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In this episode Jeffrey interviews Dr. Zach Bush, MD who is a triple board certified physician and is the proprietor of a new product line called ION Biome.  ION = Intelligence Of Nature and Biome because of the product's unique ability to heal the microbiome from the damaging effects of Monsanto's deadly pesticide and chemical Roundup/glyphosate.  Hear Zach reveal the amazing story behind how he came to produce this product and the years of research behind it.

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Jeffrey Smith: (00:08):

Hi, everyone. This is Jeffrey Smith. I'm with my friend Zach Bush. Now I've interviewed you many times, Zach, about RESTORE, but now it has a new name: it's ION BIOME, am I right?

Dr Zach Bush (20:00):

That's the name of the product line is ION BIOME line, as we have a lot of new products coming out and we have to embody those in a larger brand. We went international, which has been exciting for us. The RESTORE brand just couldn't hold up on our international trademark situations, and so we had to make the painful process, really, of a new identity for something that has been our baby for a long time and something that we've really nurtured into existence through its science, rather than just a marketing campaign.  The story around the name has been exciting in that it is an acronym for the “intelligence of nature.”  And we feel like that was a fun place for us to settle, that we are ready to tap into something deeper than the story of restoration and into a new intelligence.

Jeffrey Smith (01:04)

Beautiful—so ION, Intelligence of Nature. Now I have personally been very excited with the science that you have discovered about this. It, it has blown me away. You were one of the first people, probably the first person that I've ever interviewed, that had something that specifically could help counteract the effects of glyphosate and Roundup in our food, and it's something I've been looking for. So you answered a prayer that I had, because I was trying to find the answers to stuff that so many people asked me all around the world: What can we do to detox, rebuild, and repair our bodies after having been exposed to GMOs and Roundup?  I want you to describe the science and understanding of ION BIOME and the products that you have--not only as it is, but also in relationship to Roundup and to GMOs because a lot of people on this list are aware of the devastating impacts. What I also found when I interviewed you as part of our Healing from GMOs and Roundup Summit, that a lot of the basic and fundamental ways to protect against the damage from GMOs and Roundup become the basic and fundamental ways of regaining health.

Jefferey Smith: (02:20):


Because GMOs and Roundup attack the most foundational elements of health, the counteraction there turns out to be an elixir that everyone can use. So coming to you, can you just give us an introduction to this product and product line, and then we can get into to some of the very interesting research of seeing human cells on a Petri dish, and what happens when you put the glyphosate in there, and what happens when you put the ION BIOME—to take a look at the cell and to see the mitochondria:  when you add the glyphosate, what happens? And when you add ION BIOME before, what happens? I mean, no one has done this research before. It's actually seen in some cases videotaped, and this group wants to hear that.


Dr. Zach Bush: (03:05)


Yeah, that's beautiful. It has really been a journey for me.  I come out of the very allopathic MD world. I was trained in internal medicine and endocrinology and did a lot of hospital-based medicine in that journey. I taught as a chief resident and then as faculty for the Department of Medicine at the University of Virginia. During that time got into cancer research, and my area of expertise in cancer research was understanding how cancer cells would produce communication and ultimately be able to turn on a suicide event if they found out they couldn't repair. Cancer cells that eliminate themselves was a very exciting new era for the cancer research world. I got to be kind of at that leading edge of what is this apoptosis or programmed cell suicide, and how does it relate ultimately to the nutrients within our food.


Dr. Zach Bush: (03:57)


I was using vitamin A compounds to turn on this cell suicide effect. We were doing it by amplifying an information stream out of mitochondria. When mitochondria digest fats or sugars they produce electron energy. They're taking the photonic energy that was captured from the sun going into a plant, then it gets into you. Ultimately it's transformed back into that same electron state that the sun was transporting to you. That's the job of the mitochondria: to take a solid food that was derived from energy and turn it back into that original energy source. We are electrical machines running on this power. What we were doing to was increase the intelligence of that cell as to whether it should survive or die, was amplify its communication.


Dr. Zach Bush: 04:46):


What we found in 2013…I had left the university. I started a nutrition center and was finding that health food wasn't working. Nutrition and plant based diet wasn't working like it had for the last 40 years. So we started studying kale and soybeans and all of this to find out that many of the nutrients we needed to act as the medicine within our food were missing. Of course that was when I discovered glyphosate for myself. You know, I… as a physician you never heard of this molecule...but finding glyphosate now in that food, realize that we had this tragic disaster there. Our pathway into that was through the soil. In the soil we found what is now the active ingredient in ION as a product line--a complex carbon molecule that's made by each species of bacteria and fungi in a different shape. When you get biodiversity across a microbiome--three and a half to 5 million species of fungi, 30,000 species of bacteria, 300,000 species of parasites—the numbers are truly mind boggling, and of those are able to make 10 to 15 variations of this molecule.


