also sprayed on wheat, oats, beans, et cetera, that are not organic. And a lot of the problems we don't know whether it's from being consuming GMOs or consuming glyphosate or the more dangerous full formulation Roundup. But I will say that there's more research done on Roundup and glyphosate than there is on GMOs. So we can plot the causative pathways directly from the qualities on and features and modes of action of Roundup and glyphosate to these particular diseases.

So here we have a, uh, liver cancer going up in a similar way in a similar increase to the amount of glyphosate on wheat, corn, and soy, very high correlation. Now I'm gonna show you a number of these charts and I want to emphasize the correlation does not prove causation, but we have so many other data points supporting a cause caused an effect that these are kind of outstanding and astounding to look at. So I'm just gonna flip through some of the charts quickly and I'll read the disease and you can look at the, at the correlation we have celiac disease, birth defects, newborn metabolic disorders, newborn blood disorders, insomnia, lymph disorders, acute kidney injury, inflammatory bowel disease. We have here. We have so many charts. Usually I go through over 30. I'm just gonna tell you that we have similar charts, deaths from Alzheimer's Parkinson's obesity, hypertension, acute myeloid, intestinal affection, kidney failure, stroke, senile dementia, and disorders of lipoprotein metabolism.

Those are the amount of deaths in the United States going up in parallel with either the increased use of GMO soy and corn or the increased use of Roundup on those crops or both. There's also an increased incidence of hepatitis C peritonitis dementia, anemia, anxiety, schizophrenia, suicide by overdose, ADHD, skin disorders, autism and diabetes. Again, moving in parallel with the increased use of GMOs and Roundup newborn disorders. And these are things that we hadn't shown before of the genital urinary tract, lung conditions, skin conditions, and eye conditions and cancer of the liver and bio duct, kidney and pelvic urinary bladder thyroid and breast cancer. So the it's an enormous list. And if we were talking this whole time about the health dangers of GMOs and Roundup, we would point out what it is about GMOs and Roundup that can lead to these particular diseases. We would talk about the animal feeding studies.

We talk about some of the individual clinical experiences and, and reports from doctors. But instead I'm going to leave you with the movie secret ingredients. You can, you can, uh, rent it at secret ingredients, in 80 minutes, you get the whole picture. We track 12 people that switch to organic autistic kids are no longer on the spectrum. Infertile couples have children, people who had skin conditions and brain fog cancer, et cetera. We have doctors explaining these are common results in their practices. And we have scientists explaining why wi illustrated by, uh, animations, that show what happens in the body. So if you are interested, if I haven't yet convinced you to eat more organic than you have, or you want to convince those friends of yours that have been holdouts or members of your family who will run away next time you talk about diet. This is the film to show them. Thank you for listening to live healthy. Be well. Please subscribe to the podcast. Using whatever app you listen to podcasts with, or go to live healthy, be to subscribe. This podcast will inform you about health dangers, corporate and government corruption and ways we can protect ourselves, our families and our planet. I interview scientists, experts, authors, whistle blowers, and many people who have not shared their information with the world until now, please share the podcast with your friends. It will enlighten and may even save lives. Say heating.



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