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Jeffrey Smith shares two fantastic online conferences with life-changing speakers. Not to miss!

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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Hello everyone. I'm Jeffrey Smith. And I wanted to share with you, some of them may. I want to share with you some amazing conferences going on that I did. So I know the inside scoop. In fact, one, I created a magnificent new normal. I gotta tell you about that second, but I've got to tell you about it in a new way. If you've already heard about it because of magnificent new normal, which is running right now with 40 life-changing world world leaders and I'm interviewing, I was invited to also do some interviews and presentations of another conference. That's about to start this coming Saturday, October 17th, called turning point 2020. So I'm going to tell you first about turning point 2020, and then I want to tell you about a magnificent new normal, and I would urge you to please find, use your intuition to figure out, to navigate where to go.

Speaker 1: (01:04)
There's someone here with an amazing message. There's such amazing speakers in these programs and any one of which could theoretically change your life. And in some cases save a life. So turning point 2020 was produced, uh, also with an understanding that this is a time of transformation for society. So they pulled together a lot of amazing speakers. They all just read some Dietrich. Klinghardt one of the superstars in functional medicine and alternative health tied Bolden juror and shit involved with our truth about cancer, Dell, big tree and Sherry Tenpenny and Andy Wakefield. Um, T Colin Campbell, um, a whole there's people into personal development, into health, freedom into new science, uh, new science and technology. Um, the basic structure of this program is it's a nine day conference. It goes from October 17th to the 25th, fourth, 25th, actually. So there's two weekends and five days in between, but the five days in between is what they call a humanity conference.

Speaker 1: (02:20)
That costs only $5. If you want to get the full conference, nine days, that's 97, 50 and Saturday and Sunday have a full program. Both weekends, check it [email protected] Now they have invited me to give seven talks or interviews during the nine day program. In addition to giving the basic interview information on GMOs and Roundup on Saturday, the 17th, starting on Monday and going for five days, I open the evening program at 6:00 PM Eastern time, 3:00 PM Pacific. I will introduce my own, our own work in terms of saving the world from the existential threat of GMOs on Monday. And then over the next four days, I interview Tom O'Bryan, Scott tips, Forrester gamble, and George Grant about very interesting topics. And then the following Saturday, I interviewed Lynne twist. Now you'll see, we'll be putting a note in the comments to remind you it's turning point 20,

Speaker 1: (03:34)
And it's not one of those three conferences that you watch, and then they try and get you to buy the whole thing. That's not this one. This is just, if you want to do the five days, it's $5. If you wanted to do the nine days, it's 97 50 and the $5 goes to build clinics around the world. So check out, just go to turning point 2020 online and take a look at your options and see if there's something that reverberates for you. That's a must watch. It's going to be a huge conference. We expect millions of viewers now, and the other one is a magnificent new normal, which I created based on the concept of this is a transformational time for individual and collective consciousness. And because people are redefining and reprioritizing, what, what their lives are going to look like. I brought together brilliant wise people to help with that transformation.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
So I want to share with you, I did the 40 days cause I did the interviews it's going on now. And it was transformational for me. I can tell you, but I discovered that there were certain themes that are recurring about balancing masculine and feminine inside us, um, consciousness as a holistic field, uh, the transformation from classical physics to quantum physics, not only in the scientific understanding, but also in terms of the largest study of consciousness and our relationship to each other, uh, so many different aspects. And I want to share with you some of the categories that we touch on during the 40 days, it's a 40 day program with one transformation interview per day. So I particularly interested in all of them, but one was jumped out at me is the new science of consciousness. We had Bruce Lipton who talked about consciousness as a field.

Speaker 1: (05:31)
We had live Nick Taggart who wrote the book, the field and how we can influence people at a distance we had. Um, uh, Zach Bush was an amazing new biology and interaction. How we relate to micro microbiome has on this one, mass consciousness, uh, Bob Roth, who's one of the leading experts in ed, in meditation in the world, talks about the three categories of, and goes more into the transcendental meditation category, which is called self transcending and talks about the differences in brain waves. And again, how the feel, how consciousness interacts as a field fascinating interview. We have a couple of celebrities from the entertainment industry, Juul, the musician and Jerome Flynn, who you may recognize from game of Thrones. And these, these two have amazing wisdom. They'd been through some fantastic personal transformation experiences and share what they've gone through. And it's simply awesome.

Speaker 1: (06:36)
And it's good to get a little bit of background on these people that we see on the screen. A lot of information came from the indigenous wisdom side. We had Lynn twist, Anita Sanchez, [inaudible] Alberto Villoldo among others. Speaking about indigenous wisdom and each was a real treasure. Uh, I want to point you to Lynne twist, who I also interview again in turning point 2020, because she talks about this time has like a cocoon where we are as if transforming from a Caterpillar to a butterfly. And what other analogy that she uses is that it's like morning sickness. You don't know what it is. If you don't know what it is, it can be disconcerting and scary and whatnot. But actually now that you know, that we're pregnant, it means that we're giving birth to something new. And she talks about the prophecies that describe what we're going through now in terms of the pandemic in this time period, and this last couple of decades and where we're going.