Zach Bush (05:42):


You’ve got millions of millions of variants of this extraordinary carbon molecule that has a unique right hand side to it. And the right hand of that molecule is able to bond and release electrons. I knew when I saw molecule sitting in a white paper, that that thing could maybe do what my chemotherapy used to do, which was to increase communication across systems, but much differently than it was happening inside the cell because that relied on mitochondria and in a very ethereal biochemistry event. This molecule had a large carbon backbone that would be stable in any ecosystem. Of course the bacteria and fungi would have to have a stable communication network to be able to speak outside the holy of holies of the inside of a cell.


Dr. Zach Bush (06:25):


Because they have to speak across diverse ecosystems and environments of high pH, low pH, different osmolalities, acid states, non-acid states, heat sun, sun radiation--all of these things would render the intracellular communication network useless in that extracellular environment. What we stumbled upon in 2013 was the extracellular communication network. The way it works is much like a cell phone tower and your cell phone. This is a computer with a transmitter and receiver in it and it works all the time, the transmitter and receiver. But if I'm further than seven miles from the closest 4g tower or further than 700 yards from the closest 5g tower, then this thing is rendered useless. It can't connect to my grandmother on the other side of the world, it can't update its software, I can't update my calendar. I start to become isolated as a cell. In the same way as the communication network of the extracellular matrix through the microbiome starts to diminish, cells become isolated and we start to accumulate damage, we stop our repair processes and we age rapidly and accumulate disease.


Dr. Zach Bush (07:24):


That's what's happened to humanity since the advent of GMO, because the genetically modified organisms being genetically modified to Roundup have allowed us to spray the food and soil system directly with an antibiotic that took down the cell phone towers. Every cell in the system--whether a plant, an animal consuming that, or a human consumer at the end of that--is now becoming isolated at the cellular level. What we discovered was that that extracellular matrix has its own communication network, made not by human cells but by the bacteria and fungi. And when we lost the microbiome we lost the communication, we started aging faster, and chronic disease exploded. It's been very exciting to see what happens when you put the communication network back in place, and that's what you were describing.


Dr. Zach Bush (08:12):


Our first experiments were done in the gut, both small bowel and colon. We would grow a cohesive membrane, and then we would add Roundup, and it blows the system apart. All of a sudden this intelligent barrier of the intestinal lining within two minutes starts to fall apart. And within that, the mitochondria within four or five minutes start to lose their capacity to produce energy. You have this collapsing system of self identity eroding and energy production eroding. The extraordinary thing that was then discovered--you know, we actually discovered the solution before we found the problem, really--the first time we took this communication network and put it onto those gut systems, we saw an acceleration of repair that had literally never been seen under a microscope. You can't witness healing happen under a microscope. You can witness change in course of disease and things like that typically, but actually see three-dimensional healing happen in a Petri dish is a very rare experience.


Dr. Zach Bush (09:06):

For us to see that in small bowel, colon and liver cells, then kidney cells and blood brain barrier vascular cells—like every cell we’ve ever put into play—they start repairing at a ridiculous rate because we just gave back the communication network. This supplement line as described in ION here is a system of communication amplification, and it is a system of… just as the cell phone tower has never initiated a phone call, it is amplifying the signal from your little cell and putting it out into the large cellular system of humanity. The same way ION, as it goes into your gut, will start to transmit information across cellular membranes--big barrier systems and beyond--to help accelerate the knowledge or amplify the knowledge of repair. It's a very exciting thing. I think this is the very first time we've had a supplement on the market that does absolutely nothing.

Dr Zach Bush (09:58):


What I mean by that is it is not like vitamin D. Vitamin D is a potent steroid. It changes 2000 different gene transcriptions downstream. You can look over at magnesium. It changes insulin signaling, changes all these things directly. ION does absolutely nothing actively. It's a passive system of communication application. Just like the cell phone tower has never initiated the phone call, but it makes the phone call possible. We make sure that before every bottle leaves our factory line…we produce every single bottle in our communication network system of production. As that bottle comes off, we've proven that it's not doing anything active to the cell. It's not changing oxidative capacity. It's not changing anything. All it's doing is amplifying the signal from one part of the cell to another, and the result is every cell knows better what it's supposed to do.


