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Notes for this week's Podcast

[:22] Jeffrey Smith - founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology and the new Live Healthy Be Well podcast - introduces the podcast and Brent Wisner.  

[1:52] Jeffrey gives examples of ways that Monsanto rigs the research & manipulates science for their profitability. 

[4:00] Brent Wisner tells about the study that shocked Europe, what Monsanto should have done and what it actually did. 

[7:04] “They actually used that fact as evidence to defeat policy. I mean that is truly egregious conduct and it's really a dark chapter in Monsanto's history. “

[9:18] Monsanto disproves the damning toxicology study by saying there weren’t enough mice in the study. Brent explains to us why, in this case, less is more. 

[19:36] Brent explains historical controls and why they aren’t valid scientific proof but rather a way to manipulate findings of studies proving the dangers of glyphosate. 

[20:39] Brent tells Jeffrey about how he got the expert for Monsanto to agree with him about the misuse of historical controls. 

[25:21] Brent tells us about the one fact about Monsanto that blows his mind. “Here's the thing, when I asked them why - I got their expert on the stand,  I got their toxicologist on the stand, and I said, ‘Why haven't you done that? It seems like a no brainer, why haven't you done that in a rodent study?’

‘Well, because all the rodents would die.’ 

That was their answer!

[27:10] Monsanto used non-common sense to trick the government of Australia into thinking an organic protein was safe for human consumption but science proves that this level is thousands of times higher than what humans would be exposed to in the natural world. 

[30:01] The monkey study explains that toxic levels of glyphosate are being absorbed by our gut and Monsanto buried it. 

[32:01] Monsanto purposely broke federal law and didn’t give study results to the EPA. 

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