We hit 500,000 Views!! - Episode 84

Length Posted on April 13, 2021

Protect Nature Now is sounding the alarm to protect the global micriobiome from genetically modified microbes. Jeffrey Smith explains why he and the Institute for Responsible Technology are pivoting their focus after decades, to now protect humanity and our planet from this existential threat.   Go to ProtectNatureNow.com to watch the trailer.[...]

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November 19, 201907:57:33

Breaking Research: How Glyphosate Blocks Cellular Communication & Promotes Cancer & Disease - Episode 5

Jeffrey Smith interviews Dr. John Gildea and Dr. Martin Katz, who have formulated a product that helps protect the body against some of the damage that glyphosate, the chief poison in Roundup can incur on ourselves. It actually does a[...]

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November 12, 201907:36:57

Dr Zach Bush, PhD on New Research-How Glyphosate Damages Cells and How to Prevent It - Episode 4

In this episode, Dr. Zach Bush, a triple board certified researcher, physician and developer of the revolutionary liquid supplement, ION Biome, talks with Jeffrey about amazing new research in the human health field that gives hope to those suffering from[...]

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November 5, 201907:50:29

Glyphosate Causes Multi-Generational Health Damage - Episode 3

Interview with Dr. Michael Skinner, Chief Researcher at Skinner Laboratories, Washington State University

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October 29, 201907:36:56

Monsanto's Shocking Disregard for Science and Truth - Episode 2

Jeffrey Smith, founder of IRT, gives examples of ways that Monsanto rigs the research & manipulates science for their profitability. Brent Wisner joins him and speaks about the study that shocked Europe, what Monsanto did, and what Monsanto should have[...]

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October 22, 201907:54:48

Health Dangers and Serious New Threats from GMOs and Roundup - Episode 1

Join bestselling author & filmmaker Jeffrey Smith as he brings you the latest need-to-know health and wellness news, while exposing cover-ups and spin by governments and corporations. You'll learn practical strategies to protect and improve your own health, that of[...]

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November 13, 201907:14:03

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