Dr Zach Bush (10:50):


It's been one of these extraordinary journeys when in taking a passive approach to the intelligence of nature, we've seen the best of that intelligence emerge from that. And specifically to glyphosate as you said, it's extraordinary to see glyphosate blow across that membrane, and then Mother Earth from soil at 60 million years old gives back a communication network that repairs that system immediately. ION’s not repairing it. The human cells know how to be resilient against glyphosate if they have enough information. Glyphosate as an antibiotic takes away the communication network such that its damage cannot be repaired. That's why I think it's the most insidious chemical on the planet. It is removing the repair system as it does the injury. ION is a reconnection to that communication network capacity for repair that is intrinsic to you. I want you to know that you intrinsically have the capacity to heal from the biggest mistakes humanity has ever made.


Jefferey Smith (11:53):


I want to go further into the Petri dish experiment because what you've talked about is repair. What I remember seeing the video and also the stills, there was tight junctions of the human cells, you add a glyphosate or gluten--in both cases the two together--and then there was a separation between the cells. The tight junctions became loose. You had basically no proper barrier between-- in this case-- the gut walls, but the same thing could happen in the brain so you could have leaky brain and leaky organs. When you added the ION back into the Petri dish they formed tight junctions and in some cases tighter than the original. Talk about the preventive aspect of what happens when you put the ION into the Petri dish before you add the glyphosate.


Dr Zach Bush (12:55):


We're taking advantage here again of the situation where the communication network should be produced by bacteria and fungi, but the glyphosate if present will destroy the bacteria and fungi and therefore the communication network. By taking ION you bypass the destructive capacity of the antibiotic--if you will--of the glyphosate there. Now you're just sneaking in beneath that to give this preventative effect. What we see happen is that if you pretreat the cells before the glyphosate hits, you will still see injury, but the repair has already sped up so fast that you never see a collapse of the tight junction. While the proteins are being damaged directly by Roundup, your body is actually producing more protein than is needed and your tight junction volume actually goes up. The resilience of the gut gets stronger, not weaker, despite the presence of the glyphosate. We see this as a reflection of what we call acute inflammatory response. It turns out that bone is a good example of this. If you run down a bunch of stairs you're going to cause millions of tiny, tiny little micro-fractures in your long bones, your weight-bearing bones, and the response is a complete regenerative cellular system.


Dr Zach Bush (13:59):


The Osteoclasts come in, remove the tiny little micro-fractures-- osteoblast moves in, lays down new bone, and your bone is actually stronger at the end of that process than it was before you ran down the stairs and got the micro-fractures. What we're doing with ION is basically that same phenomenon, where if we give enough information and then give an injury, we can repair faster than the injury and end up stronger than you were before. What we see with the addition of RESTORE even after glyphosate, is that the membrane is actually more resilient after the injury than it was before the injury. It's just this extraordinary grace that's built into nature that we have the capacity to repair faster than we injure. We can only do that if we have enough information to make the response appropriate to the scale of the injury. Amazingly, we've taken glyphosate now to 20 thousand times higher concentration than you would see in your food, put that on a gut lining, and as long as there's ION present beforehand, you're still repairing at a faster rate. We cannot find that toxic threshold that we would expect, because the body is a healing machine.


Jefferey Smith (15:06):


Now that alone, that was like the first research that you did, and it was stunning, absolutely stunning. Because right now there's evidence--and there was that back then, too--but there's very specific evidence about the relationship between leaky gut and all disease. There was a recent published paper that said leaky gut is the cause of all disease-- by a Harvard doctor. When I was doing the Healing for GMOs and Roundup Summit, I also learned about the importance of the mitochondria from a lot of experts we've talked to. They sung the praises of the mitochondria. In fact, they described how one researcher took two tissues--two cells from a five year old and a 90 year old--and the only thing they could find that was different was how much intact, healthy mitochondria there were. There's a mitochondrial theory of aging. There's a mitochondrial theory of cancer. Mitochondria doesn't only present the energy, but it seems to do more than that, and you were the first to look at what happens to the mitochondria in a cell when you put glyphosate in there. Can you share?


Dr Zach Bush (16:18):

What we see with the mitochondrial metabolism is a drop in potential very rapidly. And the mechanism by which this is on kind of the gross anatomic level is the destruction of protein again. We mentioned the tight junctions are the Velcro that keeps the gut lining and the whole vascular line--the blood brain barrier, the kidney tubules, all of those--as these strong boundary events for healthy human biology. The other protein that we've studied extensively now that's extremely visible any time you go into a microscope is actin. Actin filaments are the protein ultra structure that holds the organelles (or the machinery and geometry within the cell) intact. We've shown that glyphosate actually destroys especially extracellular matrix, but even intracellular actin filaments. By destroying that you disrupt mitochondrial geometry, and the mitochondrial geometry is very important to its function.


