Gene edited human embryos were a disaster, and yet governments ignore the obvious and endanger us all - Episode 40

Length Posted on June 30, 2020

Jeffrey Smith gives us an overview of the disasters of the CRISPR gene editing tool that have come to light recently.  An up to date report came out about a completely botched attempt to genetically engineer human embryos.  The report stated that the edited embryos contained major unintended edits, deletions,[...]

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March 3, 202008:20:56

Jonathan Latham, PhD: What is gene editing and what can go wrong? - Episode 20

In this podcast, Jeffrey Smith interviews Dr. Jonathan Latham, former genetic engineer and the editor of Independent Science News. Jeffrey and Dr. Latham go into what exactly gene editing is and what could possibly go wrong. They are exhaustive about[...]

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February 25, 202007:48:36

Carey Gillam Exposes the Dirt on Monsanto - Episode 19

Today Jeffrey Smith interviews Carey Gillam. This is an interview Jeffrey did with her for the Healing from GMOs and Roundup conference. This online conference has 18 experts and all but Carey are focused on how to heal from the[...]

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February 18, 202007:32:27

Guilty! Monsanto Acted with Malice - Podcast Episode 18

In this interview, Wisner outlines Monsanto’s malice and blatant disregard for human safety as demonstrated in their own documents and even in their statements and behavior during the trial. Wisner explains how this evidence provided the basis for the enormous[...]

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February 11, 202007:44:58

The Healthy Food Imperative: Introducing GMOs 2.0 - Episode 17

This week we feature an interview Jeffrey Smith did with Stephanie Jackson from The Shift Network.  This interview is part of the Healthy Happy Gut Summit, a free online event featuring leading-edge approaches to cleansing, nourishing & restoring your digestive[...]

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February 5, 202007:54:29

The History and Future of GMOs: Jeffrey On Hawaiian TV - Episode 16

I was on Maui in December in 2019 for a meeting and I was invited by a community TV station called Akaku to go on TV and answer some questions. This is the audio stream of my answers and it[...]

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January 28, 202007:42:00

The Coming GMOs are Much Worse - Episode 15

This week's podcast is a presentation I gave in December, 2019 in Maui.  I invite on stage during the middle of the presentation, John Stokes. John has worked with the Aborigines, the Hawaiian elders, the Iroquois and with so many[...]

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January 21, 202007:23:24

Steve Druker exposes the early fraud promoting GMOs - Episode 14

Jeffrey interviews Steven Druker.  Steve Drucker was the public interest attorney who sued the FDA in the late 1990s and forced them to turn over 44,000 secret internal memos.  Those memos made it clear that there was fraud going on[...]

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January 18, 202007:14:13

Jan 17, 2020 Breaking News: Monsanto trial will stream live; new evidence shows greater dangers from GMOs

Jan 17, 2020 Breaking News: Monsanto trial will stream live; new evidence shows greater dangers from GMOs

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January 14, 202007:35:00

Monsanto’s HUGE Mistake: How We Got the Secret Monsanto Papers - Episode 13

This week's podcast reveals the courtroom drama of how The Monsanto Papers — their internal corporate documents — were exposed during the trial and then released to the public. Watch this moving tale of one attorney’s courage as he risks[...]

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January 7, 202007:22:05

New finding supports glyphosate’s role in depression, anxiety, fatigue, ADHD, cancer, and so much more… - Episode 12

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders, mood disorders, or fatigue, this episode will help convince you to switch to organic, non-GMO products.  Listen as Jeffrey describes the science behind glyphosate creating or exacerbating, these conditions.

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