BREAKING: Appeals Court Slams Bayer/Monsanto. Yet another breathtaking victory - Episode 45

Length Posted on July 28, 2020

In today's episode of Live Healthy Be Well Jeffrey discusses the stunning new ruling by the Appeals Court in the Lee Johnson case against Monsanto.  Lee Johnson was the first plaintiff to sue Monsanto for Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Lee was a groundskeeper for the Benicia School District in the Bay area[...]

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January 28, 202007:42:00

The Coming GMOs are Much Worse - Episode 15

This week's podcast is a presentation I gave in December, 2019 in Maui.  I invite on stage during the middle of the presentation, John Stokes. John has worked with the Aborigines, the Hawaiian elders, the Iroquois and with so many[...]

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January 21, 202007:23:24

Steve Druker exposes the early fraud promoting GMOs - Episode 14

Jeffrey interviews Steven Druker.  Steve Drucker was the public interest attorney who sued the FDA in the late 1990s and forced them to turn over 44,000 secret internal memos.  Those memos made it clear that there was fraud going on[...]

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January 18, 202007:14:13

Jan 17, 2020 Breaking News: Monsanto trial will stream live; new evidence shows greater dangers from GMOs

Jan 17, 2020 Breaking News: Monsanto trial will stream live; new evidence shows greater dangers from GMOs

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January 14, 202007:35:00

Monsanto’s HUGE Mistake: How We Got the Secret Monsanto Papers - Episode 13

This week's podcast reveals the courtroom drama of how The Monsanto Papers — their internal corporate documents — were exposed during the trial and then released to the public. Watch this moving tale of one attorney’s courage as he risks[...]

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January 7, 202007:22:05

New finding supports glyphosate’s role in depression, anxiety, fatigue, ADHD, cancer, and so much more… - Episode 12

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders, mood disorders, or fatigue, this episode will help convince you to switch to organic, non-GMO products.  Listen as Jeffrey describes the science behind glyphosate creating or exacerbating, these conditions.

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December 31, 201907:23:44

State of the GMO Union 2019 - Episode 11

Join Jeffrey Smith as he explains the State of GMOs at the end of 2019. Listen as he expounds on the victories, and how far we still have to go, in the fight for an organic, non-GMO world. Jeffrey mentions[...]

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December 24, 201907:13:14

Hawaiian Elder Warns of the Dangers (and Blessed Potential) of this Time - Episode 10

This week Jeffrey Smith celebrated his birthday and wanted to share some amazing inspiration from his friend John Stokes who heard a prophecy from an Hawaiian elder. This spoke to what he is doing with the Institute for Responsible Technology[...]

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December 17, 201908:44:20

The Science Behind Using Infrared Saunas for Detox and Health - Episode 9

After much research on Infrared  Saunas Jeffrey has identified a sauna, which he now uses and in this podcast will share with you not only the sauna information, but the details, the incredible science behind how Infrared Saunas can help[...]

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December 10, 201907:30:04

The Back Story: Secret Ingredients - Episode 8

This week we're going to talk about the story behind the shocking, dramatic improvements of health when you switch to an organic diet, and this is represented in the film Secret Ingredients. In fact, Secret Ingredients that I did with Amy Hart, I[...]

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December 3, 201907:36:42

The End Game - Episode 7

For IRT, this is our End Game: To pass on to our children, our children's children and all future generations, the products of the billions of years of evolution using appropriate technologies, not infant technologies that can create massive problems[...]

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