Dr Zach Bush (17:17):


The first step that you see in the aging process or ultimately in cancer is a disruption of that eloquent three-dimensional shape of the mitochondria.  Mitochondria are bacteria and fungi, right? They originated from an archaea of methane producing archaea, which is kind of the predecessor to the typical mono-cellular bacteria that we see in hospitals and all of that today. An ancient bacteria is absorbed by a more recent bacteria. So you have a recent bacterial architecture absorbing or somehow consuming an original archaea, and the archaea has the genome of the mitochondria in there. It looks a lot like viral DNA, but this DNA strands of the mitochondria, it comes from an ancient, ancient  bacteria that's been consumed by a more recent bacteria, and now it turns into an energy production plant.


Dr Zach Bush (18:12):


The three dimensional structure is destroyed by glyphosate. We actually have an electron microscope study just unfolding at the University of Virginia right now that we're working on at the core laboratories right there, and we're going to be able to show you the fine folds within the mitochondria falling apart in all of this. So far we've been able to show it at the macro level, but I think we're about to be able to show you just these extraordinary pictures at the electron microscope level that'll give us goose bumps over what we've done to our food system and how have we created 52% of American children with a chronic disorder or disease. We did it by destroying mitochondrial potential. It's an antibiotic, it's a bacteria and fungicide is glyphosate. And the bacteria within your cells are no more resilient than those outside the cell.


Dr Zach Bush (18:55):


In fact, they're probably more vulnerable to the toxicity of glyphosate as an antibiotic kind of function. Why is the protein misfolding? Why is the protein dissolving, whether it'd be a tight junction or actin? That's one of the pieces that we've tackled. But we were certainly preceded by theoretical science, by Stephanie Seneff and her group at M.I.T., who have been showing since the late nineties that there's concerns that glyphosate was disrupting protein structure. That's largely because of the active target of glyphosate, as published by Monsanto back as far as 1974, telling us that it hits the shikimate pathway. The shikimate enzyme pathway is where we produce the essential amino acids of phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan-- these aromatic amino acids, the nine essential amino acids we cannot produce. We have to get them from our food system and they're produced by bacteria, fungi and plants. Those nine essential amino acids within the 22 amino acids that build all proteins of the human body are starting to diminish in nature because we are using a chemical that blocks the shikimate pathway from making these essential amino acids.


Dr Zach Bush (20:04):

Our food system, our soil systems are now lacking the reservoir of these essential amino acids, and we can't produce them.  As we kill the soils of the planet there's less in the plant.  As we kill the soil of our gut through the consumption of water systems and food systems, continue that antibiotic or antibiotics from our physicians, or the rest--antibiotics infused into our meat system, all of this--that antibiotic takes away our ability to have any shikimate pathway, and then we further poison it with Roundup. That system is now showing us that with the loss of amino acid reservoir, we start to misfold and misproduce proteins, and we lose their resilient structure. We are starting to see the acceleration of aging as never seen before obviously. We have children in my clinic and many others that obviously have degenerative neurologic conditions that have never been seen before.

Dr Zach Bush (20:56):

But more importantly perhaps in a historical context, is we're seeing cancers like osteo-sarcomas that were common in elderly--we're talking about 80 year olds and above--where these weird sarcomas are now manifesting in children under the age of two. We are showing this total destruction of the energy of youth through this poisoning of mitochondria. And once again, we are amazed by the power of ION. ION, as soon as it hits a cell, it will change the mitochondrial potential within that cell. What we were able to show…this is one of our early PCRs, which is preliminary. (PCR has gotten all kinds of attention recently as we misused it as a diagnostic tool for our recent pandemic.)  …a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) amplifies signals within cell systems. With real-time PCR we're looking at reactive oxygen species or nitrogen species being made by the mitochondria.

Dr Zach Bush (21:55): TO HERE

If ION hits a healthy cell we see a reduction in stress from that. We reduce the stress signal immediately, and that happens within three to five minutes continuous decline over about a 60-minute period, and then sits at that nice quiet base. If in contrast the cell is highly damaged, like a cancer cell, instead of taking away the stress it's suddenly with that new communication of ION, the cell suddenly realizes the problem it has, and the mitochondria restore their capacity to make the stress signal in the first place, and you see reactive oxygen species shoot through the roof and apoptosis occur as short as just a couple of hours later in that Petri dish. It’s an exciting revelation that the bacteria and fungi have the intelligence to both reduce stress in your healthy cells and send out healthy stress signals to allow for damage to be repaired when that's needed.