Speaker 1: (07:42)
So absolutely fascinating map from indigenous wisdom. Now there were several speakers whose talks in life are very much inspired either by a particular higher state of consciousness experience, a continuing experience of higher States of consciousness or spirituality. In general, you may know of Sue Morter who had this amazing, uh, uh, unity experience in meditation happened. Alexander who's near death experience is probably the most famous in the world and made the cover of Newsweek, uh, called proof of heaven. That was the name of his, his book. Kristin Kirk who's woke 17 years ago and has been developing different levels of awakening. I interview her in great detail about what's that's alive and Marie Tommy, who had a near death experience, investor Shaw, Karen Newell, Julie Esther Lee, Matthew Fox, Betty Spruill, all from that category. A lot of people talked about relationships and how to relate. So Katherine Woodward, Thomas Rowe, uncoupling, and bringing in the one was brilliant.

Speaker 1: (08:53)
Alison Armstrong, amazing speaker about the difference between men and women. I love her knowledge. Stewart's [inaudible] Rick Smith, Jim Mitchell, Joan blades, Gabriel prom, all of them talked about relating, connecting, crossing the barrier beautiful for ways any one of those can really enrich our experience in relationships. Now, Nina Simon's interi patent talked about holistic transformation. So it was just too broad to categorize. Other than that, I, that everyone that signs up for a magnificent new normal immediately gets Dean assignment's interview. And Terry McCrumb who's at speaks about a new relationship with money. She did automatic writing as if she was speaking as money. And after a few months, she ended up with a book's worth and she's published and I read it. It was simply stunning. So anyone who signs up immediately for free gets those immediately. Now I'm saying this because the 40 days of a, of the magnificent new normal are running out, they're going to be over an October 24th, but because each talk lasts for seven days, you'll be able to watch things until almost the end of the month.

Speaker 1: (10:16)
So if you're interested, please go and sign up right now. We're posting a link to a magnificent new normal, uh, my good friends, Mark and Claire dude, Woah, who are in a mad love affair with nature. Talk about a quality of relationship with nature that is simply stunning and available to everyone. And that's echoed in the indigenous wisdom speakers. It's echoed in Gabriel crab's discussion. It's echoed in David and Austin, Perlmutter and Tom O'Brien, who are part of the group of people that talk about how to transform. They talk about shifting brain physiology from the power set from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic, from the amygdala to the prefrontal cortex, both necessary in order for us to change and adopt new habits and to help us adopt new habits is BJ Fogg, an expert at behavior change who wrote the book, tiny habits, the small things that change everything.

Speaker 1: (11:18)
So BJ Fogg, David Austin, promoter, and Tom O'Bryan on the processes of how to change. Michelle. James is an expert creativity and brings us through an amazing sequence of how we can Enlive and creativity in our own lives. That can be an incredible life changer. Um, and then this art and science of success, Deborah [inaudible], who was one of the founders of the success seminars, Eric Edmeades and John Hagle, also talking about more for business angles. And then we have two beautiful hearted activists, Tiana day, and Cameron women who are been, who have been involved in black lives matter. And so many other things, just amazing heartfelt moving talks, and also will total teaching us how to develop our internet. He actually got a PhD on it in you and his dissertation was that it for UC Berkeley. So that's the lineup for a magnificent new normal, and some have already come and gone.

Speaker 1: (12:27)
So you won't be able to catch those for free unless you purchase the program. If you purchase the program, a lot of these folks have given three seminars to the participants and some still coming, and those all become available. You do the one on one talks that they give like Alison Armstrong, uh, hers. This is, uh, coming up shortly, I believe. Okay. So I wanted to let you know about those two things. These are very, very powerful speakers. People who are walking their talks and have discovered laws of nature that they want to share that enrich and help people's lives. And I S I believe that this one of the impacts for me of giving all of these interviews, leading them for the 40 days is that my intuition that we were at a transformational time has moved up a notch to a certainty. I am.

Speaker 1: (13:26)
I keep hearing each of these people speaking about how this is an amazing time prophecy by the past, supported by quantum understanding of science and emerging in, Oh, I forgot to mention Hollywood's. Holly is an expert at purpose and finding your purpose. And she looked at that the change of into black lives matter and the huge protests and watch as humanity moved through another stage of consciousness, she talks about individual stages of consciousness, and she talks about collective stages of consciousness, fascinating viewpoint to look through her lens. Anyway, just wanted to share with you these two different programs. I hope you had a chance to tune in right away. Thank you everyone.


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