Dr Zach Bush (22:46):

Because it's not an active agent, we've never seen anything else give a completely opposite mitochondrial response in the same tissue to the same signals. You take two different results in a damaged cell versus a healthy cell. Never seen that because it's not an active agent. It's not like vitamin D. It's not like a chemotherapy that's trying to kill something, trying to change genomics, trying to do this or that. All it's doing is restoring that communication network, and therefore the cell does whatever it needs to do to be in that status, the highest state of function.

Jefferey Smith (23:17):

It either lives long and prospers or it causes cell suicide because it's giving way for a replacement--the same drop to two different cells who create two different pathways, because now its intelligence is functioning. Whereas cancer…one of the qualities of cancer is it doesn't die. It doesn't kill itself. It hasn't forgotten that it's not supposed to be there now that there's a mistake, and it just continues to replicate. When you look in the electron microscope at the actin structure or at the mitochondria, and you put the ION in first and then you add the glyphosate (that normally causes the collapse of that 3-D structure and the destruction of its ability to function)--what happens under those circumstances where the ION gets there first?

Dr Zach Bush (24:20):

Just as we saw with the glyphosate and the tight junction, we see resilience. We can make actin faster than it will damage under the pressure of this toxin that's become so ubiquitous. It’s so exciting to realize that again Mother Nature has a plan, and Mother Nature has gracefully planted the antidote to the biggest toxin that we've ever produced in human history, was planted in our soils 60 million years ago. As we extract this intelligence again…we've gone back in ancient soil because we needed biodiversity, because we knew that each species of bacteria and fungi were going to produce its own subset of this critical communication network and we wouldn't really realize the full potential of that communication system unless we had biodiversity. The soils of today really prevent us from finding that biodiversity to give us the full network of those carbon moieties or those carbon varieties that will allow for this fluent communication network to be established.

Dr Zach Bush (25:14):

We go back previous to the last extinction. The last extinction 55 million years ago was famous for wiping out the dinosaurs, but we lost 85% of life on earth at least at that extinction event. And interestingly it happened through a death of the top soils, so we knew it was an asteroid that hit apparently and layered the earth in a layer of dust, choked out the top soil. We acidified the atmosphere through a lack of CO2 and methane reabsorption. Turns out we're doing the same thing to the planet right now through Roundup: killed the lungs of the earth through layering now dead soil in the form of dust. It sits down in the deep soils. We disrupt the lungs and we get our sixth great extinction. To find that pre- extinction event intelligence we had to go back 60 million years ago, because it turns out over the last 55 million years we haven't quite returned to the same resilience and density that we once had in those soil systems.

Dr Zach Bush (26:07):

It’s pretty trippy to take your first few drops of this liquid. It's a liquid supplement that you're taking before or with each meal. The first time you do this--I always feel this great sense of honor to witness somebody putting the first few drops of this, or taking that first teaspoon at a trade booth or wherever our team is at. When I've watched somebody reach for that first thing, they're like skeptical they're doing this, but what I'm feeling is this overwhelming sense of I'm about to see this human being experience something that humanity has never experienced, which is the intelligence of soil that's 60 million years old, an intelligence of soil that has not reoccurred in the mere 200,000 years that we've been around. I'm about to witness this human being, and I'm not going to be able to see all of the ripple effects.

Dr Zach Bush (26:56):

I'm not going to be able to see the deep thing, but there is a spiritual rooting and connectedness back to Mother Nature in the second that that touches their tongue. There's trillions and trillions of these tiny little carbon molecules in every drop. We've seen autistic children have these radical healing events happen in days of just a drop or two under the tongue daily, because again it's an amplification system, and that child is not damaged, that child is just disconnected, and you reconnect. We've seen children who've never spoken a word. They grunt, they groan, they can make monosyllabic sounds--never said a word.  A week later their mom walks in and this child says, Mom, I want a peanut butter sandwich, and she falls off her chair, ‘cause she's never heard that kid say a word and that kid just pronunciated right, he knew the sentence, knew the words.

Dr Zach Bush (27:41):

What it proves is that their brain is fully functional. It's already creating words, sentences, that that child has things to say, hasn't been able to for its level of disconnect. Give back a communication network and you can see overwhelmingly beautiful things emerge from a system that is not destroyed, a system that's in fact not even damaged--it's just disconnected. It has cells that have all the machinery for their full potential floating in isolation from one another, reconnecting and doing their highest capacity. I believe that in these years to come, we will find out that our autistic children are our greatest gift, because as they heal, they cannot be programmed with the old belief systems of humankind that have made us a toxic and destructive force, a cancerous process on the surface of this planet. Our autistic kids cannot behave that way. They see themselves connected to nature. As we heal them I think they will be our greatest workforce for a new world.

Jefferey Smith (28:41):

Beautiful. Now I'm going to ask you about dose in just a moment. I only know of one other research study linked to ION. If there's any others please share, but the one that you used, kidney cells, and that there was something that happened for the first time about kidney cells in a Petri dish. Can you share that?

Dr Zach Bush (29:04):

Yeah. So kidney cells have never been able to make tight junctions in a Petri dish, so we were using proximal renal tubule cells, not expecting to see tight junctions.  We were using them not to study them (the membrane potential of kidneys and everything else). We were using them as a toxicity measure. There are gold standards in the pharmaceutical world for determining if you have a safe product or not. I was doing my initial safety studies through Dr. John Gildae. He’s one of the world experts of five experts in the world on proximal renal tubule physiology. He called me up hours later and said, All of my kidney tubules just made tight junctions and created a kidney tubule, a coherent kidney tubule, in a Petri dish.

Dr Zach Bush (29:49):

I didn't know the significance of that. It was like, Oh, that's cool, I've already seen that in guts, so I'm like, Why? And he's like, No, you don't understand. This has never been seen, like we literally just watched something happened in our Petri dish that has literally never happened in the history of science. He does something called a data dance. Whenever he's seen something that nobody else has ever seen he gets up…he's a big old bear of a wonderful man and he gets up and does his data dance.  He said, I just got done with my data dance because these proximal tubules just made tight junctions in a coherent three dimensional structure and in a Petri dish. It gave us the sudden realization that all of the physiology that we think we know as cutting-edge scientists, endowed with massive universities and all their re… we don't know what physiology looks like connected to nature, ‘cause we've always studied human physiology in the isolation of a Petri dish .

Dr Zach Bush (30:41):

It gives me this overwhelming excitement that we don't know what cardiovascular diseases, we don't know what cardiovascular healing is. We don't know what cancer is. We don't know what cancer healing looks like, because we've always done it outside the context of nature.  ION is allowing us to study this in a new way, because you can't actually take microbiome and add it to a Petri dish. It overwhelms the communication or the energy system, and it infects the Petri dish and all this ‘cause you can't create microbiome balance within that Petri dish as you would in the gut lining of a human. ION is allowing us to see what an intelligent microbiome would do in connection to nature. ION, in this extraordinary way, is giving us the opportunity for the very first time, the ability to see what human health does in the context of a connected nature. It's a beautiful job.

Jefferey Smith (31:29):

I want to just put my little metaphor on what you saw in the renal tubule cells--that in the body they have a membrane they formed; they’re actually a structure. But when you have them in a Petri dish they're like Legos that you can never--until this point--put together into the structure. Once you've grown, it, once it’s simple cells, they are isolated; they don't know each other. It's like, I'm sorry, I've never met him or her. They're not part of my community. I am alone--individual Legos. You put the ION in and all of a sudden it's like, who are these guys? And they start holding hands and they start putting the Lego structure together, and they have now a tubule for the first time in history. Your discovery is right in that gap between one Lego and the other. And I love…there's two beautiful aspects of what I've learned in terms of the interaction.

Jefferey Smith (32:32):

There's the carbon backbone molecules (you've called them carbon snowflakes in the past because they're so unique) that form a matrix or form a field, so to speak, or a place that everyone can communicate with everyone else. But there's also among all the things that can be destroyed by glyphosate, actin is one of them--which is the structure between things, the structure between the pieces or the organelles within the cell and the structure between the cells. Glyphosate turns out to destroy these carbon backbones, so there's a lack of communication, and it destroys the actin, which is the structure. So you destroy in one go in one substance the structure and the communication. And then by depriving the system of appropriate essential amino acids, when the system is trying to rebuild itself or protect itself, according to your theory it actually uses malformed inappropriate proteins--because there’s  not enough of these essential amino acids because of the shikimate pathways, but disabled. Now you've destroyed the interact, the inner cellular communication. You've destroyed the structural integrity and you're building with faulty material.

Dr Zach Bush (34:03):

And that’s the last piece of what is in ION. You just described it perfectly. The process of making ION is quite extensive. We have to do an aqueous extraction from the fossil ORM [?] to get a very large variety of carbon molecules. Then we go through a process of isolating down to a very small niche of those carbon molecules that are capable of the oxygen hydrogen binding. And then we have to put them through mineral salts to get that hydrogen bind back to the oxygen that's on those so they're not oxidative so they don't enter the cells that they touch. But then the last step, once you get this hydrogen bonded oxygen state and they're in an aqueous state, they start to line up electrically into what's called a colloidal structure. We then take back the original matrix of that fossil soil and wash it across that surface to get the mineral amino acids to bind back to the carbon moiety.

Dr Zach Bush (34:55):

Now you've got a communication network that's imbued with the intelligence of basically the compost capacity of that soil to carry the critical minerals and amino acids that would have been available to biology in that native soil 60 million years ago. You're getting a communication network that actually carries within it--in that complex polyelectrical capacity--those carbon molecules as biologic carriers of this information. What we know about minerals that you get from soil is they don't actually work in human systems. They can't be integrated into an enzyme, for example, like zinc and soil, or a mineral cannot get into a cell. It has to be taken up by bacteria and fungi and put into this polyelectrical influence of those carbon molecules before they become truly bioavailable. What you're seeing in ION is trace amounts.

Dr Zach Bush (35:48):

We need so little--you're down at parts per billion, often, of these minerals and amino acids that are highly biologically active, ‘cause they're already in the bound carbon substrate in the delivery system that the bacteria and fungi would have delivered those to you in a biologic system. So you get this huge biologic potential out of a very beautifully nuanced trace mineral amino acid experience. This is in direct contrast to our current belief system about vitamins. The USP or the pharmaceutical kind of approach to producing synthetic vitamins--if you go to a grocery store and you get a multivitamin and it says it's got B12 and B--all of those are synthetic vitamins--unless you're buying a whole food plant-based supplement, which will typically be $120 a month, or something like that. They're expensive for a whole food.

Dr Zach Bush (36:40):

Anything cheap--if you're getting a $20 supplement, that is a USP synthetic vitamin that has been made out of a course of amino acids and minerals that are thrown together, and they can functionally act like that. What we know about USP vitamins out of the Women's Health Initiative is we can actually see an increase in mortality from USP multivitamins. If you try to hyper-dose vitamins, they can actually be noxious, ‘cause they are not passive. They actually do do things. And they're doing things to a very complex symphonic complexity kind of system and it's overwhelming the system. If you take too much vitamin D, if you take too much vitamin C, if you take too much vitamin A, if you take too much vitamin B, they can all be toxic to the system. They can all screw up metabolism. They can all screw up enzyme function, so we should never be hyper-dosing. ION is taking advantage of the intelligence of nature, that does everything through a nuance rather than a sledgehammer approach to delivering nutrients. The microbial life knows that it's in this parts per billion gentle transaction of bioavailable nutrients that are going to do the highest charge good. You're getting a communication network with a nuanced trace mineral amino acid complex that gets delivered in that biologic context.

Jefferey 2 (37:53):

Brilliant. I love how much compactified intelligence is in there. I could see why you chose the "I.O.N—ION, Intelligence of Nature” as the new name. In the little time we have left--if someone purchases it (and there's a link to purchase it that comes with this video), how much should they take?

Dr Zach Bush (38:18):

If you're one of those individuals that says, I'm sensitive to everything I take. I'm always overwhelmed by whatever, consider this a good opportunity to be overwhelmed, because you're about to get so much communication out of, again, trillions of carbon molecules for every drop. Start very slow. If you go to the website, as you’re ordering there's a PDF called the Usage Guidelines. The Usage Guidelines will take you through those sensitive individuals and examples of people that are typically sensitive, to people who have been on chronic probiotics. Chronic probiotics, like antibiotics, destroy biodiversity within the gut and make you very prone to the need for really rapid changes in the gut. If you've been on chronic antibiotics for acne or Lyme disease or whatever it is, you're gonna be likely to be sensitive, and when I say sensitive, again the solution is profoundly safe. We can grow proximal murine tubules, the most sensitive cells in the body, in a hundred percent concentration of this stuff. Water will damage a proximal murine tubule at 20% concentration.

Dr Zach Bush (39:15):

So literally the safest thing that you can put a cell into is ION. Why are you then having symptoms? It's because of the adaptations that you've made to a leaky gut. When you have chronic leaky gut you can't hydrate your body or the intracellular environment correctly, and so your body builds all kinds of coping mechanisms to draw water artificially through compensatory mechanisms into the cell. It's developed all of these kind of duct tape patchwork jobs to try to get the system to work. Then you suddenly throw in ION and suddenly all the tight junctions go back up in your gut and you absorb water really quick. When you absorb water very quick you can leave the stool dry. So you can get a little constipation or you can get a little change in bowel habits because your water management is so much different than it's ever been-- maybe in your adult life, but certainly in the last couple of decades of the American food system.

Dr Zach Bush (40:07):

Changes in bowel means that you're just going too fast with the inherent repair mechanisms that you're now producing in your body, and you just slow that down. Start with a couple of drops; oftentimes just a couple drops in a glass of water is a good place to start. You probably won't notice a darn thing, so do that for a few days, and then double that to five drops, six drops, 12 drops, 24 drops, until you get to that teaspoon a few times a day into your water, food--or I usually just squirt it straight in my mouth. A lot of people will do that. One of the things I like to do is remember to coat my upper respiratory and immune system with this, especially during our high respiratory illness season. So you'll gargle this before swallowing it. Just put in your teaspoon and gargle it, splash it around the tonsils and adenoids and all of this incredible immune system in your upper respiratory system--then swallow that.

Dr Zach Bush (40:54):

That way you're making sure you're making a resilient boundary at the epithelial layer up here. The sinus spray is incredibly powerful. You’ll apply the sinus spray, 2 to 4 sprays per nostril anywhere from 2 to 10 times a day, as often as you need it. You can't overdose, again it’s safer than water at that mucosal lining and so you spray it into the nose. If you ever doubt that the gut one is working, use the sinus one--you can tell in 30 seconds that your sinuses are transformed as you completely change that whole airway dynamics with the fluid potential and the change in mucus production and everything else. You might start sleeping through the night without any postnasal drainage, finally. The vast majority of Americans have chronic postnasal drainage all night long that ends up in their small intestine because their stomach is poorly acidified overnight and they end up with small bowel overgrowth.

Dr Zach Bush (41:39):

If you have small bowel overgrowth or really severe gut dysbiosis, remember to just start at the sinuses. Get the sinuses microbial environment supported; get that tight junction system working. Stop the postnasal drainage; leave the sinus flora here so that the small bowel flora and its unique composition can remain unique in its space. Sinus spray up here, start slow with the gut, go as fast as you want as well. If you're healthy and you've got a really healthy microbiome, the changes you're going to be looking for…‘cause you're not going to notice the slowing of aging, you're not going to notice the reduction of toxin damage, you're not going to notice the improved detoxification at renal tubules. You're already keeping up with that reasonably. Your rate of aging--when it slows, you just feel more like you did yesterday rather than a new person.

Dr Zach Bush (42:30):

You're not on a decline. You're just feeling a resilience. You're feeling a sustainable level of health and youth. You're not going to sense that, so what you might want to look for is some subtle changes. The first ones that can be quite obvious is the bulk of your stools. If you remember to take that sucker three times a day, you're going to have the biggest bowel movements you've seen in your entire adult life, just for the next week. Big, bulky bowel movements are a really good sign. You're going to start to have soft form stools. Most people do not have soft form stools--either have loose stools that far fall apart, or they have constipation and hard stools, pebbly stools. You're going to start to see soft form stools that maintain their shape, but are very soft to pass, very comfortable to pass at a larger volume.

Dr Zach Bush (43:12):

So stool and bowel movement patterns there at the neurologic level (it's very exciting) improve sleep quality, better concentration, better sex drive--all of these things happening as the stress levels are reduced in the neurologic system. Deeper than that, then you can look into the inflammatory and muscle recovery things. If you're a healthy athlete, I would encourage you to do a VO2 max challenge right before you do this to see what your max cardiac output is, and then go on this 3 times a day for a week and repeat. Your VO2 max will go up, your muscle recovery speed will increase. You're going to do that because you're hydrating your body more effectively as the tight junctions--not just in your gut, but in the liver, the vascular system, and beyond--start to deliver water in the intracellular environment of your muscles’ neurologic system and beyond. Muscle recovery, neurologic resilience on down to your bowel movement function--those are a lot of the things you'll see

Jefferey Smith (44:06):

And all this with a substance that does nothing, has no active ingredient, and it simply holds space for the body's own inner intelligence to kick in.

Dr Zach Bush (44:15):

Nature is not into micromanagement. Nature is trying to release you into your biggest potential.

Jefferey Smith (44:21):

This is magnificent. Well, thank you, Zach. I deeply appreciate the amount of…you see, what you combine in talking about a product is talking about a understanding of the physiology and consciousness and life that is exciting. You're talking about a way of enlivening a level of intelligence that is always there, and in one stroke causing so many things to function better and more life support. So thank you on behalf of everyone who's participating and who's benefiting from your work and for those that will still be benefiting.

Dr Zach Bush (45:08)

Beautiful. I so appreciate you Jeffrey for being such an amplifier of our communication as activists and as concerned citizens of a planet that's toxifying. Thank you for the hard work and communication you put out there. It is appreciated, it is seen, and it is having a huge impact. So deeply appreciate it.

Jefferey Smith: (45:27)

You're most welcome.



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